Power and Wealth
Chapter 362 – Drinking 1.5 liters of Baijiu!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 362 – Drinking 1.5 liters of Baijiu!


Hai Sheng Restaurant.

“Mr. Liang, are you serious?”

“Of course. I like to befriend straightforward people.”

“If we can really finish 1.5 liters of alcohol, the investment…”

“… I will revisit the investment site and reconsider your county.”

Dong Xuebing laughed and lit a cigarette. He took a big puff and looks at Liang Zeyuan opposite him. “Mr. Liang, you say you like straightforward people, but what you is not straightforward. Reconsider?! This is meaningless. Everyone knows what 1.5 liters of Baijiu mean. Even a professional drinker cannot finish it, let alone we had drunk so much earlier. Drinking 1.5 liters is impossible. Mr. Liang, I also like to deal with straightforward people. But now…” Lin Pingping knew Chief Dong is trying to spite Liang Zeyuan.

Liang Zeyuan laughed and replied. “Chief Dong, what do you mean?”

Dong Xuebing looked at Liang Zeyuan and said. “If we can finish 1.5 liters of Baijiu, shouldn’t you invest in…” Dong Xuebing did not continue.

Liang Zeyuan laughed and banged the table. “Hahaha… Since you put it this way, I will be the one who is not straightforward. Alright. I can afford to lose a few hundred thousand RMB. If you can drink 1.5 liters in one go, I will not consider Da Feng County and invest in Yan Tai County. I will not even revisit the investment site and negotiate the contract in the afternoon. If everything goes smoothly, I can even sign the contract today. Chief Dong, am I being straightforward now?” Dong Xuebing replied loudly. “Yes!”

Guo Panwei laughed. “Mr. Liang’s verve is different.” Liang Zeyuan is simple and direct, but he is not stupid. He had drunk with Zhang Fan yesterday and knew 500ml is his limit. He can never finish 1.5 liters. Baijiu is not alcohol that one can pinch his nose and pour 1.5 liters down the throat. The other must finish one and a half of the 1-liter bottle of Gui Zhou Maotai, and even Liang Zeyuan cannot do that. Liang Zeyuan can drink 1 liter if he drinks and dines slowly, but if he has to finish it in one go, he can only drink around 500ml. This is why he doesn’t think Xiao Zhang cannot finish 1.5 liters.

There are two bottles of 1 liter Maotai on the table, which everyone had drunk earlier.

Liang Zeyuan looks at his driver. “Go to the car and bring two bottles of Maotai over.”

“We might not have the 1-liter bottles.” The driver replied.

“Then bring three bottles of the 500ml Maotai. Hurry up.”

The driver returned with three boxes of unopened Guizhou Maotai and placed it on the table. Zhao Xinglong and Ling Pingping immediately stared at Zhang Fan. Dong Xuebing had tried his best to clinch this deal. If Zhang Fan goes all out, they might get this opportunity.

Lin Pingping encouraged Zhang Fan. “Xiao Zhang, drink!” Dong Xuebing also looks at Zhang Fan. “How is it? Can you do it?”

Zhang Fan had drunk 250 ml earlier, and he cannot even finish a bottle now. This is risking his life. He looks at Lin Pingping and Dong Xuebing. “Chief, I… I really cannot do it.”

Lin Pingping knew they are forcing Zhang Fan, but it will be a pity if they give up now.

After a long pause, Lin Pingping said. “Let me try.”

Dong Xuebing looks at Lin Pingping. “Can you do it?”

“No… but I will try my best.”

Lin Pingping knew this is no longer the issue on whether to drink or not. Chief Dong had bargained with Liang Zeyuan. If they don’t even try to finish it, it will tarnish the Agency’s reputation. Since Xiao Zhao doesn’t dare to drink, Lin Pingping must drink it. She is prepared to blackout halfway when drinking as her alcohol tolerance is much lower than Zhang Fan.

Dong Xuebing saw the expression on Lin Pingping’s face and knew she cannot drink anymore. “Forget it.”

“Chief…” Lin Pingping replied. “I am willing to try.” Dong Xuebing shook his head. There is no point to let her risk her life. Drinking 1.5 liters of Baijiu can kill, and many people die from drinking too much alcohol each year. Dong Xuebing has plans, and after stopping Lin Pingping, he opened the first box of Maotai and took out the bottle. Then, he opened the second box, followed by the third box. After that, he grabbed one bottle and unscrew the cap. He stood up and took a deep breath. “I will drink.”

Lin Pingping was stunned. “Chief! You must not do this!”

