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Chapter 617: The Rose of Coldwind Ridge

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Iffy silently listened as Tilly explained the whole story of the founding of the Bloodfang Association, as well as Heidi Morgan's real intention. When she heard that Annie was given to the noble by Skyflare, she felt as if something was squeezing her heart.

"Heidi... where's she now?"

"She has been served her due punishment." Ashes, who was standing behind Tilly, answered. "During the arrest, Skyflare attempted to resist and thus had gone down the same path as Heidi."

"Oh... thank you," Iffy said softly.

She unclenched her fists involuntarily and suddenly felt at a loss.

Even though those who were responsible for all of this had got what they deserved, she could still not feel at ease. Instead, now that there was no more revenge to exact, she felt purposeless. Furthermore, as the only person involved who was not punished, she felt even more guilt.

"I hope you can help Sleeping Island to get back on the right track," Tilly said after a period of silence. "Like you, the surviving members of the Bloodfang Association were also deceived and framed by Heidi. They should not be implicated and discriminated against. While the combat witches were wrong to bully the assistant witches, it wouldn't be right to bully them in return."

Iffy nodded without too much hesitation and said, "I'm willing to help you, Lady Tilly."

Tilly seemed a little surprised, as though she did not expect Iffy to reply so promptly. "It's great that you're willing."

"What should I do?"

"Talk to the other members of the Bloodfang Association about your story with Annie. I'll tell everyone about Heidi's crime," Tilly replied. "After the church is completely wiped out, I'll send people to Wolfheart to find the witches imprisoned by the noble. If they're still alive, Roland will rescue them."

"I see."

She was determined to do her best in anything that could lighten her sin.

"Are you... alright?" Tilly suddenly stooped down and rubbed Iffy's cheeks. The latter immediately felt a warm feeling spread out across her face.

"I'm fine." She blinked her eyes a few times. "I'm just feeling a little... tired already."

Tilly gazed at her silently for a long while. "Don't be too upset. Get a good rest."

Iffy only lay down on her bed after the two witches' footsteps could no longer be heard.

She did not cry.

"This is just my body's natural response," she told herself.

It was neither sorrow nor cowardice.

It was simply proof that she missed Annie.

Tears flowed faster and faster.


Roland sat in front of his desk reading through the Adviser Department's evacuation statistical reports. He had not read under lamplight for a long time and thus felt not used to it. He once thought that he had brought civilization close to modernity, but now in Deepvalley Town, everything was back to square one.

There were no showers, no scented soap, no electric light... this place was not much better than Border Town when he first arrived there. The beginnings of industrialization had only just sprung up in the Western Region. He still had much work to do before chimneys and boilers became common throughout the kingdom.

Roland placed the reports down. Just as he was going to rub his eyes, a soft pair of invisible hands reached out to his forehead and massaged it softly.

"Thanks." He tilted his head and mouthed before he continued to read through the reports.

When Barov was not around, Sir Eltek took up the role of office assistant very well. At least, he did excellently in computing statistics and preparing reports, and was nearly as good as the staff in the city hall who had received specialized training.

"How many people here are willing to go to the Western Region?"

"At least 70 percent, Your Majesty," Eltek replied. "Coldwind Ridge is not really a suitable place to live. I have asked the duke about this, and he told me that if it wasn't to monitor the whereabouts of the church, there wouldn't even be a town there. The remaining 30 percent are mostly people who have their own farmland or factories in the Northern Region."

"Okay, great. You may now begin the planning. Try not to let the ships return empty. Have them bring along a number of people every time, so that more people may go earlier to the Western Region."

"But, over at Duke Calvin's side..."

"I'll explain it to him." Roland drank a mouthful of tea. "Anyway, after the war ends, no matter whether we win or lose, there'll be no need to station people at Coldwind Ridge anymore..."

"What's wrong, Your Majesty?" Eltek asked.

"No... nothing." Just after he said "whether we win or lose", Nightingale abruptly covered his mouth softly so that he held back those words. "Anyway, just do as I say and it'll be fine."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Just as Eltek was about to leave, a personal bodyguard, Sean, opened the door and walked in.

"Your Majesty Roland, there's a woman outside the castle who wants to see you. After she was stopped by the guards, she knelt on the ground and vowed never to leave until she sees you."

"Now?" He subconsciously took a look out of the window. The entire town was in the midst of a quiet night.

"Yes. It seems that she deliberately chose to come at this time. I have seen her twice before in the castle area during daytime. And..." Sean paused and hesitated. "She claims that she's Mrs. Wimbledon."

After hearing this reply, Roland nearly choked on his own saliva. "Impossible!" As far as he knew, the fourth Prince had never been to the Northern Region before.

When the woman walked into the study, Roland was impressed.

Her looks were not particularly outstanding, but her facial features possessed a peculiar charm. Her small and thin body had an inexplicable sense of steadiness and gentleness about it. To use a common expression, she was obviously not big in size but looked like a very capable housewife. The mud on her long dress even more brought out this blend of femininity and strength.

"Dear Your Majesty." The woman curtsied and greeted. "Olivia of Coldwind Ridge pays her respects."

"May I know what you mean by Mrs. Wimbledon?" Roland went straight to his question. "I heard from my guard that you deliberately waited until night to enter the castle? Are you clear about the consequence of using this name for deception?"

"Pardon me, Your Majesty. If I didn't do so, you won't even see me." She bit her teeth. "I can't be considered your elder brother's real wife, but we were once in love."

As expected, it was just a fraud. "Wait..." Roland suddenly shook. "What did she say? My elder brother?"

"You mean Timothy?"

She shook her head.


Olivia's face reddened, and she immediately knelt on the floor. "I know that Gerald had designs on the throne, but he's now dead... Your Majesty, can you please help me on his behalf? I beg you!"

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