Reborn as a GOD
66 Chapter 63: Departure
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Reborn as a GOD
Author :Immortal_Simo
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66 Chapter 63: Departure

With the dragon god tournament concluded, Ysion teleported back to his domain once more. Taking his place on the throne, he waited for the rest of his children to join him. Ondan was respectfully standing behind the throne chair, his gaze sharp as he stood straight as an arrow.

It did not take long before the rest of the Gods, made their way into the throne room. Each giving a respectful bow, to which Ysion nodded in acknowledgment before standing to the side, as they waited for him to speak. The silence however prevailed as he closed his eyes seemingly sleeping, yet none dared to speak. The sounds of the giant door opening broke the deafening silence followed by the sounds of footsteps.

Ovva, made her way to the foot of the throne room followed by Laura who was giving a number of curious glances, yet seemed unfazed under the attention of all the Gods. Urnera and Kyzdall nodded approvingly at that.

Both girls kneeled in greeting before Ysion dismissed them with a wave "Now that all of you are here, I am sure all of you know the reason why I summoned you."

The Gods nodded solemnly in response. Ovva had already filled Laura in on the details as she herself nodded in affirmation.

"Good, I trust all of you know of your respective duties?"

"Yes, Father!" A simultaneous reply came from the Gods as they bowed their heads in respect.

"Good, Good Kyzdall!"

"My lord" hearing his name Kyzdall spoke up as he waited for his father to continue.

"Did you finish all your preparations?"

"Yes, my lord! I'm ready to head off whenever you command!"

Nodding his head in confirmation Ysion continued "En, as for the rest of you, Virus step forward."

Hearing her name being called, Virus respectfully made her way closer to the throne before bowing once again.


"Virus, I may have ordered your siblings to not interfere with the Mortals yet I'm not so cruel as to do the same to you, I know your children are still young and need your guidance for that I grant you four hundred years to lead and teach them they may not interact with other races during this period as their existence should remain unknown am I clear?"

A hint of surprise flashed through her gaze before her lips turned upwards to form a wide smile.

"Yes, father!"

"Does anyone here disapprove of my decision?" he spoke with a loud authoritative voice.

"We wouldn't dare master!" replied Ovva, the Gods lowering their heads in agreement. It was a fair judgment, it gave Vuris's children enough time to catch up with the current Mortals no one had anything against it.

"Good, now as I said before for the rest of you no one! And I mean no one! Is to interfere with the Mortals unless they are on the verge of extinction! Do I make myself clear?"

Sensing the solemn tone of Ysion's voice, the Gods quickly answered back.

"Understood, Father!"

Hearing their replies, Ysion nodded in satisfaction before speaking "En, now does anyone have any questions?"

As if already prepared for this, the Gods simultaneously turned their gaze towards Kieyr who seemed to be their representative. He lightly walked closer to the throne room giving a quick courteous bow before speaking.

"If I may ask father."

Ysion then waved his hand for him to continue.

"My siblings and I would like to know, what would happen should another Mortal clear the Golden Gate?"

Touching his chin, Ysion fell into deep thought. He had indeed thought of this possibility "Hmm, while I doubt any Mortal would make it before the time I come back, in the event that someone actually does pass then one of you is to go down and receive them. Should they ask for Immortality then the Gate will take care of it. Should they ask to leave the Universe then one of you is to escort them to the edge where they shall be free to do so. As for anything else, I'm sure you will be able to find that out by yourselves."

"Of course, father!"

"Anything else?"

"Forgive me for asking once again..."

Before Kieyr could finish, Ysion interrupted him.

"I know what you want to ask and no, I do not know when I will return. At the very least hundreds at the max thousands of years, but, this is a journey I must embark on for the sake of the stability and safety of our Universe."

Grimm expressions could be seen on all the Gods, Xulene seemed to be on the verge of tears yet she managed to control herself. Ovva's face was without emotions, yet Ysion could see the sadness hidden beneath.

Looking at his children, Ysion slowly stood up and walked down from his throne. Xulene looked at him with red eyes as she struggled to contain her tears, looking at her a gentle smile donned his face as he slowly patted her head.

"Xulene, I need you to be strong for me can you do that?"

"En, " unable to properly reply, Xulene chocked on her words as the only reply she was able to muster was a small nod.

"Good..." looking at the various Gods surrounding him, Ysion spoke once again.

"I am proud to call you all my children. I will be back! And when I do, I want to see how much you all will grow. Make me proud my children." looking back at Ovva, he gave her one final gentle smile as she as well struggled to contain her emotions before he disappeared taking with him Kyzdall and Ondan.

When they reappeared once more, the trio was already at the edge of the universe. Far in the distance, they could see a small planet.

Turning his gaze back from his home, Ysion took a deep breath before speaking his eyes that were gentle just a second ago turned frosty as an extremely cold aura surrounded him, Kyzdall grinned as he also started to become surrounded by an aura of savage bloodlust, Ondan let out a roar that reverberated through space as his form started to change from his humanoid one to Giant Dragon one!

Once done with his transformation, he bowed his head as he allowed Ysion to stand on his back.

"Now then, shall we go to meet our guests."

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    《Reborn as a GOD》