Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world
61 Outing With Tsunade 2
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Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world
Author :shashank_bhatt
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61 Outing With Tsunade 2

"Oh.. Yes if you tired then you should sleep, go straight from here and take right the first room from the corner is yours" said Miko.

Issei followed her directions and entered a room which already has all necessities available for him. After entering the room Issei directly went to the bed and started his chakra training.

"After two days I will start pillaging the Ninja techniques that I think will be helpful for me in future....." Issei thought and started his meditation.

Next Day

Issei used the excuse of going out to meet new friends. After which he directly disappeared from there appearing on the rooftop of Hokage's office to see if there was any talk about him.

In the Hokage room there were currently Third Hokage Sarutobi and Danzo present and the person they were talking about was none other then Ryu (Mini Issei) who was brought along by the Uzumaki family in their Village.
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"You should let me have that kid Sarutobi I can make him a great weapon for the village and if he is in my control I am sure we can bring his brother under us as well" Danzo said.

"NO I am not going to let you have the little Kid who came to our village with dreams of making this village as his home" Sarutobi said.

"That's why as someone who wants to make this village as his home, he should sacrifice himself for the sake of the village" Danzo countered.

"He hasn't stayed here for 2 days and you want him to sacrifice himself for the village. I have made my decision and Ryu will not be given to you" Sarutobi said hearing which Danzo grunted and stood up "You are making a wrong decision Sarutobi as Ninjas we aren't supposed to be soft" he said as he walked out of the Hokage office.

On the rooftop Issei who was Listening to their conversation thought "It's decided Danzo will die today!" after which he disappeared from there.

Next moment he reappeared was near Tsunade's house in his real form but since she wasn't there Issei had to use his "Space-Third eye" to find her and saw her standing near the Stone Face mountain with her brother.

Issei waited for half an hour until his brother left to come in front of her "You have a good brother Tsunade" said Issei as he came right behind her.

"Don't you know that it's dangerous to come from behind a Ninja" Tsunade said.

"Well not to me, let's not talk about those things come let's go on our date" Issei said as he raised his hand in Tsunade's direction to which she raised her eyebrow but still held his hand.

Just as she held his hand, Issei along with her disappeared from there and the next moment they appeared in a city quite far from the city. This city had the biggest gambling house in this world.

The first thing he did after coming here was to take her in a restaurant to eat but as they ordered the food Issei remembered a painful thing and that was that he didn't had the money. Being a rich man in his original world he totally forgot that he needed money here as well.

"What happened!?" asked Tsunade when she looked at his not so happy expression.

"N-Nothing I just have to go to the washroom for a bit" saying so he hurriedly stood up and walked towards the washroom pointed by the waiter.

The moment he entered the washroom he disappeared from there appearing in front of the gambling house. He entered the gambling house and looked at the door behind the receptionist where the money was most likely being kept.

Going towards a corner where no one was looking he created a space barrier around himself making sure that he becomes invisible after which he teleported behind the door of the receptionist and saw many chunin level rouge ninjas protecting another gate. Not paying attention to them he passed through that door as well, entering there vault he filled his pocket dimension for more than enough to squander as much as he like.

After getting enough money he directly appeared in the washroom of the restaurant and went back to sit with Tsunade with a smile on his face.

After there lunch, Tsunade dragged him to the gambling house with her and started to play different different games but wasn't able to win at all since her luck was really bad.

"Do you want to win!?" asked Issei.

"Yes of course why do you think I am playing here for" Tsunade snapped at him.

Hearing this Issei smiled and placed his hand on her shoulder. Just as Tsunade was going to ask him what he was doing, she stopped and her mouth opened wide as she was seeing her self betting and loosing games which she haven't done until now but was thinking of doing.

"I have shown you how you were gonna play in the next hour so use that knowledge and win as much as you can" said Issei as he removed his hand from her shoulder.

"This-This... you" while Tsunade was fumbling, Issei said "This is my other element.. Time Element"

Tsunade was stunned unable to speak at all, "Don't stand there! didn't you said that you wanted to win. We have more places to go after here" Issei said bringing her out of her trance.

Tsunade smiled after hearing his words and ran towards a table to start her get, within 1 hour she won all the money she had lost in her life till now.

"We should get out here! As you will start to loose if you play anymore." Issei said to Tsunade who was grinning right now.

"How do you know!?" Tsunade asked.

"I know!" Issei said with a smile on his face while looking towards her.

Seeing that smile she knew he was telling the truth since he had the ability to see it all.

After bringing her out of the gambling house Issei took her to different different places in the shinobi world which were worthy to see such as The Samurai Bridge, The Island Turtle belonging to Cloud village and when night came Issei also asked if she wanted to look at her planet from Moon which Tsunade obviously declined.

"Just take me back will you, my brother must be waiting for me" Tsunade said to him.

"Ok ok we will go back" Issei said and teleported himself along with Tsunade back to leaf village.

"I will come back again tomorrow" said Issei.

"Who wants you to come back!?" Tsunade said as she entered her house without looking back.

Seeing her Issei sighed *sigh* "Well she will call me tomorrow for sure but for now let's deal with that Danzo...."

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    《Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world》