5 Grey eyes
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Author :melodyr129
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5 Grey eyes

Mingxia lied on her bed, trying to work out a plan for her revenge. Zong Ching was her goal, she knew that Mingxue will also interfere but as long as she and Zong Ching don't get into any romantic relationship she'll be fine. Mingxia may hate her sister, but she knows that she still loves her, because deep in her heart she understood Mingxue better than anyone.

In the past life, Mingxue's jealousy became hate on Mingxia. When Mingxia was twenty one, Ching was the emperor. He killed the third prince and the emperor on the same night, with the help of her family he had his own personal army that easily defeated anyone in his way.

Mingxue watched as the person she loved became emperor and was even willing to sacrifice herself for him. But with Mingxia in her way and rumored to be the next empress, she made sure that Mingxia lived in misery. For each day Mingxia is in the palace with Ching, Mingxue used a different way to torture Mingxia. One day it would be starving her then the next would be snakes in her bed. Mingxia went through four years of torture.

What Mingxue did not know was that since childhood Mingxia was the one jealous of her sister for being so studious and ladylike. She understood that Mingxue was actually kind, she was just a vulnerable girl controlled by jealousy. Zong Ching was the main culprit behind Mingxue's ruthless acts since he was excellent at manipulating others. As she thought away she slowly fell asleep.

The next morning Mingxia was dressed in a pale green dress and her hair was bundled up with a jade pin. She walked to her father's study and spent about two hours rummaging through the books Zong Ching had brought to the house. As expected there was a lot, practically four boxes full of the books. All the books were in top condition since father was really fond of Zong Ching. In her past lifetime, the reason her father didn't go against her demand to marry Ching was also because of this. Her father was a clever man and can usually see what the naked eye could not but he was not observant enough to realize Ching's plot for power.

Mingxia flipped through every single book in two hours, reading and processing all the information.

Her rebirth has not only given her a second chance but it also gave her a boost in her abilities. In this life she had higher stamina, pain tolerance and an increase in her IQ.

These books were quite boring, all of them were about different political incidents, droughts, wars, conflicts and such. She got up to stretch when the door opened.

"Mingxia?" Someone said. She turned around to see her father standing in the doorway with Zong Ching. Her father has a prideful smile on his face while Zong Ching had his usual blank expression. She greeted her father with a curtsy while her father chuckled when he saw how feminine his daughter is. He has heard the rumors going around the house but didn't believe them.

"What are you doing here?" He asked her as he sat down.

"Nothing really, just bored." She answered simply.

"Does Lady Mingxia like books? I have a few that may interest you." Ching suggested after seeing the open boxes of books on the floor.

"Not really." She looked away, not wanting to look at this person. Her father chuckled at their exchange and stroked his beard as he studied his daughter. With her long black hair, red lips and brown eyes sadness crept into his heart.

With sad eyes he thought, 'She is starting to look more and more like her mother.'

Mingxia's mother right now is bedridden, having caught a disease three years ago. Since then she has always been in her bed unable to go out. With each year passing her health worsened, then a year ago, her hair became all white and she became even more unwilling to meet others.

"Lady Mingxia have I upset you in any way? These two days you seem to not be yourself." Ching asked.

"Am I? I've always been like this it's just that you have never noticed." Mingxia retorted.

"My dear daughter I have also noticed your sudden change in personality, although I personally don't mind it, I do want to know the reason for this sudden change." Her father asked.

"Father, I do not believe I have changed. I do not understand what you are trying to say but if in your eyes I did then my reason is that I am now a different Wei Mingxia, a whole new person." Her answer was delivered without hesitation and confidence. Mingxia was truthful when she said this and her eyes reflected her honesty, her father chuckled and thought that this was only a womanly stage from a girl to a women mentally. Then for a minute, he saw the brown eyes of his beloved daughter flickering, from grey to brown. He gasped because Mingxia grey eyes looked exactly like how her mother did when they first met, cloudy and mysterious. No one could read nor understand her thoughts and emotions, it was this trait of hers that allured him to her.

Ching heard the gasp and looked over at Master Wei, then following his gaze, he looked at Lady Mingxia who had a smile on her face.

"Well then, it seems that I am disturbing the two of you. I will take my leave now father." Mingxia curtsied and walked towards the door.

Master Wei looked down at the books on his desk and looked at the back of his daughter.

'They always say that children will grow to become adults before we know it. Looks like it is true.' His sadness was expressed through the sad smile he gave and he let out a sigh.
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