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Reborn as The Legendary Super Saiyan in Naruto
Author :Hanu_M
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15 Zabuza

{Ren POV}

A day has passed. Kakashi has realized that Haku was just pretending to be a tracker ninja.

Realizing this, he has started to train Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura in chakra control. He didn't bother with us as Itachi had returned. Kakashi was pretty surprised when he found out Naruto and Sasuke were capable of climbing the tree so he started teaching them about walking on water. Sakura caught up and surpassed them in ni=o time as her chakra control was much better due to her significantly smaller chakra pool.

Karin and Ino had mastered observation haki and were working on their armament haki.

Itachi and I were Incharge of guarding Tazuna and the others.

Creating a shadow clone to watch over Tazuna, It teleports to Zabuza's location.

Coincidentally, this was the exact time Gato had decided to visit Zabuza. Before anyone could react, I teleport Zabuza and Haku to my time dimension.

Haku-"Where have you taken us!!!" she exclaimed about to attack me.

Zabuza-"Stop Haku! You are no match for him. What do you want from us?"

Me" As for your first question, you are in my dimension and as for your second, I only want to talk to you."

Zabuza was a little surprised but managed to get a hold of himself and said "What do you want to talk about?"

Me-"Tell me, why are you working for a man like Gato, It can't be money as you could have just killed him and taken It from him. If you tell me I might be able to help."

Zabuza-" A brat like you won't be able to do anything about it so how does it even matter."

Me-" Is it about the Mizukage being controlled?"

Zabuza-"How do you know about it!?!"

Me-" I know a lot of things like you killing all the graduates of your class so as to end the system"

Zabuza was shocked even more. After thinking for some time, he finally decided to speak"I and a few other people like Mai Terumi are trying to assassinate the Mizukage. Just breaking the genjutsu won't work as his Image is already set in the mind of the people and will just lead to the collapse of the Village Hidden in the Mist if nothing is done about it and soon. Goto knows about this and is willing to provide me with information about the Mizukage's location and another such thing in exchange for my services."

Hearing this, I say" If I could assassinate the mizukage for you will you and Haku be willing to work as Konoha Ninjas under me?"

Zabuza-" Even if we wanted to join the leaf we wouldn't be able to due to our status as Rouge Ninja?"

Me-" Don't worry about that, I will take care of It, so it's a deal?"

Zabuza-" What makes you believe that you can beat a jinchuriki?"

A bit annoyed, I unseal my power and release my aura. The world starts shaking as I unleash my power. Witnessing my true power, they both were petrified.

Me-"So is it a deal?"

Zabuza-" Deal!!!"

Me-" The inform Mai to make arrangements to take control and stabilize the situation as the mizukage will disappear exactly a month from now."

Saying this I teleport all of us back to the original dimension.

Haku-"We don't need him anymore, do we? Can I kill him?"

Zabuza-" Scum like Gato deserve to die"

Gato-" wh-wha-what do yyou tthinkk yoyou are doing? Npo dont come any clo AHHHHHH"
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    《Reborn as The Legendary Super Saiyan in Naruto》