Power and Wealth
Chapter 370 – Protective of his people!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 370 – Protective of his people!

Luo Haiting’s scream…

Rumors of Ding Li taking advantage of female staff…

Dong Xuebing immediately knew what had happened. His face changed and is burning with rage!

Many people don’t know what happened, but some could guess it. Ding Li’s hand was on Luo Haiting’s lower back when they were dancing, and he must have touched her butt or some other places. But who knows if it is intentional? Physical contact during dancing cannot be preventable, and with Ding Li’s reputation, no one is surprised. Many male staff likes to dance because they want to use this opportunity to take advantage of them. Ding Li is a Department Head, and touching Luo Haiting is not a big thing.

Most people thought nothing about this and continued to dance.

Only Zhao Xinglong and a few frowned, but they did not say anything.

Ding Li is looking terrible. He felt he was embarrassed by Luo Haiting. I had only touched you accidentally. Is there a need for this big reaction? Also, how can you just walk away like this? What will others think of me?

No one cares about Ding Li’s expression, and Luo Haiting, who had returned to the sofa, regretted screaming earlier. She should not have screamed. She looked at Dong Xuebing’s performance while dancing with Ding Li and suddenly felt a hand on her butt. As a woman, her natural instinct is to scream. She knew she had offended Chief Ding now, and it is too late to regret it. She felt frustrated as she was molested by a higher-ranked Ding Li and could not do anything. She knows no one will stand up for her as there is no evidence.

Luo Haiting is feeling terrible.

But the next moment, Luo Haiting saw Dong Xuebing’s angry look, who was still on the stage. Her heart skipped a beat. Chief Dong is…

That’s right. Many people might think nothing of this incident, but Dong Xuebing is not one of them!

Liang Chengpeng also noticed Dong Xuebing’s expression and quickly nudged Zhao Xinglong. “Old Zhao, you are Xiao Dong’s direct supervisor. His temper is acting up again. You better get him to get off the stage, or else he might do something terrible.”

Zhao Xinglong looks at Liang Chengpeng. “Is it about Luo Haiting?”

Liang Chengpeng nodded. “The whole Public Security Bureau knows Xiao Dong is very protective of his men.”

“… Old Liang, it is not a big deal.” Zhao Xinglong replied.

Liang Chengpeng replied. “Dong Xuebing had even arrested Xiang Daofa’s relatives because of a few officers from Hui Tian Village Station. Do you really think this is not a big deal? This young man is fearless. Hahaha…” Dong Xuebing’s character is also the reason why Liang Chengpeng likes him.

Many people also noticed Dong Xuebing is looking terrible.

Hu Silian paused for a second as she remembers Dong Xuebing is very protective of his people. She immediately whispered something to Xie Huilan.

Before anyone can do anything, Dong Xuebing picks up the microphone again. Dong Xuebing had asked Luo Haiting to the Ball, and she is Dong Xuebing’s staff. It will be a miracle if Dong Xuebing does not do anything after seeing Ding Li touched her butt. Damn! You dare to touch my people?! You are disrespecting the Investment Promotion Agency! Dong Xuebing shouted with a straight face. “I still have a magic trick!”

Everyone turned to Dong Xuebing. Magic trick? The performance is not over?

Dong Xuebing forced a smile. “The coin earlier is too small, and I believe all of you could not see it clearly. This time I will use something bigger. I would like to borrow a coat and will use these red cloth to cover it. After counting one, two, three, the coat will reappear on that person.”


Many people don’t believe Dong Xuebing can make it happen.

“I will show you all.” Dong Xuebing smiled and looks at Ding Li. “Chief Ding, can I borrow your coat?”

Ding Li frowned, but seeing everyone looking at him, he had no choice but to walk back to the sofa to get his coat for Dong Xuebing. Ding Li had bought this coat last week, and it cost almost 4,000 RMB. He wanted to remind Dong Xuebing not to damage it but did not as he will be seen as someone stingy if he says it.

Dong Xuebing nodded and placed the folded coat on the table before covering it with the cloth. “Watch carefully!”

Luo Haiting looked over and is puzzled by Dong Xuebing’s action.

“Let’s us witness this miracle.” Dong Xuebing started counting. “… One… two… three!”

