28 Her Injury
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Author :melodyr129
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28 Her Injury

The moonlit blade plunged down and stabbed into the blankets. There were no fidgeting and there were no bloodstain. A moment of silence condemned on the five figures as they waiting to see the blood come out and stain the blanket. When there were none one of them spotted something was wrong and lifted the blanket. Not surprisingly there was only a pillow underneath.

"We were tricked." The assassin said and motioned for the others to go out the tent.

The other assassins nodded and began running towards the door.

"She must be close by. Find her!" One shouted and then split up to cover more ground. Two of the assassins went into the tents and searched in there for their target but no luck. The other three assassins went into the forest in different directions. They were given the money so they must fulfill their duty.

Unlucky for them a young man stood among the tree branches watching them. A smile hung on his lips and his brown eyese flashed.

When one of the assassins arrived close to where he was his hand lowered to his sword. With a small rustle he jumped down prepared to slash with his sword. However the assassin was also an elite and immediately knew to move away from his place. He looked around to a charming young boy with a smile on his face. The moonlight only lit up half of his face but the assassin could see the sparkle in this boy's eyes.

His hand moved to his dagger but the boy was much faster and with a powerful swoop his sword grazed the assassins hands and the dagger dropped down the tree. The assassin did the wrong move of looking down and the boy took this chance to strike.

"You shouldn't be distracted when in a battle." He whispered into the assassin's ear and used elbow to slam him into the tree.

The assassin quickly got up and lunged at the boy.

"Looks like I underestimated you." He replied back.

In one smooth motion he took out another dagger from his boots pierced it at the boy. The boy dodged the attack and raised his sword and sliced at his arm.

A cunning smile appeared on the assassin's face as he twisted his hand and the dagger's blade pointed at the boy's chest. At the same time as the sword sliced down the assassin's arm the dagger pieced at the boy's chest.

Warm blood bursted out and splattered all over the tree, the warm liquid dripped off from the leaves and the branches.

On top of the branch two injured figures panted as one clutched his arm and the other touched his left chest. The assassins right arm has been cut off and that arm is not probably lying somewhere below the giant tree. The boy clutched his chest as the red stain only grew bigger.

Despite his severe wound the assassin used his other hand to lift the dagger again and lunged at the boy. The boy panted but he stood up and defended himself by blocking the attack. The assassin jumped back before striking again. He sliced multiple times at the boy with extreme speed and power. The boy stepped back and missed many of the slashes but that does not mean that he missed all of it. Multiple cuts appeared on his sleeves but thankfully the dagger only grazed his skin.

The assassin cursed a bit and got a bit closer to do the finished stab but the boy only smiled. As the assassin came close and raised his arm he took the chance to raise his sword and pierced through the assassins stomach.

The grip around the dagger loosened as his body grew limp. The sword fell down along with the body. Although the boy had won the battle he also suffered from a servere lack of blood and began to lose conciousness. As he lost more blood his eyes slowly closed and then his body fell down from the tree just like how the assassin had earlier.

He would of experienced the same fate as the assassin when another person jumped forward and caught his falling body.

"Mingxia. Mingxia!" Zong Qiu gently shook Mingxia's body and his brows creased with worry. Mingxia stirred a bit but she remained unconcious, Zong Qiu bit his lips and stood up.

He turned around and a carriage with multiple men carrying torches stood there. Two of the men jumped down from a horse and also ran over.

"She has a fatal wound and needs to be treated. Ying get the medicine kit." Yanjing said and Ying nodded before running back to the carriage.

Zong Qiu quickly rushed towards the carriage and brought her into the carriage. Ying then arrived with the medicine kit and a pale of water. They quickly realized a problem. There were no women among them and to treat this room Mingxia's outer robe had to be removed.

"Where's her maid? She's always with her." Ying asked.

"She must be somewhere close. I'll go find her." Ying immediately headed into the forest.

"Qiu ge. You have to find some way to stop her bleeding." Ying told Zong Qiu.

Zong Qiu looked at Mingxia's pale face and his heart tightened.

"Leave us be." He simply ordered and Ying immediately understood what Zong QIu wanted to do and obeyed.

When the two were finally alone Zong QIu took out a bandage roll and a number of herbs.

"If you want to hate me then hate me after but I can't let you die Mingxia." Zong Qiu slowly took off the belt and the blood stained robes. Even her undergarment is caked in blood and Zong Qiu's heart ached.

The dagger had pieced just under her collarbone and thankfully the wound was not deep. The wound is still open and blood is still pouring out. Very carefully Zong Qiu cleaned and treated the injury. He applied a mixture of herbs and then wrapped the wound with the clean bandages. When he was done he took off his outer robe and covered her with it.

"Qiu, I found her." Yanjing reported and Zong Qiu stepped out of the carriage.
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