24 The Games
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Author :melodyr129
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24 The Games

Master Wei sat in the study room flipping through the his paper pamphlets, deep in thought. A sudden challenge was given to him this morning when he was attending the royal court this morning.

The Zong Empire has been trading with India for a number of years now. If India wants silver and spice they would turn to the Zong Empire, if the Zong Empire wants more exquisite tapestries and gold they would turn to India. So when one is facing a problem the other one would definitely offer a helping hand, it is beneficial to both ends of the relationship.

In India there is a tradition, The Games, a set of sports that is played amongst the elite and those who are rich. These games are held every three years and are extremely dangerous.

These games include archery, wrestling, a marathon and the such, there are said to be 128 varieties in these games. Each time the sports played are changed but there will be one that will not change, which is the gladiator fights. In these fights, instead of captives fighting beasts, the elite and rich are to fight not only the beasts but also the strongest human that fought as a gladiator. These people are the strongest and have defeated the most beasts, they are feared by even the beasts that are against them.

But why would the wealthy want to participate in these events where they could possibly lose their life?

Well it is because that these events are held by the royalty from all the surrounding kingdoms, including India. These royalties will definitely be there to spectate and monitor the games, some for entertainment while others seek for men that could be of use to them.

The Zong Empire also takes part in these games and have funded tremendously in the last couple of years.

This morning when the emperor was assigning who was to participate in The Games, the Queen Dowager suddenly appeared and suggested that she wanted a few ladies to also participate. She then appointed her maid to read from a list of those who she wants to enter the games and one of them just so happened to be Mingxia.

"But your majesty. My daughter is only 15, far too young to be participating in these games." Viscount Wei said.

"I have seen and heard of what she is capable of doing Viscount. Do not be humble, for I look forward to seeing your daughter play." She answered.

Viscount Wei could say no more so he bowed and stood back in his place.


Master Wei let out a heavy sigh and looked out the window.

"Tell Xia er to come see me." He told his servant and the servant walked out the study room.

The servant walked through the halls and arrived in front of Mingxia's door then gently knocked.

"Who is it?" Xing's voice came through the window doors.

"Master Wei wishes to meet Lady Mingxia." The servant responded.

There was some commotion and then the door opened. Mingxia walked out wearing a purple dress, she turned around and nodded at the servant. The servant curtsied and walked towards the study room with Mingxia and Xing behind her.

"Master Wei, Lady Mingxia is here." She said when she arrived in front of the study room.

"Tell her to come in." He simply replied and the servant motioned for Mingxia to go in.

"Father, why have you asked me to come?" Mingxia walked in and the servant closed the door behind Xing.

"Xia er, this morning I was given a hard task to do." He began.

Mingxia narrowed her eyes a bit as she sat down on a chair.

'Hard task? What task could be given to father at this time of year and why has he asked for me to come?'

A hard task.. hmm.

If its a complicated task to do and during this time of year then it would be...The Games!

Mingxia suddenly remembered this very important event. In the past life Zong Ching was able to get into the games because he had asked for her father to help him be enlisted. The emperor did not have him be on the list to play in this event so he had to personally ask for her father's help. He successfully made it onto the roster and signed up for archery, which he excelled at. It was from this event that the Indian royalties began to take notice of him.

"Is it about The Games." Mingxia asked.

Master Wei was taken back but his shock was then replaced with a knowing smile.

"It seems that you are well aware of this." He answered.

Mingxia smiled and looked up. "Of course father. It is only one of the biggest events held."

Master Wei nodded before his smile faded away and he sighed once again.

"What's troubling you father?" Mingxia asked.

Master Wei looked at his daughter before beginning. "Xia er, since you know of the games then you should also know that the Zong empire invests heavily into this event, right?" Mingxia nodded.

"Each time the game is going to be held the emperor would have some of his sons attend, the princes. His majesty announced who would be going this year." He continued.

"But surprisingly this year the Queen Dowager came into court and showed up with her own pick of participants into the games.

"What does that have to do with me?" Mingxia questioned.

Her father looked down again before answering. "Well you see, one of her participants is you."

"Me?" Mingxia was dumbfounded. Why would the Queen Dowager want her to go?

"Yes. She also said that she expects great things from you during this event. Xia er, I believe that the reason behind why she wants you to go is not simply for entertainment." Master Wei ended with a grave tone and Mingxia could understnad why.

She grew quiet for a moment as she held her elbow on the table and her chin was on her hands. Xing looked at her lady and could tell that her lady was deep in her own thoughts again. Mingxia's father thought that her daughter would refuse as he let out yet another sigh and creased his brow.

"Xia er if you do not want to go, father understands and I will tel-" "I'll go." Mingxia confidently replied.

"What? Xia er you mustn't go it's far too dangerous." Master Wei reasoned.

Mingxia only smiled and stood up.

"I know father but I'm going. It'll be unlike me if I don't go, right?" Mingxia tilted her head a bit and smiled sweetly with her eyes closed.

'It wouldn't be like myself if I don't go right?' At this current moment Mingxia looked too much like her mother. Her mother would always laugh sweetly in the same manner, in her father's mind her mother would always be smiling with the wind blowing against her yellow dress and brushing her silky hair. He remembered one time when she had said words similar to what Mingxia had just said to him.

'She takes on from her mother.' And he knew that he will never be able to protect her forever, like her mother he could see that his daughter values freedom. No one can contain her, and no one can stop her after she has made up her mind.

His worried face melted into care and he patted her head.

"Be safe." Mingxia nodded and left the room.

As she walked out a thought ran across her mind.

The Queen Dowager wants to test her? Then she will take it. It doesn't matter what it is she shall take it head on and prove that she is not a fragile kitten but a vicious tiger.
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