Power and Wealth
Chapter 371 – Seduction!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 371 – Seduction!

Next day.

Friday. Morning.

Investment Promotion Agency.

It’s Spring, and the temperature is rising slowly. New leaves started sprouting out of the plants on the front porch.

The Ball ended around 9 pm last night, and Dong Xuebing continued to read some documents after he got home until midnight. He woke up later today and had to skip breakfast at home. On his way to work, Dong Xuebing bought some soy milk and dough sticks on his way and arrived at work about ten minutes late. Dong Xuebing finished his breakfast in his office and made his rounds around the Agency. The reception area staff, Business Section One, Business Section Two, are all working hard, and Dong Xuebing arrived at the Agency’s Administration Office last.

Before Dong Xuebing could enter the Office, he overheard the staff inside talking.

“Did you hear that? Director Luo seems to be quarreling with someone over the phone.”

“Shh… not so loud. She will hear us.”

“That’s right. Director is in a bad mood these few days. We better watch out.”

Everyone in the office is not afraid of Director Luo because she is a good person. Unless they had committed serious mistakes, Luo Haiting would not reprimand them. Sometimes, she even closes one eye when she saw her staff chatting on QQ during work. She has a good temper and is well-loved by her staff. But her love for dressing up had started many rumors about her. Why is she still dressing up so beautifully at her age?

Dong Xuebing blinked and entered the office.

Everyone quickly shut up and continue working when they saw Chief Dong.

Deputy Director Dan Enguo and Guo Panwei do not have their own offices and only have a partition cubicle work area. They saw Dong Xuebing and quickly stood up to greet him.

Dong Xuebing waved, asking them to get back to work.

Recently, Dong Xuebing had not to ask Guo Panwei to work in his office. As his secretary, Guo Panwei is still not familiar with the Investment Promotion Agency’s work and staff. Rather than keeping him by Dong Xuebing’s side, it will be better for him to get used to the environment here.

Dong Xuebing can hear Luo Haiting quarreling in her office.

Luo Haiting seems to be on the phone, but Dong Xuebing could not hear what she was saying clearly.

When Dong Xuebing was about to leave, Luo Haiting walks out of her office with a stack of documents. She saw Dong Xuebing and paused. “Chief, I was just about to go to your office.”

Dong Xuebing smiles and nodded. “Let’s speak in my office.”

Luo Haiting followed behind Dong Xuebing out.

In the corridor, Dong Xuebing asked. “Did you quarrel with the investor? I can hear you in your office at…”

“No…” Luo Haiting explained. “It’s my husband. Err… I had forgotten to inform him about the Ball yesterday and returned home late. When I reached home, my husband and child were still waiting for me to have dinner.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sister Luo, this is your fault.”

Luo Haiting smiled embarrassedly. “I will take note of it in the future.”

Actually, Lou Haiting did not fight with her husband because of this reason. Her husband had heard rumors and kept accusing her, and Chief Dong is having an affair. When she returned home late, they started quarreling. Their son cannot stand it and left for his classmate’s house. After their son left the house, they continued fighting and even fought again before Luo Haiting left for work. She felt wronged and wanted to cry.

Fourth floor.

Dong Xuebing and Luo Haiting entered Dong Xuebing’s office, and she quickly takes out the documents for him to sign.

Dong Xuebing looked at the documents and glance at Luo Haiting.

Luo Haiting is dressed up gorgeously today too. It is still cold, but she wore a long skirt with flower prints, leather boots, black stockings, jacket, and her hair is pinned up with a purple hairpin. Dong Xuebing likes her dressing and felt comfortable looking at her. He does not want to be surrounded by men all day, and Luo Haiting can make his mood better.

One second…

Five seconds…

“Chief.” Luo Haiting suddenly said.


“Yesterday… Thank you.”

“Haha… you had thanked me several times yesterday.” Dong Xuebing signed at the bottom of the document and looked at Luo Haiting. “There’s nothing to thank.”

Luo Haiting said. “Let me pour you a cup of water.”

“Oh, my cup is empty. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Luo Haiting walks over to the water dispenser with Dong Xuebing’s cup and bends over to get the water. Her perky butt is facing Dong Xuebing, and her tight skirt showed her curves. Dong Xuebing’s eyes drifted to her ass and stared hard. It is not because he is attracted to women from a certain age range. It is because he likes to look at beautiful things.

After a while, Luo Haiting walks back with the cup. “Here.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and reached out to get his cup from Luo Haiting.

Their hands touched, and Luo Haiting’s fingers moved slightly.

Dong Xuebing got a shock. He felt Luo Haiting’s fingers tickled the back of his hand. This is flirting with him, and he looked at Luo Haiting.

Luo Haiting pretended nothing had happened and said. “I had checked all the reimbursement receipts. Can you approve it?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Ok. No problem.”

After tickling Dong Xuebing’s hand, Luo Haiting regretted her actions. She doesn’t know what she was thinking. Maybe her husband had accused her of having an affair with Dong Xuebing, and she became rebellious, or maybe because Dong Xuebing had stood up for her against Ding Li last night. But at that split second, she flirted with Dong Xuebing unconsciously. She felt shameless as she is trying to seduce a younger man. She tucked her hair behind her eyes and glanced at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing pretended nothing had happened and continued reading the documents.

“Oh…” Luo Haiting walks to Dong Xuebing’s back. “Take a look at this part.”

“Here? What’s wrong?” Dong Xuebing looks at where Luo Haiting is pointing.

“No. It’s this line.” Luo Haiting pointed to a sentence on the document, and she is almost pressing against Dong Xuebing’s back. “This plan is set by Chief Meng previously. Do you want to continue with this, or do you need me to draft a new plan?”

Dong Xuebing could feel beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He can feel something soft pressing against his left shoulder and Sister Luo’s breath on his face. Her right breast is pressing against Dong Xuebing’s shoulder, but he did not avoid her. He thought to himself… Sister Luo, why are you seducing me? Do you know how much older you are?


“Ok… just continue to use this plan.”

“Alright.” Luo Haiting smiled and said. “Then I will disseminate to all the departments.” She purposely said it and breathed against Dong Xuebing’s face and ear.

Dong Xuebing could feel his body getting heated up.

Luo Haiting started keeping the document and ‘accidentally’ brushes against Dong Xuebing’s thigh. Her face turned slightly red after doing this.

For a moment, Dong Xuebing is confused by Luo Haiting’s seductive actions. He did not expect Sister Luo to be so bold. When he met her at his hotel room to discuss work, she still blushed. Dong Xuebing thought her character is conservative then, but now, it is entirely the opposite. Dong Xuebing wanted to scold her but decided not to, as it is not good to point out such things. Overall, Dong Xuebing doesn’t mind her actions, and it is common for feelings to develop between leaders and their subordinates. But having feelings does not mean anything sexual.

“Alright. I had signed everything. Check if I had missed out anything.” Dong Xuebing pushed the stack of documents forward. “The three million funds promised by the County should be in today. Hurry them as we need the fund to buy cars. Everyone here is looking forward to the new cars.”

Luo Haiting smiled at Dong Xuebing. “Alright. I will call them later.”

Luo Haiting carried all the documents and walks out of Dong Xuebing’s office.

In the corridor, Luo Haiting sighed. Dong Xuebing is so much younger than her, but the flirting earlier had made her heart beat faster. She scolded herself for being shameless in her heart. Dong Xuebing is only a few years older than her son. What was she thinking?! But when she remembers Dong Xuebing did not show any signs of getting angry, her heart starts to beat faster again. She slapped her face lightly and quickly walk back to her office.


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