Guo Panwei was also shocked. He is formerly Dong Xuebing’s subordinate and knew Dong Xuebing’s alcohol tolerance is not very high. “Chief Dong, no! It is too dangerous.” Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “I will be fine.”

“Xiao Dong.” Zhao Xinglong’s face changed. He is worried for Dong Xuebing as he is the Agency’s Chief. This is not a joking matter.

Liang Zeyuan got excited when he sees Dong Xuebing is going to drink. “Chief Dong, you hid your talent well.” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Mr. Liang, stop faltering me. My alcohol tolerance is ordinary, but I am determined to be your friend today.”

Lin Pingping panicked. “Chief!” Zhang Fan is speechless. As a subordinate, it should be his duty to drink on his leader’s behalf. But now, his leader is drinking for him.

That is three bottles of Maotai!

Even if it is three bottles of plain water, it’s hard to finish it in one go!

Dong Xuebing opened the caps of the three bottles in front of him. Everyone knows Dong Xuebing will no stop and can only look on. Guo Panwei and Lin Pingping had gotten ready to catch Dong Xuebing if he falls. Zhao Xinglong, Liang Zeyuan, and his driver don’t think Dong Xuebing can finish all three bottles.

Dong Xuebing also knew he cannot finish the alcohol.

1.5 liters?! Dong Xuebing might faint if he has to drink another glass, let alone 1.5 liters!

But Dong Xuebing has a trick up his sleeve. He had been thinking of this issue when he was eating earlier. As the Agency’s Chief, he must drink a lot when meeting investors. What should he do if he is forced to drink over his limit? He immediately got the answer when Liang Zeyuan suggested drinking 1.5 liters. He can trick everyone into believing his alcohol tolerance is limitless.

Dong Xuebing picked up the first bottle of Maotai and wrapped his lips around the bottle.

Gulp… gulp… gulp… Dong Xuebing poured the alcohol into his mouth.

Everyone is looking at Dong Xuebing without blinking. It’s frightening to see someone drinking Baijiu like this.

Gulp… gulp… gulp… Dong Xuebing’s mouth is reaching its limit and can no longer hold any more alcohol in it.



Time stopped!

Dong Xuebing can see Liang Zeyuan, Lin Pingping, and the rest frozen, and let go of his hand. The Maotai bottle is floating in mid-air, and Dong Xuebing quickly walks over to a flowerpot in the corner of the private room. He bends over and spits out all the alcohol he was holding in his mouth. The alcohol had maintained its liquid form. It might be similar to Dong Xuebing’s clothes, the keys, and the phone in his pocket, where it is not affected by the time stop. But when the Maotai was out of Dong Xuebing’s mouth, it immediately froze on top of the flowerpot. Dong Xuebing quickly returned to his original position and held the bottle in mid-air. He adjusted his posture and puffed out his cheeks like before.



Time resumed!

The Maotai floating a few centimeters above the flowerpot fell onto the soil quietly.

Dong Xuebing pretend to swallow the alcohol he was holding in his mouth, but his mouth was empty. When his cheeks are no longer puffed out, he tilted his head backward and continues to fill his mouth with Maotai. After that, Dong Xuebing stopped time again and spit into the flowerpot. He returned to where he was standing and repeated the process again and again.

One mouthful…

Three mouthfuls…

Five mouthfuls…

To everyone else, Dong Xuebing had not stopped drinking for a second and didn’t even flinch.

When Dong Xuebing finishes the first bottle, everyone was impressed and worried.

But when Dong Xuebing started drinking the second bottle, no one dare to make a single sound in the private room.

Gulp… gulp… gulp… the only sound in the room is Dong Xuebing swallowing the alcohol.

One bottle…

Two bottles…

Three bottles…

A few minutes later.

Dong Xuebing tilted his head and ‘swallowed’ the last drop of Maotai. He wiped his mouth with his sleeves and placed the empty bottle back on the table. He had drunk all three bottles, and there is not a single drop left!


The private dining room is quiet!

Zhao Xinglong, Lin Pingping, and the rest were stunned by what they saw. Dong Xuebing had finished all three bottles of Maotai by himself!

Liang Zeyuan grabbed the empty bottles on the table and shook it. All three bottles were empty! He had met people who can drink, but the best drinker he knows can only drink 1.25 liters at most. This person in front of him had finished 1.5 liters of Maotai within minutes… Liang Zeyuan was really stunned to see Dong Xuebing drinking all three bottles in one go. F**k! Is he really a human?!


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