Reborn as grimmjow
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Reborn as grimmjow
Author :grimreaperrl
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3 Restar


Hey guys author here I will restart this because I didn't like the way I did it I will give main character more of a background and a system that will end up being one of his wives in hero academia and she will turn go into togas body.

I will not update everyday sometimes I don't have ideas and I'm a slow writer I will probably give you guys one or two chapters a week depending on my personal schedule because I'm currently homeless so I will write when I can. I know it might make you guys mad but this is my current life situation. I'm trying to get back on my feet I have depression and sometimes I can't write because of it.

The main character will still have his own story as main character of the world of bleach but he will end up in other worlds. I also need ideas for future arcs and worlds so I can get an idea about it for the future and in each world their will be more girls in the harem from each world. His looks will not change muck he will but will be more handsome then he was in original. I also need you guys to come up with 3 wishes for him as starter abilities and 3 summons for him @@
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