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Chapter 2434 - Ascending to Heaven

When they heard the Grand Elder's exclamation, everyone stared at the scroll Phoenix Rain held, astonished.

"Zero Wing is actually selling such an item?"

Magic Barrier Scrolls were insanely rare on the market. The various powers even hoarded Basic Magic Barrier Scrolls, only allowing their main forces access to the tools.

Level 100-plus Grand Lords were simply too difficult to deal with for current players. If one of these Grand Lords possessed special Skills, not even Tier 3 MTs would be able to tank it, let alone Tier 2 MTs.

To help their main forces explore Level 100 neutral maps, the various powers relied on magic barriers to defeat these Level 100-plus Grand Lords.

Unfortunately, due to how scarce these scrolls were, the various powers didn't even have enough to arm their main forces sufficiently. As a result, the teams' exploration speed was still quite slow.

The best Magic Barrier Scrolls on the market were only Intermediate rank. There were practically never Advanced Magic Barrier Scrolls available. Although the various superpowers had even offered to trade Level 100 Dark-Gold Equipment for the Advanced ranked scrolls, no one was willing to sell what they had.

And yet, not only had Shi Feng revealed an Advanced Magic Barrier Scroll, but it was also an Ancient Barrier Scroll.

In God's Domain, Intermediate Magic Arrays could only affect Level 100-plus Grand Lords; they were nearly useless against Level 100 Mythics. Only Advanced Magic Arrays would prove effective against such high-ranked monsters.

With a complete set of Advanced Magic Barrier Scrolls, one could even slay a Level 100-plus Mythic monster. It was easy to imagine how much a set of those scrolls was worth.

Ancient Magic Arrays were generally stronger than ordinary magic arrays of the same rank, and fewer players were required to channel the magic arrays. This allowed more of the team to participate in the actual fight.

If a team used an Advanced Magic Barrier, they'd still need around 30 Tier 3 experts to take down a Level 100-plus Mythic monster. However, if the team had an Advanced Ancient Barrier, they'd be more than capable of slaying a Level 100-plus Mythic monster as long as they had a Tier 3 MT.

Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls?

The revelation even surprised Cold Shadow. She had never thought Shi Feng would be capable of obtaining such a treasure.

If what Shi Feng had suggested were true, and Zero Wing could sell large quantities of the Twelve Elemental Pillars, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would easily be able to dominate the Hill of Ruins. No superpower in the Apocalypse Empire would be able to contend with the Pavilion.

All of the various superpowers were nursing headaches over the issue Level 100-plus Mythic monsters presented, including Mythology.

Although the Tier 3 Combat Rune was powerful, it could only help players exhibit more of their combat power; it didn't offer a boost to players' Basic Attributes. Unless players met the minimum Basic Attribute requirements to raid Level 100-plus Mythic monsters, the Tier 3 Combat Rune wouldn't be particularly useful.

Advanced Magic Barriers’ on the other hand, would be. They might not increase players’ combat power or Basic Attributes, but they could limit a monster's strength. With a set of such scrolls, a team that normally wouldn't have a chance against a Level 100-plus Mythic monster would have hope of defeating it.

With an Advanced Ancient Barrier like the Twelve Elemental Pillars, even a Tier 2 team could raid Level 100-plus Mythic monsters. Those scrolls were well worth several times more than ordinary Advanced Magic Barriers.

At this stage of the game, superpowers still didn't have enough Tier 3 players to form a full team, but forming a Tier 2 team was a piece of cake.

Of course, not only was Level 100-plus Mythic monsters' loot bountiful, but it was also the foundation necessary to raid Level 100 Team Dungeons. If even Tier 2 expert teams could slay Level 100-plus Mythic monsters, their power could prepare to raid Level 100 Team Dungeons much sooner than others.

If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion could secure a large stock of Twelve Elemental Pillars Scrolls, its development speed regarding Tier 3 players and equipment standards would reach new highs. The Pavilion would easily be able to surpass the Apocalypse Empire's various superpowers.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Rain stared at the scroll in her hands, dazed.

Nine Dragons Emperor broke the silence with a laugh, saying, "Guild Leader Black Flame, this is an Advanced Ancient Barrier Scroll we're talking about, yet you're suggesting that you can sell them in bulk? Do you take us for fools?"

Nine Dragons Emperor instinctively denied Shi Feng's claim. The Swordsman must've gone to great lengths to secure a single Twelve Elemental Pillars Scroll and was lying about Zero Wing's interest in selling Phoenix Rain a bulk order just to make her look good in front of the Pavilion's Grand Elders.

The strongest magic barriers the various superpowers could craft were Intermediate rank. Furthermore, not only were the required materials incredibly valuable, but no more than five superpowers were actually capable of crafting Intermediate Magic Barrier Scrolls.

How, exactly, was Zero Wing supposedly capable of mass-producing Advanced Ancient Barrier Scroll?

"Is that so?" Shi Feng chuckled, pulling 10 sets of Twelve Elemental Pillars, the scrolls he had found in the Magic Temple, from his bag.

