Reborn as a GOD
67 End Of Volume 1
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Reborn as a GOD
Author :Immortal_Simo
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67 End Of Volume 1

Hello peeps, your shameless author here. As you guys may have noticed I stopped updating the story for a while now. The main reason being that I did not like some of the earlier chapters nor did I like the direction the story was taking.

But with the last chapter, we come to an end for the first volume of the book. The next volume will be a bit broader than the past one with Ysion's journey to uncover the hidden enemy.

I initially planned on writing 3 volumes in total the first one is the home universe arc the second is a "Journey" type of arc without spoiling anything, there still will be chapters on the home universe but it will mainly focus on Ysion and his journey compared to the first one.

The third and final volume will be the grand finale, or so I hope. I have a rough draft already though I may change a few minor details.

I apologize for the random updates and the disappearances, this past year was a bit too busy for me. I was offered a contract for this novel and a chance to turn it premium, but I did promise before that I am writing the story for free and it will continue to be as such, so I ended up refusing the contract.

I will not make any excuses on why I did not update or notify you guys, but I do hope you will understand that due to some personal real-life circumstances I was unable to, that and I kinda lost the motivation for a while after finishing this past volume so I took a break.

For now, to all those concerned and still following the story, I promise that I will finish it and try and work out a schedule for regular updates.

Currently, I need a little bit of time to work things out and hopefully, by the time I come back and drop the first chap of the next volume, I will not be stopping nor having any type of breaks until the end of Volume 2.

Thank you for reading and supporting the story until now! I really appreciate it, your comments and support was my main motivation for writing and I hope you will continue to support this shameless Author.

Writing is something I enjoy very much, I am learning a lot along the way. I may not have as much experience as some other writers but I'd like to think I am improving and that I came a long way since my first chapters.

Since the story is free and I'm planning on leaving it as such, you guys are free to read it here all the way until the end. But if anyone can spare a dollar or such and can support me on ******* or PayPal then I would forever be grateful as that can help motivate me to update faster. I'll try and add a few benefits for those that can but do please understand that you are not obligated I said it before and I'll say it again the story is free and will remain as such until I finish it, that being said here is my ******* and PayPal accounts for those interested in supporting me.


Hope you guys stay safe during these rough times, and look forward to the next volume! ))

Author out.

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    《Reborn as a GOD》