Bang! Dong Xuebing’s hand hit the top of the cloth, and it fell on the table. The leather coat disappeared!

Dong Xuebing lifted the cloth, and the coat was gone.

Everyone immediately looks at Ding Li. Ding Li is still standing there without his coat.

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sorry… sorry… I failed. Hahaha… I am not still good enough. Chief Ding, sorry. I think I can’t get back your coat. My magic failed, and I don’t know where your coat went.”

Ding Li heard it, and his facial expression changed.

The audience quickly realized it is not Dong Xuebing’s trick that failed. Dong Xuebing is purposely playing a trick on Ding Li and has no intention to return the coat. This is to embarrass Ding Li in front of everyone!

Hu Silian burst out laughing.

Soon, some leaders also started laughing.

They are not laughing at Ding Li. Most of them are laughing because of Dong Xuebing’s shameless act. He had made Ding Li’s coat disappear, and how is he going to step out of the building in this freezing winter? Dong Xuebing had embarrassed Ding Li once when Ding Li invited Mayor Xie for a dance. Now, he played a trick on him, and this is offending Ding Li again and again!

Ding Li heard the laughter around him and almost exploded. That coat cost around 4,000 RMB, and it’s brand new! How can it disappear? Ding Li suppressed his anger and stepped onto the stage. He pushed the table aside, hoping to find his coat. If not, everyone will know that he was embarrassed by Dong Xuebing tomorrow.

Dong Xuebing stepped aside. “Chief Ding, I will compensate you for the coat.”

Ding Li ignored him and continued looking for his coat on the stage. He looked at everyone, and his coat seems to have disappeared!

Dong Xuebing sighed loudly. “Seems like my magical powers are not strong enough. I should not perform any more magic in the future.”

Ding Li turned and stared at Dong Xuebing in his eyes. “Where did you hide my coat?”

Dong Xuebing smacked his lips. “Chief Ding, I am not lying when I say the magic had failed. If you don’t believe me, you can search everywhere. Don’t you think the stage is too small to hide a coat?” Dong Xuebing replied and secretly looked at a sofa in the corner. If one does not look carefully, no one will notice the sofa cushion had slightly higher, and something is underneath it.

Some other leaders close to Ding Li went up the stage to help him look for his coat. They want to expose Dong Xuebing’s magic trick. If they can find the hidden coat, they can embarrass Dong Xuebing. They will make everyone think Dong Xuebing is trying to steal Ding Li’s coat and leave a bad impression. Although everyone knows Dong Xuebing had done this purposely, no one can say anything if they cannot find the coat. After all, Dong Xuebing had made the coat disappear in front of everyone, and they are the ones who cannot find it.

One minute…

Two minutes…

The stage was turned over, but the coat is still nowhere to be found!

Many people were impressed with Dong Xuebing’s magic performance.

At this moment, the music ended.

Xiang Daofa frowned and shook his head at what happened. He turned to Xie Huilan and said something.

Xie Huilan smiled and chatted with Xiang Daofa for a while. After that, she announced the Ball had ended, and no one mentioned anything about the coat and magic. Asking Dong Xuebing to perform magic is a last-minute decision, and it is for entertainment. No leaders will make things difficult for Dong Xuebing because of his prank on Ding Li.

Everyone started walking out of the hall.

Today, many people learned something about Dong Xuebing. This guy is overly protective of his men. Director Luo had just been taken advantage of by Ding Li, Dong Xuebing immediately revenged by playing a shameless trick on him.

This Chief Dong is really a troublemaker!

Ding Li looks at Dong Xuebing’s back angrily. This will not be the end!”

Dong Xuebing walks to a corner. “Sister Luo, let me send you back.”

Luo Haiting’s eyes were red as she nodded and walks out with Dong Xuebing.


Dong Xuebing’s Mercedes.

Luo Haiting looked at Dong Xuebing and said. “Chief… thank you.”

“Haha… what’s there to thank?” Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “We don’t need to be afraid of people like him. Alright. Fasten your seatbelt.”

“… ok!”

Luo Haiting is grateful and delighted after Dong Xuebing taught Ding Li a lesson. To be honest, she did not expect Dong Xuebing to stand up for her and offend Ding Li. Doing this will leave a bad impression on other leaders, and no words can express how she is feeling now.


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