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Chapter 716: Seeing Annie Again

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After finishing the proposal for hunting the demonic beasts, the witches went back to their rooms for a short break and waited for dinner to begin. Before Iffy wandered off, Roland pulled her aside so that he could speak to her alone.

"I have something to tell you now so you won't be too shocked later on." He spoke as softly as possible, "I remember you once said that you had a friend named Annie before you were taken to the Bloodfang Association, right?"

"Yes... Your Majesty." Iffy blinked and was unsure as to why he suddenly raised that topic.

"Among the witches who arrived at Graycastle from the Kingdom of Dawn, other than the Taquila survivor who disguised herself as a maid, the rest all came from the Kingdom of Wolfheart."

Iffy's eyes opened wide. "Your Majesty, you mean..."

Roland nodded and said, "One of them was called Annie and she had also been rejected by the Bloodfang Association."

She was stunned and only managed to mutter after a long silence. "Is this true?"

At that moment, Iffy's face portrayed joy and yet it also reflected worry and guilt. She still blamed herself for not choosing to leave with Annie back then.

This was why Roland did not intend to surprise both of them at the same time. He could not be sure how Annie felt towards Iffy and if she still had a grudge toward the girl that had deserted her, it would be very awkward if an intended happy reunion turned into a confrontation.

"3009," said Roland.


"3009. That's her room number," he exhaled and said, "at least for the time being. She's like the one you described and if you want to know the answer, you can go by yourself to take a look."

Iffy was silent for a moment then bowed her head to thank him. "I understand, Your Majesty. Thank you!"

"Go on. Sometimes time is the best cure for everything."


Roland touched his chin as he observed her running hurriedly out of the living room. "This is as far as I can help you," he thought.


"Room 3009, room 3009..." Iffy was silently chanting the room number


while running toward the Witch building. She didn’t even bother answering the questions of Softfeathers and Nightfall asked her along the way. She passed through the snow-covered castle backyard and the white-capped olive groves, went up the stairs, and quickly reached the third floor.

However, once she got closer to her destination, she began to slow down.

She began to feel more and more uneasy.

Back then, Annie took care of her throughout their journey to Archduke Island. When she learned that Annie could not join the Bloodfang Association, she did not insist on staying. The guilt had always been torturing her. It got even worse after she thought that Annie had died in the Kingdom of Wolfheart. There were many sleepless nights that followed. In the end, she vented her hatred on the nobility and presented a mask of power and fearlessness as a shell to cover up her remorse.

But now, this shell could no longer protect her.

She was instinctively fearful.

If Annie refused to forgive her, what should she do?

Iffy stood in the doorway but did not dare to reach out to knock on the door.

"I knew you would do that," a voice came out of nowhere and shocked her. She bowed down only to find out that the small figure of Softfeathers had appeared beside her and a breathless Nightfall was in the corridor.

Iffy could not help but be touched that they had caught up with her because they seemed worried about her.

"Every time you encounter something that concerns Annie, you always behave like a completely different person."

"Did you... all hear that?"

"Of course. His Majesty was speaking to you alone. How could we not eavesdrop?" The little girl curled her lips, "In the case that he wanted to coerce you, we could help to stand guard at the door, right?"

"What kind of help is that?" Iffy did not know whether to laugh or cry, and her nervousness started to diminish a little. "You actually came to see me be embarrassed!"

"Something like that." Softfeathers shrugged her shoulders. "Are you ready?"

"Ready... for what?"

Knock! Knock! Knock! Before she could react, the little girl had already struck the door a few times before running toward Nightfall. "Remember just say what your heart really feels!"

"No, wait..."

However, it was too late as the sound of footsteps could be heard behind the door. In a flash, Iffy felt herself tense up all over.

With a click, the door was pushed open, and a tall witch appeared in front of her.

It happened to be Annie who opened the door.

She will never forget this face.

Annie's eyes had a sharp gaze and her brows were slightly raised. Her compassion for her companions was hidden under her face of perseverance. Iffy had thought that she would never meet Annie again and had been afraid that she would soon forget Annie's appearance. When she saw Annie again, she realized that everything was just like before and that her memory of Annie's figure was just temporarily covered in dust and now it was brand new again.

Time seemed to stand still at this moment.

"Annie, I'm tired..."

"Annie, you should go."

"Why can't Annie stay?"

"No... I want to be with Annie..."

Fragments of memory continued to emerge in her mind and her outer shell collapsed. She seemed to have returned to the past and once again became that helpless and bewildered girl. She wanted to greet Annie, but somehow she could not make a sound. As soon as she opened her mouth, her eyes felt a stinging sourness.

Iffy could not control this herself. She embraced Annie and then sobbed softly before bursting into full on tears.

"I'm sorry... woo... Annie... I'm so sorry..."

Beasts did not cry.

From this moment on, she was no longer a beast.


Anne remained a little dumbfounded.

When she opened the door, she did not remember who the witch standing outside was and yet she felt some form of familiarity. Only when the witch clutched Annie and apologized while weeping, did she recall the journey to the Bloodfang Association.

It would be a lie to say that there was no resentment in her heart. When the Bloodfang Association tried to sell her to the nobility, a part of her anger from the betrayal also transferred onto Iffy.

However, seeing her crying so uncontrollably, Annie suddenly felt all the anger vanish. Back then, Iffy was as thin as a monkey with a muddy face and a permanent timid look. It would have been impossible for Iffy to resist the orders of Bloodfang Association and stay above of everything.

Annie gave a deep sigh, extended her hands, and gently held Iffy. "... I don't blame you anymore."

Upon hearing this, Iffy shuddered and started to cry even more loudly.


Over the next half an hour, Iffy was able to gradually pull herself together.

Throughout this time, Annie learned the whole story of the Bloodfang Association. When she learned that Earl Morgan was dead and the other witches were out of the control of the Bloodfang Association, the twisted knot in the heart finally unraveled. And it was all due to Roland Wimbledon and his sister, Princess Tilly.

Things seemed to be moving in the right direction.

Annie made up her mind after looking at Iffy, who was sleeping in her arms after crying and a curious Amy, who was there with the other witches.

"Let's sign a contract with Wendy and serve the king."

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