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Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world
Author :shashank_bhatt
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62 Killing Danzo!

"Just take me back will you, my brother must be waiting for me" Tsunade said to him.

"Ok ok we will go back" Issei said and teleported himself along with Tsunade back to leaf village.

"I will come back again tomorrow" said Issei.

"Who wants you to come back!?" Tsunade said as she entered her house without looking back.

Seeing her Issei sighed *sigh* "Well, she will call me tomorrow for sure but for now let's deal with that Danzo...."

Saying so Issei moved towards Danzo's residence and used his space powers to enter without letting anyone notice him. But Danzo's residence was unlike any other as there were at least a chunin Ninja guarding every corner.

"This guy really thinks himself as a Hokage, as even the real deal doesn't have so much security in his house" Issei thought.

when he turned around a corner and saw 3 Jonins standing guard to the door Issei thought "Making the Jonins guard the door there must be something or someone important in there" thinking till here he directly teleported in the room.

The room really belonged to Danzo, who was sitting on his table thinking of someway to bring Ryu (Mini Issei) under him.

Seeing him Issei decided to take there fight somewhere else and used his space powers to directly teleport somewhere outside of the Fire Country.

"Huh... Where is this place!? How did I came here from my study room!?" Danzo asked in surprise.

"I brought you here." Issei said as he appeared in front of him.

"You!! are you the elder brother of that Ryu Hyodo!? Issei Hyodo I believe" Danzo asked.

"You can think of me like that yes" Issei said.

"Why have you brought me here!? Even after our village took your brother you want to harm our village is that it! Is your brother a spy as well!?" Danzo said.

"I don't have time for this bullshit!! You are here because of your thoughts about using me through my brother!" Issei said as he lifted his hand, as lightning ran through it and made lightning sword.

Hearing his reply and seeing him using the lightning sword though he was shocked but immediately became vigilant as he knew that it won't end until one of them was dead.

"Since it has been a long time I want to see how good am I really with the sword" Issei said.

Danzo took out his Kunai Knife and was the first one to attack so he could seize the momentum. Danzo went straight for the heart but Issei used his Lightning sword to deflect the Kunai Knife to his left then slashed towards Danzo from the same position, Danzo jumped backwards dodging from the incoming attack of Issei.

The Kunai Knife in Danzo's hand has started lacerated from a single clash against his Lightning Blade. Knowing that his weapons won't work directly against him, Danzo used wind element to cover the Kunai Knife so that it doesn't get Lacerated anymore.

Danzo did some hand signs and created 5 shadow clones, then 6 Danzo attacked Issei at the same time. Issei moved towards one of the Danzo and stabbed in his direction before he could react. The body exploded proving that it was one of the clone. One of the Danzo came from his back and another from his front and stabbed there knife in his direction.

Issei smiled as he saw this attack and just as there Kunai knifes were going to touch him he twisted his body in such a strange fashion that it was like he didn't have a bone in his body. While he dodged from there attack he didn't forgot to attack them both with his lightning sword stabbing them each a single time after which there body exploded. All this happened within 10 seconds and Danzo lost three of his shadow clones.

"Fire Style : Fire Breath Jutsu" one of the Danzo shouted after making some hand signs.

"Wind Release : Wind Stream" said the second Danzo as he released wind from his mouth towards Issei.

"Lightning Style : Lightning Core" said the final Danzo as great amount of Lightning came out of his hand towards Issei

*BOOOOM* The attacks landed on the place Issei was standing creating a smoke screen which enabled Danzo and his clones to see what happened clearly but since he saw the attacks land on Issei he thought that he must be really badly Injured but suddenly he felt a chill down his spine and jumped from there but his two clones didn't reacted fast and there upper body got separated from there lower body after which they exploded. Transferring there memory to the real Danzo who felt there helplessness in there last moment.

"I wasn't going to use anything other than my sword art to deal with you but it looks like you don't want to play fair game so there is no need for me to play fairly with you!!" Issei said as he disappeared from his original position and appeared in front of Danzo stabbing him right at his chest but than instead of him there was a wooden plank which was stabbed by Issei.

"Substitution Jutsu huh!?" Issei said then looked around and saw Danzo not from him was running away from him.

"I clearly saw that my attacks landed on him but he wasn't hurt at all, this means that he can use his space style to save himself from any life threatening attack I make towards him. Then the only way for me is to run from here" Danzo thought as he continued to ran away from Issei.

"Seriously running from me a space style user dose he have a problem in his head" Issei muttered as he disappeared from there, appearing in the sky right above Danzo who was still running from him.

Issei by manipulating his space style made 100s of space arrows and throwed them on Danzo from up in the sky.
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*Boom Boom Bang* came the noise as his attacks landed on Danzo and 20 meters of area around him all of which were destroyed. A smoke screen was created from his attack but Issei waved his hand and all the smoke was gone, he then looked at the place where Danzo was originally was and saw that he has survived though his Right hand and right eye was completely destroyed.

"Huh! I am the one who destroyed his right hand and right eye but that's something which would have happened even if I wasn't there" Issei thought as he looked at the ragged breathing Danzo.

Not thinking much Issei created his Lightning Sword once again and decapitated his head from his body Killing him.

"Huff... At least now the Leaf Village won't become weak and divided cause of him" Issei said as he destroyed his body then disappeared from there going back to the village.

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    《Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world》