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Chapter 1194: The Only Request
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After dinner, Tilly told Roland what had happened at the airport.

"Because of... a feeling?" Roland said, a little surprised at the reason Tilly had changed her mind.

"What? Not a good reason for you?" Tilly said while folding her arms.

"Well, you made all the school rules for the Aerial Knight Academy, so you're the boss," Roland denied while waving his hand. "I'm just curious about what that feeling refers to."

"It means talent. You really don't know anything about flying," Tilly said while shrugging. "For ordinary people, they simply follow the instructions in the manual mechanically, but some people could visualize their action. These people could foresee the result of their actions beforehand."

"Er... that sounds really amazing," Roland commented indifferently while twitching his lips. He admitted that he had no knowledge of flying. If it was not for Tilly, he would probably never be able to train so many aerial knights. Tilly helped him a lot to build, test, improve, and finalize the plane and train new pilots. Normally, it would take a few decades to build an actual plane based on the blueprints collected from the Dream World and apply it to militeray operations. Having said that, a plane was essentially a machine. Wouldn't it be enough to follow the instructions and keep practicing if someone wanted to learn how to operate it?

"Because I have that talent too," Tilly said regretfully. "The fact that you can't visualize it means that you don't have the talent. If you were a student of the Aerial Knight Academy, you would probably be knocked out of the school, brother."

"Ahem..." Roland almost choked as he heard Nightingale stifle her laugh behind him.

"Are you under the impression that we could be pilots as long as we practice?" Tilly said as though seeing the thought in Roland's mind. "It's true that some people could develop reflexes after numerous practices, but being able to feel is also a talent, although it's not as fast as the former method. Most people probably would never develop such an ability. Flying would be the most they could achieve. Between the two, who do you think will have a higher chance of surviving a battle?"

Roland fell silent.

Without a doubt, the gifted ones would have a better chance. They normally learned much faster than ordinary people, as they possessed the ability to learn from their experience. However, common people could barely survive. In other words, it took talented students less time to learn and absorb new knowledge.

"But that's not always the case," Roland said after a short pause. "Maybe he was just lucky and happened to have the right answer."

"So that was why I asked him to fly," Tilly said casually.

"... What about the other two?"

"They chose to fly too."

"Really?' Roland said while blinking in surprise. "I'm impressed with their bravery. Don't you think it's a pity to expel them?" Being expelled from school was a severe punishment, especially when this particular school was managed by the princess. This meant the expelled students would have a record, and it would be a lot harder for them to seek other employment in the future. Busboys and ground staff were actually paid well, and they were relatively stable jobs. The academy also offered them medical and housing benefits.

There were less than 200 pilot trainees in Neverwinter, so Roland cherished every one of them.

"The Aerial Knight Academy doesn't need untalented students. Bravery would only lead them to an early death. It's better for them to leave now than later," Tilly said in a low voice.

There was a strained silence. Roland got two drinks for both of them, and Tilly changed the subject. "By the way, I came here for my new plane. Any update on that?"

Roland's heart skipped a beat. He knew Tilly must have some important business to discuss. "I think we should take this matter slow. We need you to build the air force. You'll pose a greater threat to the demons if you stay in Neverwinter — "

Tilly did not respond but her eyes were glistening with inflexible determination.

Roland breathed out a deep sigh.

Tilly was not referring to the "Unicorn" but a more powerful military aircraft. After Tilly had cried hysterically in his chest like a defenseless child that night over Ashes' death, she had told Roland the next morning that she wanted a plane that could kill the demons.

She was going to seek revenge.

Apparently, Roland's evasive promise had not changed Tilly's mind.

"Are you sure that's what you want?"

"You weren't so indecisive when you planned to ambush Ursrook."

"That's because logistics is completely different from fighting at the front."

"Not really. In both cases, I use my ability for those in need," Tilly denied while shaking her head. "It was I who agreed to send Ashes to the front. You know very well that aerial knights won't stand a chance to win against the demons in the sky. There are too many demons and the aerial knights are too weak. Only I could change the situation."

"But the academy..."

"I certainly will fulfill my responsibilities. I'll train some qualified instructors so that they could further expand the academy." Tilly paused for a second, her eyes fixed on Roland, and said slowly, "I know I'm being selfish, but this is my only request."

Roland gazed into Tilly's eyes. At long last, he sighed, "I see."

Tilly unclenched her fist and said, "Thank you."

"By the way, any specific requirement on the color of the aircraft?" Roland asked when Tilly was about to leave.

Tilly stopped, a little perplexed, and answered, "No, not really..."

"Then how about red?"

"Does it make any difference?"

"Normally, the party that dominates the sky is in that color," Roland explained gently.

"Really?" Tilly said while curling up her lips. "Then red it is."

After Tilly took her leave, Nightingale said to Roland, "Her Highness is... serious this time."

Roland replied while massaging his forehead, "That's what troubles me." When Tilly said "this is my only request", Roland sensed her perserverance and eagerness behind her words. Roland understood no other person except him could help Tilly avenge Ashes. If he had turned Tilly down, her hope would turn into poignant despair, and dimly, he had a presentiment of losing her.

"She's also changed," Nightingale remarked. "But I understand her. If it was you — " Nightingale broke off and shook the idea off. "No, I can't even imagine it."

Roland fell silent. He suddenly realized that a war could alter many people and things, but the war itself would continue to bring destruction.

To prevent tragedies like this, there was no way other than ending this Battle of Divine Will as soon as possible.

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