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15 That“s Rude!
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Random Fairy Tail FF
Author :sHariNgaN
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15 That“s Rude!

A week passed after the Paradise Tower incident.

In the middle of the town, a young man with a spiky brushed up blond hair was walking leisurely, with his hands crossed in his chest. On his face was a distinct lightning-shaped scar on his right eye. He was also wearing a Magic Headphone which made him look cool.

Behind him are 3 individuals. Two men an a woman, they were walking shoulder to shoulder. The one in the middle was a young man with a long green hair he was holding a katana. The other man on his right was weird. His 'upper face' was covered with a metal visor . As for the beautiful woman in the left side, she has light brown hair. She wears oval shaped eyeglasses and her figure is voluptuous with a very large breast.

As they walked, the people could only stare at them while making way.

"It's Laxus! The grandson of Makarov. So he's back." murmured the people around them.

"MMmm. The sure looks intimidating."


"Hmm, so this is where the new guild is located." Laxus said in a low voice. Clang! Seemiingly attracted by the sound, he followed where it is coming from. The three behind him followed.


Jhin returned three days ago. When he found out what happened, he Just brushed it off. He returned with really good harvest this time. Not only did he level up, he even had a fruitful encounter with a mysterious and generous Dragon.

Name: Jhin Fernandez

Exp: Level 91 (12,000/1,000,000)

Health: 9,100/9,100

Magic: 91,000/91,000

Strength: 20,610

Agility: 20,610

Dexterity: 19,610

Intelligence: 19,610

Vitality: 19,610

Luck: 18 - You can only add 1 perk every after 10 levels.

Perks: 0

- Dragon Seed (74 % until Hatched)

- Devil Seed (74 % until Hatched)

- God Seed (74 % until Hatched)

Dragon Slayer Iron Magic (Control: 89%)

Re-Equip Magic (Control: Level 7)

Celestial Spirit Magic (Control: Level 4)

The Iron Dragon Slayer Magic was from Gajeel. Since he had powerful magic and a Metal Magic affinity, Jhin was able to train it with some proficiency. Just a little more and he can master it completely. He did not show or mention anyone that he was proficient in many Slayer Magic. He only used it once in front of the Guild Members when he sniped the Phantom Lord Guild. And it was very fast that they could only see a colorful flash.

He also worked with the Ex-equip magic he learned from Erza which was quite good. As for the Stellar Magic, Jhin was not very fond of it so he only tried it a couple of times before stopping. The system explained that all of the Spirits being summoned are direct copies from the Celestial World itself. So he cannot give the Keys to anyone, he is the only one who can summon them.

Enough of that...

Jhin was watching the Team Shadow Gear attack Gajeel. He told them that it was training and also a part of revenge. He instructed that Gajeel will only defend while all of Team Shadow Gear will attack. And if Gajeel fights back, Jhin assured them that he will properly give Gajeel a good beating.

"Knuckle Plant!" It was Droy! He threw a few seeds that released a a few plant fists. Just like Gray's Devil's Knuckle. Gajeel blocked some of the Fists but he was still pushed several steps.

"Falcon Strike!" Followed by Jet's fast charged with a back flip kick.

"What a tough bastard!" spat Jet angrily.

Levy just watched it happen. She did not join the fight. Although she was one of the victim of Gajeel, she already forgave him sometime ago. Well, she did not completely forgive him but she felt that attacking him while he only defends is kind of unfair. She was truly a lady with a kind heart.

"Falcon Dive!" Jet charged again at Gajeel with high speed, this time, he added a spin. Bang! The punch connected but it was still blocked by Gajeel's cross arms.

Droy was about to throw multiple seeds but was interrupted by a voice.

"What's all this commotion?" a leisure voice drifted in their ears. It was Laxus from behind them.

"Laxus!" Levy was surprised to see him come.

Laxus did not even look at them and only stared a Gajeel. His head was raised high, his arms crossed as he talked.

"So this is the guy that wrecked my Guild. That old fart letting him join us after some lame excuse!" He first said with a casual tone. But then, his face suddenly contorted to an angry and disgusting looking face. "People don't respect us because of crap like this! Dammit! Although I heard that your Guild was destroyed by some new member, don't think that I will forgive you with that."

A sparkle sound echoed followed by a loud scream. A yellow light flashed again intending to strike Gajeel who was kneeling on the ground. Gajeel immediately jumped and blocked the attack, his arms turned into metal, perfectly blocking the attack like nothing. He stood up and stared fiercely at Laxus.

