39 Zong Ching vs Zong Qiu
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Author :melodyr129
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39 Zong Ching vs Zong Qiu

(Mature content in this chapter)

Mingxia debated whether to tell him or not but she felt like she could trust him. But after those words left her mouth she found it silly that she actually told someone something so crazy. She half expected for Zong Qiu to call her crazy but he did not. He stood there as if debating whether to believe her or not.

Mingxia let out a small laugh and shrugged before making her way to the door.

"Wait." Zong Qiu wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her in again, this time Mingxia did not resist his pull.

"If it's you who said then yes. I would believe it." He whispered into her ear.

Mingxia's back was pressed against Zong Qiu's chest so Zong Qiu couldn't see that Mingxia was as red as a tomato right now. He loosened his grip and turned her around so she was facing him. Seeing how flushed Mingxia was, he couldn't help himself from touching her red cheeks.

'So cute.' He thought.

He lifted the hand he had wrapped around her waist to touch her other cheek but his hand bumped into the pin that held her hair up and her black hair cascaded down onto her shoulders. In the moonlight, her pink cheeks, wavy black hair and brown eyes looked stunning.

He leaned forward but stopped to look into her eyes as if he was asking for permission. Mingxia closed her eyes and Zong Qiu's lips landed on hers. Zong Qiu started out very gently and Mingxia could tell that he was being very careful with her. She parted her lips and Zong Qiu immediately dove in. Their kiss deepened but before anything else happened the two parted.

Mingxia looked down and her black hair covered her face. 'Why did I do that?'

She thought and her face flushed again.

"Are you okay?" Zong Qiu asked with care.

Mingxia pushed him away with her fists. "What was that for!"

A taunting smile appeared on his face and he got up. "What do you think that was for? Mingxia, remember that you were the one that allowed me too."

Turning beet red again, Mingxia pushed him again but this time Zong Qiu stepped back to avoid her and all Mingxia punched was air.

"You! Shameless, rogue and, and-"

"And what?" Zong Qiu asked and he walked up to her again.

"And, and, and. Hmph." Mingxia was so frustrated.

Zong Qiu chuckled which only made her more irritated.

*Cough* "Uh. Qiu ge. If you're done can you come in for a moment, the Arabian prince is here to see you." Ying's voice could be heard from the ball room.

"I got it." Zong Qiu answered and Ying walked away.

Mingxia let out a breath and tied her hair up with the pin.

"Go in before you get a cold." Zong Qiu kissed her forehead and walked inside.

Mingxia touched her forehead but a smile never disappeared from her face. However a shadow walked in behind her and pinned her to the wall. A yelp escaped from her mouth and the shadow covered her mouth with his hand.

Mingxia stopped fidgeting and looked up to see Zong Ching.

Immediately, she stepped on his foot and pushed him away.

"Ninth prince, Zong Ching, remember you are a prince! What would others think if they see you doing that to a lady!" Mingxia said and wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

She turned around to leave but Zong Ching broke out laughing.

"Wei Mingxia, do you like my brother now?"

"What?" Zong Ching got up and forced Mingxia on the wall.

"What do you like about him?" He asked with a dangerously low voice.

Mingxia looked around to find a way to leave but Zong Ching used his arms to trap her.

"Zong Ching! Know your place, you are a prince." MIngxia snapped at him with an angry attitude that only provoked him even more.

He punched one of his hand to the wall. "Answer me! Wei Mingxia, what do you like about my brother?"

"At least he's better than you." Mingxia said and a smirk appeared on her face.

A vein popped in his head but Mingxia could are less. She bent down and walked back in, leaving Zong Ching to stand there.

"Aurghhhh!" He punched the wall which caused for a dent to form on the wall.

"Why. Why is it him?"


The next day, Mingxia sat on the balcony and looked down. The second day of the Game were only for males so she didn't have to participate. Zong Ching participated in the wooden plank archery competition but he only shot down seven boards.

Mingxia pretended to look like she didn't care but actually she couldn't help but think that the only reason why he got a bad score was because of their conversation last night. The next competition was gladiator style. Two contestants would be given wooden swords and would have to fight each other until one falls down and could not get up anymore. The remaining two contestants would have to fight each other with real swords and it would be a battle of skill between the two.

Both Zong Ching and Zong Qiu is participating in this event.

'Please don't let the two fight each other!" Mingxia thought.

Xing stood beside Mingxia and found it amusing. Mingxia would also pretend to not care but whenever it was Zong Qiu's battle Mingxia would stop whatever she was doing and would focus all her concentration on the fight.

'Mingxia, have you noticed how you act if it is about Prince Zong Qiu?'

Xing chuckled but stopped when Mingxia glared up at her.

Unfortunately, Zong Ching and Zong Qiu was able to defeat every other opponent and became the last two competitors.

"Please welcome the last battle between the two princes from the Zong Empire! Prince ong QIu and Zong Ching!"
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