Power and Wealth
Chapter 365 – +13!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 365 – +13!

Afternoon, 3 pm.

A mid-range housing estate in Southern County City.

A silver Mercedes MPV drove past the estate’s lush green garden and parked in front of a building.

Dong Xuebing alighted and felt it’s not good to bring too many people with him. So, he ordered Guo Panwei to wait in the car while Lin Pingping and he entered the building. The investor they are meeting today is Peng Kenong. Lin Pingping heard Peng Kenong is not going to invest in the chicken excrement processing plant in Yan Tai County and has not time to have lunch when she called him earlier. He will be going to visit other Counties’ investment sites at night. Lin Pingping quickly inform Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing knew this afternoon is their last chance. He decided to make an unannounced visit to Peng Kenong at his home. This might be rude, but Dong Xuebing is not willing to give up any opportunities. Lin Pingping can feel Chief Dong’s determination and be also motivated.

Dong Xuebing and Lin Pingping walked up to the third floor and pressed the doorbell of unit 301.

Ding Dong… Ding Dong… the door opened.

“Who are you all looking for?” A teenager opens the door.

Lin Pingping smiled and asked. “Xiao Hu, you don’t recognize me?”

Xiao Hu looked at Lin Pingping. “You are Sister Lin from the Investment Promotion Agency. Oh, you all are looking for my Dad? He just went out, and I don’t know what time he will be back. Come in and wait for him.” Xiao Hu opens the door bigger and lets them enter. After Dong Xuebing and Lin Pingping entered the apartment, Xiao Hu ran back to his room. His room’s door is open, and Dong Xuebing and Lin Pingping can hear keyboard and mouse clicking sounds. He should be playing some games.

Dong Xuebing is surprised that this kid is not afraid of strangers.

Lin Pingping and Dong Xuebing sat in the living room, and she whispered. “Xiao Hu is Mr. Peng’s son, and Mr. Peng is different from Mr. Liang. He is a businessman, and profits come first for him. That’s why he is not investing in Yan Tai County despite the fact that he is a local. But Mr. Peng dotes his son and will give in to all his demands. The last time, I heard Xiao Hu telling Mr. Peng that his Mercedes is too old, and his friends at school laughed at him when Mr. Peng sent him to school. The next day, Mr. Peng changed his car to a brand new Mercedes Benz.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Can we try to get this deal through his son?”

“I thought about this and had tried before.” Lin Pingping replied. “I bought some gifts for him, but it is not effective. Other than online games, Xiao Hu is not interested in anything else.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and said. “Let me try. You stay here.”

Lin Pingping doesn’t think that they can change Mr. Peng’s mind by speaking to him. Yan Tai County’s condition is not as good as other Counties, and Lin Pingping wants to see how Chief Dong will persuade Mr. Peng.


Xiao Hu is bashing his keyboard and focusing on his game. He did not even notice someone is standing behind him.

Dong Xuebing had played online games before and knows how addictive it is. He stood there and look at the screen for a while before asking. “Xiao Hu, what are you doing? Clearing the mobs?”

Xiao Hu turned around and replied. “I am enhancing my equipment.”

“Oh? What equipment is it? What level is it now?”

“This is a magician staff, and it is +8 now. I am trying to enhance it to +11.”

“You are a magician? What is your magic damage?” Dong Xuebing started chatting with Xiao Hu about the game. They chatted for about 10 minutes.

After a while, Xiao Hu rubbed his palms and mumbled. “I will enhance my staff to +10 today.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Is it very difficult?”

“Of course. My level might be high, but my gear sucks. A +8 staff is no match for other players’ +10 and +11 equipment. +11 is almost the limit, and it is impossible to enhance it to +12 and +13. The probability of succeeding is too low. Sometimes, it is even lesser than 20%, and the item might be destroyed.” Xiao Hu replied. “I had destroyed an item when I tried to enhance it from +10 to +11 previously. That’s why I don’t dare to try my luck again. A +10 item is enough for me to show off to my classmates. The highest item rating in our school is only +10.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and asked. “What is the maximum item level in this game?”

“+13. But since this server started, no one has ever upgraded an item to +13.”

“Do you have enough materials to enhance it to +13?”

“Yes. I had collected all the materials yesterday, but it is enough to upgrade once. If my item level drops when I upgrade it to +10, I will not have enough materials. Also, if the item is destroyed at +11, it will disappear.” Xiao Hu is worried that his magician staff will be destroyed.

Dong Xuebing blinked and asked. “Xiao Hu, do you want to upgrade your staff to +13?

Xiao Hu glanced at Dong Xuebing. “Of course. But this depends on luck. You cannot even get it with money.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Alright. If I can upgrade your magician’s staff to +13, what will I get in return?”

“Ah?” Xiao Hu jumps up. “Really? If you can enhance my staff to +13, I will do whatever you say.”

Dong Xuebing snapped his fingers. “Haha… it’s a deal.”

Xiao Hu looks at Dong Xuebing suspiciously. “But what if the item gets destroyed? How are you going to enhance it?”