Gajeel looked at Jet and Droy and spoke.

"It seems that your chance is over." Gajeel said and took a step directly in front of Laxus. He again said, "Are you done? I've got work to do." He stepped aside and walked passed Laxus.

Crash! A yellow flash of lightning again flashed towards Gajeels back.

Bang! The lightning again struck Gajeel but he did not scream this time. If you looked closely, his whole body already turned into metal. And you could see a yellow mark on his shoulders which is quickly vanishing. Gajeel turned his head fiercely.

"Do you want a fight. Don't think that you're the only one with strength here." Gajeel did not raise his voice but anger could be sensed as he spoke. He only let himself be hit for the first time freely hoping to appease the seemingly angry man, but it seems that the opposite side did not want to let it go, which made him angry.

"Hmph!" Laxus frowned a little and snorted. A yellow lightning zizzled in his hand, he was ready for a fight!

"You're gonna have to stop it here. Laxus, right? I heard you're the grandson of Makarov." a series of leisurely step sounded behind them, it was Jhin walking with a smile. Laxus noticed aperson leisurely sitting on the side, he did not expect that he had the guts to stop him.

"Hmm? And who do you think you are!" asked Laxus angrily! He did not recognize the man before him so he probably is new.

"Ah, I am Jhin. I just joined Fairy Tail some time ago. Nice to meet you, Laxux." said Jhin casually, still with his smile. He extended his right hand intending to shake hands but was instead met with a flash of saliva in his hands.

"New member, you say?!" Initially, Laxus was already close to exploding. And hearing that it was a new member, he exploded and shouted causing saliva to splatter. A flash of lightning again flashed, but this time, Jhin was the target!

Jhin did not avoid or do anything, he just stood there.

Bang! Hearing the loud impact, Laxus was sure that it must have taken the guy out already. But of course, he was mistaken. Jhin still stood there, with his hands raised, waiting for that shakehands to come. But this time, the smile on his face was erased. It was replaced by a serious face.

Jhin, a man whose handshake was considered a treasure from earth was rejected and instead attacked. He looked at his hand that was still raised and stared at it for 3 seconds. He relaxed and let it down and looked face to face at Laxus. It must be remembered that Jhin was still very young and his body was not yet developed fully. So currently, he was half a head shorter than Laxus and could only raise his head to look eye to eye with him.

"Not bad. You're baby lightning could actually tickle me. Not bad at all. But still, that was quite rude. If you see a someone wanting to shake hands with you, you should shake it back." This time, the smile returned on Jhin's face. He shrugged, shifted his left foot and strode a couple of steps.

"Ti-Tickle?" Laxus voice was a little weak. His eyes just stared at Jhin seemingly unable to believe what happened. Even the Trio who was watching the show from afar were shocked and shouted "IMPOSSIBLE!" simultaneously.

"But then again, that was really rude." Jhin who was a walking halted and spoke.

Levy, Jet, Droy and the Trio only saw a violent violet flash and then... Booom! The ground trembled but it did not break.

"Next time, don't be rude." added Jhin and continued his steps leaving them unable to react what happened.


"Laxus!" shouted the trio. They saw Laxus' body who was originally standing strong and straight slowly collapse to the ground, face down. They immediately rushed towards him. Freed, the green haired man was the first to reach Laxus and hurriedly tried to turn him up. But when he touched the body, he felt a strong zapp and was frightened to the point of jumping away from the body.

Freed looked at his palm and saw that it was burnt brown. "Impossible!" this word resurfaced in his mind. Wasn't Dragon Slayers supposed to be extremely resistant. How could Laxus, a strong Dragon Slayer be electrocuted into fainting, impossible. That was the thought of Freed. He woke up from his trance and looked at the direction where Jhin left. This time, there was a trace of fear in his eyes.

"Don't touch Laxus! It is dangerous!" shouted Freed to his companions who were rushing to touch Laxus' body.

"What are you talking about?! Are you stupid, we must help him!" shouted Evergreen, the voluptuous woman.

Freed opened his hands. When they looked at it, everyone was shocked, including Gajeel. Even though he knew that Jhin was powerful, he never really saw him use his true power. But seeing it now, he was speechless and shocked. So that was the power he used to destroy the Phantom Lord's Base!
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