Shi Feng tossed one scroll after another on the ground, quickly forming a small mound. As he did, everyone sensed the Mana density around them increase considerably...

Nine Dragons Emperor had been prepared to mock Shi Feng further, but seeing the Magic Array Scrolls, he turned deathly pale and couldn't bring himself to utter a single word.

Everyone in the plaza fell silent, and the Pavilion's members gazed at Shi Feng with admiration.

Nine Dragons Emperor was a true hero in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Not only was he individually powerful, but he was also an excellent commander. He had even led the Pavilion's Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire to prosper, despite the various Otherworld powers' invasion.

But the moment he had accused Shi Feng of lying, the Swordsman had revealed 10 sets of the Twelve Elemental Pillars. Moreover, Zero Wing's Guild Leader tossed them on the ground as if they were worthless pebbles. This was a slap in the face to Nine Dragons Emperor and had been done before the Pavilion's members. To top it off, Nine Dragons Emperor couldn't find anything kind of rebuttal. He wouldn't dare. The only thing coming out of his mouth should be compliments for Shi Feng. If he said anything else, he might even lose his position as a Pavilion Master, not to mention his chance to become the Great Pavilion Master.

Not even superpowers' Guild Leaders could subject Nine Dragons Emperor to such humiliation.

"So, that's the case." Cold Shadow grit her teeth. When Nine Dragons Emperor said nothing more, she knew that the situation was no longer in her favor. She then turned to look at Phoenix Rain and said, "Phoenix Pavilion Master, your insight truly is impressive. Since it seems that a partnership between our Guilds is no longer possible, I won't interrupt your discussions with Guild Leader Black Flame. I have other matters to attend to, so I'll take my leave."

Cold Shadow decisively led her subordinates away from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence. She didn't show the slightest hint of anger or disappointment as if her negotiations with the Pavilion had meant nothing to her.

Meanwhile, none of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's members were surprised by the outcome. It was clear that Zero Wing had more to offer than Mythology, which was based on the western continent. Even a fool would recognize the stronger potential ally. Cold Shadow wouldn't linger to suffer further embarrassment.

"Rain, Guild Leader Black Flame has taken time out of his busy schedule to visit our main headquarters! As a Pavilion Master, how can you leave him standing out here for so long? You are being impolite!" a white-haired Grand Elder berated Phoenix Rain after Cold Shadow had left the Guild Residence.

The old man had been loud, but everyone could tell that he wasn't angry in the least. Rather, his tone contained joy and excitement. He had obviously chosen to support Phoenix Rain's side.

The Grand Elder's comments shook Phoenix Rain from her daze, and she addressed Shi Feng, "My mistake. Guild Leader Black Flame, please come in."

Phoenix Rain had never dreamed that Shi Feng would be so powerful as to reveal one trump card after another. Not only had he sent Mythology's Cold Shadow packing, but he had also managed to drag the entire Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to her side. The situation had developed so quickly that she was at a loss.

Once Phoenix Rain led Shi Feng and his entourage into the Guild Hall, the Grand Elders in the plaza shot Nine Dragons Emperor piteous looks. After expressing their helplessness, they, too, returned to the Guild Hall, dismissing the other Pavilion Master.

"We're in trouble now, Pavilion Master. Thanks to Black Flame, the Grand Elders now support Phoenix Rain," Martial Dragon said, frowning as he watched the Grand Elders walk away without a word. After today, Nine Dragons Emperor's chances of becoming the next Great Pavilion Master were non-existent.

"Trouble?" Nine Dragons Emperor shot back with a sinister sneer. "Wrong! This is our chance! Phoenix Rain might've ascended to heaven thanks to Zero Wing's potential and foundations, but possessing wealth without the strength to protect it is a crime! Zero Wing shouldn't have revealed its Flying Ships and Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls so early. What do you think the various superpowers will do if they find this out?"

"Approach Zero Wing in hopes of cooperation?" Martial Dragon guessed after considering the question.

"And if that fails?" Nine Dragons Emperor asked, smiling at Shi Feng's departing figure.

"They'll do everything in their power to destroy Zero Wing!" Martial Dragon exclaimed as realization dawned on him. He also realized why Cold Shadow had left so quickly.

Zero Wing might be fine with its Flying Ships, but the Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls could change the status quo in God's Domain. If the various superpowers couldn't get their hands on the Twelve Elemental Pillars Scrolls, they wouldn't be content to let a pseudo-superpower like Zero Wing hold on to them. Today's events would certainly reach the various superpowers, and once it did, they would take action.

Even if Zero Wing allied with a few superpowers, they couldn't protect the Guild. The Twelve Elemental Pillars Scrolls touched on the foundations and futures of every superpower. Unless the various superpowers were willing to bow to Zero Wing in the future, they would try to destroy the smaller Guild now, ensuring that the status quo remained the same.

While Nine Dragons Emperor and Martial Dragon whispered amongst themselves, news of Zero Wing's three Flying Ships and its ability to mass-produce Advanced Ancient Barrier Scrolls spread like wildfire, soon reaching the various superpowers' upper echelons.

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