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Chapter 2432 - Frightening Foundations "Flying Ships?"

"Could it be Zero Wing?"

When Nine Dragons Emperor and the Pavilion's other members heard someone mention Flying Ships, they immediately thought of Zero Wing.

When Zero Wing's Crimson Dragon Flying Ship had first appeared in God's Domain, it had caused a huge commotion among the various powers. At that time, the name 'Zero Wing' had engraved itself in the superpowers' minds.

In an era when Flying Mounts were still exceedingly rare, a Flying Ship could be immensely beneficial. Moreover, a Flying Ship would rule the skies with the combat power it possessed. If players didn't have sufficiently powerful antiaircraft weapons, encountering an enemy Flying Ship could be devastating.

However, Nine Dragons Emperor and his comrades shook the thought away. This time, there were three Flying Ships at their door!

Obtaining a single Flying Ship was already incredible, but a Guild like Zero Wing could never secure three of them. When Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix heard the announcement, they were confused.

They had expected Zero Wing to make the trip to Twilight City, but they couldn't have come with three Flying Ships, could they?

Is it not Zero Wing? Phoenix Rain frowned at the thought.

A force of three Flying Ships was no trivial matter. Based on the information the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had acquired thus far, one ship would be more than enough to give the ruler of a Guild City a headache. If three Flying Ships attacked a Guild City together, they'd likely destroy the city's infrastructure by the time they finished, even if they didn't capture the city.

Even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Twilight City would have a difficult time against three Flying Ships.

This was why the various superpowers were so desperately trying to obtain their own Flying Mounts.

Without an aerial unit, a Guild would be at an overwhelming disadvantage against a Flying Ship. Although Guild Towns and Cities had Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers, these defensive structures would struggle to land a hit on the highly-mobile Flying Ship. The battle would merely be a one-sided beating.

Three Flying Ships? Cold Shadow was also curious about the situation. The eastern continent already has a power that has developed to such a standard?

The western continent had Flying Ships as well, but they were exceptionally challenging to obtain. Although some of the western continent's powers had discovered clues that could lead to a Flying Ship, they'd still need a considerable amount of time before they actually got their hands on it. This was another reason for her decision to annex Zero Wing.

Phoenix Rain, Nine Dragons Emperor, and Cold Shadow left the Guild Hall with their subordinates in tow. They all wanted to know who owned these three Flying Ships.

Three steel giants hovered above the Residence's plaza, the roar of their Magic Engines blasting throughout the area. Even players outside of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence could feel the gale the ships stirred up.

The Pavilion's experts, who had fought in many large-scale battles, were shocked. Although the Flying Ships didn't seem aggressive and simply hovered in the air, the experts' instincts screamed at them to flee. Staring at those Flying Ships, they felt as if they stood before three colossal beasts.

This was why the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's legion, which was stationed in Twilight City, had allowed the Flying Ships to enter the city and rest above their Guild's Residence. They hadn't even bothered to warn the Flying Ships or try to chase them off. They had only been able to stare as the steel giants passed, wary and afraid.

When Phoenix Rain and her group emerged from the Guild Hall, the Flying Ship in the lead began to descend. The Pavilion's members in the plaza promptly made room for the ship to land, afraid of provoking whoever piloted the steel giant. Not a single player in the plaza could wait to find out who commanded these three Flying Ships. Not even Super Guilds had this kind of airpower.

While everyone wondered which superpower controlled the Flying Ships, the side hatch on the ship that had landed opened. A dozen figures then disembarked. Not only were they all Tier 3 players, but they had also reached Level 105, and most importantly, they all wore six-winged emblems.

"Zero Wing?!M

"How is this possible?!"

The revelations stunned every Pavilion member in sight.

The fact that Zero Wing had somehow procured one Flying Ship had already been astounding, yet now they discovered that the Guild had two more. Some of the crowd even wondered if their eyes were playing a trick on them.

But no matter how much they rubbed at their eyes, the fact that these dozen players wore six-winged emblems didn't change. There was no doubt that it was Zero Wing's Guild Emblem, and based on the information in the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion's database, the cloaked man, who had disembarked last, was none other than Zero Wing's Guild Leader, Black Flame.

This is impossible! How can Zero Wing have three flying Ships?! Nine Dragons Emperor stared at Shi Feng, astonished.

Flying Ships were incredibly rare. Not even Super Guilds had one right now. So, how had Zero Wing obtained three Flying Ships?

Phoenix Rain was similarly dumbfounded. She had never thought these three Flying Ships would belong to Zero Wing. Those were three Flying Ships they were talking about!

With this kind of airpower, Zero Wing could move through God's Domain without contest, and transporting goods across the sea wouldn't be an issue.

When Zero Wing had only had one Flying Ship, it had only proven to be a deterrent to the various naval powers. The sea was large, and even with the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship's mobility, it couldn't protect all of the naval routes Zero Wing used. However, with three Flying Ships, Zero Wing could safely deliver its merchandise wherever it needed to.

As long as Zero Wing had safe and reliable transportation at sea, it wouldn't have any issues earning money or resources.

The various superpowers knew this, or they wouldn't have invested astronomical sums of money and resources to increase their naval power. They did so precisely to ensure the safety of their transportation routes.

The ocean had far more resources to offer than the land, and a stable transportation route at sea meant that one would have a steady source of naval resources.

Once Phoenix Ran and Nine Dragons Emperor overcame their shock at seeing Zero Wing's Flying Ships, they noticed something else that gave them goosebumps.

All three Flying Ships looked exactly the same!

At first, they had been too shocked by the three ships to notice the Flying Ships' details. As they calmed down, they took the time to get a better look and realized that all three Flying Ships were identical.

This meant that Zero Wing had not simply gotten lucky and stumbled across three Flying Ships. How could the Guild have possibly found three identical ships by chance? Flying Ships were similar to speedboats found at sea; their designs would vary depending on where they were found.

Since Zero Wing's Flying Ships looked the same, the Guild must have obtained them through the same means, and the three Flying Ships before them hinted that as long as Zero Wing fulfilled whatever conditions there were, it could obtain even more...

A force of three Flying Ships was practically invincible at this stage of the game. If Zero Wing could construct a full fleet in the future...

Not a single player in the plaza could even imagine what kind of airpower Zero Wing could control in the future.

Phoenix Rain and Nine Dragons Emperor weren't the only players to realize this. Many of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion experts in the plaza thought of the possibility, as well. They all stared at Shi Feng as if he were a monster.

If Zero Wing could truly establish a full fleet of Flying Ships, no superpower would dare provoke the Guild.

"I apologize for being tardy, Phoenix Pavilion Master," Shi Feng said as he approached Phoenix Rain. He glanced at Cold Shadow and the players behind her before he continued with a smile, "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

He had wanted to keep his Flying Ships a secret as Zero Wing continued to develop its airpower, but to ensure that Phoenix Rain continued to hold her position and influence in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, he had been forced to change his plans.

Not only had Zero Wing exhausted all of its Coins to craft these three Flying Ships, but it had also borrowed money for materials from the Secret Pavilion. The Guild wouldn't be able to construct another ship anytime soon. Furthermore, the market didn't currently have enough materials to construct another Flying Ship.

Based on everyone's shocked expressions, Shi Feng decided that he had achieved his goal.

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