Reincarnated In TDG
3 Reincarnation
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Reincarnated In TDG
Author :SuperVegeto
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3 Reincarnation

Peter woke up in the a room in a daze he was looking at his surroundings to see if it was all a dream or reality. He saw a mirror by the bed and when he looked at it he had had nothing else but hope and anxiety.

" It's true! I can't believe it I look just like itachi I can't believe it" Peter still in disbelief wanted to see if it was a reality and looked at his hands. Some people might be wondering why look at his hands but Peter knew that when one is in a dream they can't read, people also have problems think complex problems and most of the times have extra body parts or missing body parts.

"10, 9 , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 all my fingers and body parts are here it checks out this isn't a dream. I truly died and I'm actually in tales of demons and gods." Peter having excepted his new life now wanting to look towards the future with hope and confidence.

"If my wish was granted witch I believe it was looking at how things have gone so far, I need to prepare for the future since I know that the plot won't start until 1 year I need to take advantage of it 'but before that I need to check my soul force and my soul realm"

As Peter was thinking of all this a many memories start to flood his brain."so that's how it is my current name is itachi uchiha. Hahah looks like god likes to play jokes but I don't mind I would rather have this name than any other." After getting all his memories in order itachi came to the conclusion that he was currently at the orphanage in glory city just like god told him. The one that was managed by the city lord. And that he was the son of a couple that died in one of the demon waves.

"Well I can't do anything to change my current situation I probably should have wish to be born in one of the main family's but it's to late to have regrets."

Right when itachi was thinking about this he came to the conclusion that he needed strength. He came to this world to not have any regrets and to be able to move toward a safe life in glory city. He knew that his soul was strong since god told him himself ,so he was quite confused when he found out he had a red soul realm until he came to the conclusion that since he was in a state of slumber maybe he's talents were was also in a form deep sleep to protect him until the time was right.
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