“It will not get destroyed. I have my ways, but I cannot let you know. Haha… Come… tell me which are the materials for enhancement?”

“… are you sure you can do it?”

“No problem. Just leave it to me.”

Xiao Hu is worried about his equipment and materials. He asked Dong Xuebing several times before moving his character to the blacksmith. He pointed to the screen and taught Dong Xuebing what to do. “Brother, let’s not do it. This game does not have any bugs. The item might get destroyed.

“Just watch. Do you think I am lying?”

Xiao Hu nodded and looked at the monitor anxiously.

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and sat on the chair. He grabbed the mouse and started to place the staff and materials into slots before clicking on the enhance button.

Ding… +9.

Dong Xuebing smiles and continued.

Ding… +10.

Xiao Hu clenched his fist and is shaking. The probability of succeeding is very low now. It is almost impossible for the item to get to +12, let alone +13.

Dong Xuebing looked at the screen and continued to upgrade the staff.

Ding… enhancement failed. Staff’s level drops to +0!

Dong Xuebing frowned and mumbled in his heart. BACK 3 seconds!


Time returned to 3 seconds ago!

The magician’s staff returned to +10. This time, Dong Xuebing did not upgrade the staff immediately. He moved the character around for around 15 seconds before trying again. Ding… +11!

Xiao Hu’s eyes widen. “It’s +11 now!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Alright. Suppose I can really upgrade it to +13. In that case, you must help our Investment Promotion Agency persuade your father to invest in Yan Tai County. Is it a deal?”

“Deal! My father will listen to me! This is not a problem.” Xiao Hu shouted excitedly. “Brother! Hurry up!”



Living room.

The main door opens, and Peng Kenong returned.

Lin Pingping smiled and stood up. “Mr. Peng, sorry for bothering you by coming unannounced.”

Peng Kenong was surprised and replied. “Section Chief Lin. Didn’t I make it clear over the phone? Although I do want to help Yan Tai County, I am a businessman. The chicken excrement processing plant project is not bad, but the risks are quite high. Compared to another project in the neighboring County, their project is better. I will be visiting that County to discuss this investment. I’m sorry, Section Chief Lin.”

Suddenly, the bedroom door open.

Dong Xuebing walks out of the room with a smile. “You are Mr. Peng, right?”

Lin Pingping said. “This is our Investment Promotion Agency’s Chief, Chief Dong.”

“Oh, Chief Dong.” Peng Kenong smiled and extended his hand for a handshake. “Nice to meet you. I had heard a lot about you. Haha.” As a local in Yan Tai County, he had heard about the ‘God of Plague.’ “I did not expect you to visit personally. If I knew you are coming, I would postpone my appointment his evening.”

“Thank you, Mr. Peng.” Dong Xuebing replied.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Mr. Peng invited them to the sofa.

Lin Pingping looks at Dong Xuebing and turned to Peng Kenong. “Mr. Peng, we hope…”

Peng Kenong interrupted. “I know why you two are visiting me. To be honest, I am interested in a better project. Sorry.”

Lin Pingping had expected this reply and can only smile.

Suddenly, Xiao Hu ran out of his room. “Dad! You are back!”

Peng Kenong smiled lovingly. “Yes. Why didn’t you serve tea to our guests?”

Xiao Hu asked. “Dad, are you all talking about the investment?”

“Yes. Why are you asking?”

“I think you should invest in Yan Tai County.”

“Huh?” Peng Kenong and Lin Pingping were surprised.

Xiao Hu hugged Peng Kenong. “Dad, can’t you give me an answer now?”

Peng Kenong looked at his son. “Why are you interfering in your Dad’s business?”

Xiao Hu pouted. “If you invest in another County, you will need to be there most of the time. Who is going to look after me? I will miss you. Why are you skipping Yan Tai County and investing in some places so far away? Dad just invests in our Yan Tai County.”

Peng Kenong laughed and scolded. “Stop creating problems here.”

Xiao Hu continued. “I don’t care. It is a deal. If you don’t give in to me, I will tell Mom!”

“You brat.” Peng Kenong knocked Xiao Hu’s head lightly.

Dong Xuebing said. “Mr. Peng, I hope you can reconsider this investment. We shall not bother you anymore.”

Peng Kenong wanted to tell Dong Xuebing that he will not consider it, but when he saw his son looking at him, he shook his head. “Alright. I will reconsider this project in Yan Tai County.”

Xiao Hu winked at Dong Xuebing secretly.

Dong Xuebing smiled and left the apartment with Lin Pingping.

On the first floor, Lin Pingping said. “Chief, what did you tell Xiao Hu? I gave him lots of gifts previously, but he did not even help us.” She doesn’t understand why Chief Dong can build a rapport with Xiao Hu so fact.

Dong Xuebing replied. “We played an online game for a while and become friends.”

Lin Pingping doesn’t believe Dong Xuebing.

“I can tell Mr. Peng is reconsidering his investment. Monitor this closely these two days. We must get his 10 million RMB investment.”

“Yes, Sir.”


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