15 Saved
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Author :melodyr129
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15 Saved

Mingxia did not notice what happened until she was falling down and her head was facing the blue sky. Zong Qiu offered to get her something sweet to eat and left but only a couple of moments after her sister bumped her into the pond.

It was like slow motion, she was prepared to grasp the handle of the gates but Mingxue fell on top of her, causing the both of them to fall. Mingxia felt heavy, really heavy. Her dress was soaked in water thus adding to the weight and pulling her down. However with her enhanced strength she was able to swim up to the surface of the water and call for help.


Mingxia's cry was loud but short as her head bobbled down again into the water.

She opened her eyes underwater and saw a bundle of pink cloth floating in the water, barely moving.


She swam over to her sister and saw her sister barely conscious, trying to keep in her breath, however, because of her inability to swim, she was losing breaths by the second. Mingxia may hate her sister but she still held the bond between them dear as she pulled Mingxue up to the surface for air. Mingxue gasped and opened her eyes to Mingxia pulling her to a wooden stick for her to hold.

The one that was holding the stick was a servant trying to help them. Mingxue looked down at her sister and saw her smile before disappearing into the water.

"No!" She struck out a hand to catch Mingxia's hand but she was too far.

She was pulled up and a maid wrapped a towel over but right now she was not worried about herself. She looked over into the water to see that Mingxia was not moving and her eyes were closed.

"Jie-jie!" She cried.

She then heard another splash and saw that it was Zong Qiu swimming towards her sister. He easily hugged Mingxia and swam back onto land.

"Move." He commanded to everyone beside him as the people parted a way for him to carry Mingxia off towards his quarters.

Mingxue followed after him with a towel over her, concerned about the unconscious Mingxia.

'Oh please be ok.' She pleaded in her heart.

A maid followed after her as the four figures left the courtyard.

After they have left, the Queen Dowager's eyes had this mysterious sparkle in her eyes and her lips curved into a smile. Zong Qiu never came to these banquets, even with her constant naggings and when he was still in line for the throne. He had female acquaintances but he would keep a distance between them. Two days ago he suddenly appeared in front of her and asked to go to this year's banquet. She was surprised but quickly agreed. Who would of known that he would do this.

The Wei family may only be a viscount but she knows his relationship with the empress. She only knew exactly how much power they held so this development worked well with her. However if this girl wanted to be the one for her dear grandson, then she needed to pass her test first.

Han Lanqing witnessed the scene with shock. She expected for Mingxue to attract attention but who knew that Mingxia would also.

Ying and Yanjing was surprised by how protective Qiu was being and held in their urge to laugh.

"Curse you two Wei sisters." Lanqing mumbled under her breath and walked away but unlucky for her Yanjing heard this.

"Looks like we have a problem." He gently said.

"What problem?" Ying was confused.

"Not right now. I'll tell you later." Yanjing acted normally and went to the food table to pick out a pastry to eat as Ying followed him with a confused expression.


"You, get the royal physician and you, prepare a room." Zong Qiu ordered.

Servants ran around and scrambled to prepare what he wanted.

Zong Qiu held the dripping wet Mingxia and gently placed her onto a soft feather bed. Mingxue was also given a set of clothes to change which she gratefully took but she immediately ran back to see her sister. When she arrived she saw that the royal physician has already arrived and was checking her sister's pulse.

"The lady was saved in time so she merely passed out. I will prescribe some prescription to help her recover, she should wake up in a couple of hours." The old man bowed at the prince.

Zong Qiu kept his eyes on Mingxia and waved his hand to dismiss him.

The old man bowed once again and walked out the room. Mingxue then knelt down in front of her sister and she felt the guilt inside her erupting.

"I'm sorry jie jie." Tears fell down and dripped down.

Zong Qiu showed no emotion and kept a blank face but he gripped Mingxia's hand tightly.


'Why am I feeling this? What am I feeling?'

Zong Qiu grip tightened for he feared that Mingxia might disappear at any moment.

Mingxue stood up and looked at Zong Qiu.

Of course, she has heard about him and what happened to him. She always thought that he was a cold man but seeing him today and what he had done she can be sure to say that her sister was indeed very strong.

Does Zong Ching feel the same about her? Will he do the same for her if she fell? Thoughts like this began to born. Her sister's sudden change confirmed that she had no feelings for Zong Ching. But Zong Ching...

He has feelings for her sister… right?

But is this her sister's fault? Should she really be putting the fault on her sister who had just risked her life to save her?

Questions only created more questions and led to more complicated ones that she had no answers for.


This chapter was difficult to write especially about Mingxue. Mingxue's remorse and guilt has finally cleared her head and let some logic in! What will happen from now on?

Hehe you will have to wait to know!
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