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"Why are you here?" Charms carried Balshan up and hobbled towards the train. "Where's Dusk?"

"She's with the rest… moving towards the Misty Forest." Balshan forced a smile. "As for me… if I didn't come to help, I'm afraid that all of you would have died here. So… are you still going to blame me?"

"Um, I just—"

"You think I'm not suited to appear on the battlefield?" Her speech was weak but filled with disdain. "Don't forget, I'm a combat witch, cough… when you were still playing with mud, I was already fighting for my life."

You're already hurt to this extent but you still won't forgo the chance of reprimanding me. You're truly not adorable at all.

But having heard that Dusk had left safely, Charms suddenly felt more at ease.

I guess Hank did a good job.

Just then, squirming sounds came out from behind them again.

Charms turned back, only to see the bloodstained worm swelling up once again.

"What the hell, is there no end to this…"

He moved over to the carriage and placed Balshan down.

"Right, take the time while you still have to run." Balshan heaved for breath. "Your cowardly companions have all fled. You still have the chance to make it if you leave me here— Hey!" Her expression suddenly changed. "What are you doing?"

Charms sat down and drew ammunition out of his bag and started reloading his weapon. "Isn't it obvious, I can't run away from the demonic beasts while carrying you."

"Then leave me here and go, run by yourself!"

"Is that what you did in the past? In the First Army, King Roland taught us that we will always be fighting for the ordinary people. I am unable to leave you, an ordinary citizen, behind so that you can stall for time while I escape alone."

Balshan was startled. She had never expected to find a day where she would be treated as an ordinary person.

Charms arranged all the magazines in front of him and leaned against his rifle. "Besides… the longer I stall the enemies, the safer Dusk will be. So you better not grumble."

He never blamed the militiamen. They were never part of the true military and their responsibilities were mainly to prevent thieves and burglars at the train station. Ordering such people to fight against demonic beasts could only be considered unfair, and Charms felt that it was already a successful operation for them to have survived for so long.

"You…" Balshan seemed like she wanted to say a few words, but eventually kept them to herself.

"They're coming." Charms took aim at the newly produced demonic beasts and pulled the trigger—

The gunshots sounded much thinner on the plains as compared to before. The thin thread of smoke came out from the muzzle that had pointed straight at the largest threat, while the other smaller demonic beasts were left to the men around him to handle. Neither of them exchanged any communications, yet the unusual tacit understanding between them was formed. The trust he laid within them and theirs in him made him feel as though he was fighting a war alongside the First Army.

He felt as though the resistance had gone on for a long time, yet at the same time as short as an instant. Due to his blood loss, his vision gradually blurred and his motor skills slowed. Despite being even more heavily injured, Balshan did not fall. She wrapped cloth around a hand as bait and used the other hand as a lethal weapon. For the wolf and other small demonic beasts, a single touch was enough to severely injure them, if not lead to their deaths.

Charms was surprised when he found no trace of despair on her face. Her expression was not one of a severely injured person. She remained high in focus and her firm movements and bloodstained brows made Charms think about how different she was. It also made him realize that this was what a Combat Witch looked like.

She had once lost everything, but in that moment, she had once again regained her true self.

When the new monster bore its way out of the worm, the two knew that it was the end for them.

"A pity about those tickets…" Balshan moved back to his side with a smile that effused some mockery. "But for you to die here… at the very least I can be at ease knowing that Dusk will not be cheated by you…"

You… you're really not adorable at all.

Charms snorted. "Right, I bet you're even more regretful, to have to be by my side at your last few moments—"

"No…" She interrupted him. "Actually, I think—"


An intense steam whistle masked her words as regiments of flames exploded around the large worm while the rocks and dust prevented the demonic beasts from temporarily moving.

Charms suddenly jolted with energy. He propped his body up and looked towards the direction of the whistle.

A row of black armored vehicles transporting batteries of artillery had appeared, and they were firing endlessly.

They were none other than the Blackrivers which played and outstanding role in the Fertile Plains in the Northern Expedition!

He shook Balshan excitedly. "Do you see that! They are Blackrivers—our reinforcements have arrived!"

But the latter did not react.

"Hey…" Charms turned his head, only to see that her eyes were closed as she slid down to the ground.

"Hey, wake up. HEY, WAKE UP!" Despite him shaking her, Balshan did not open her eyes.

It was two days later when they met again.

"This is her room, do you need me to bring you in?" Chief Butler Camilla from the Sleeping Spell asked.

"No, thank you so much. I can do so myself." Charms immediately bowed to the other party. It was his first visit to the Witches' residence. It was a location that no one was permitted to enter except for those that had received invitations from the residents. He had only tried his luck, but did not expect them to agree to it so readily.

"Please take note of the time." Camilla nodded and left.

Charms let out a long sigh of relief.

Upon thinking about the situation two days ago, he felt extremely embarrassed. Up until now, the medical personnel's tirade still lingered in his ears.

"She's still breathing, if you continue to shake her, she might really die! Seriously, you're obviously someone who has been through battle, yet you're unaware that someone will be prone to fainting after they relax having persisted all the way to the end. Are the rail track soldiers not taught emergency aid? You only know how to make a big fuss out of this. Why? Is she an extremely important person to you?"

Charms shook his head and threw the thoughts to the back of his mind.

In fact, there was not an actual need for him to visit her so anxiously after knowing that she was still alive. After all, it was difficult to make out who was truly visiting who. Charms was completely wrapped up in bandages that even slight motions resulted in pain for him and he appeared pathetic. Despite that, he felt that if he did not see her personally, his heart would never settle down.

Upon thinking about that, he extended his hand and knocked on the door.


The door swung open and Dusk appeared in his vision.

"It's really you." She revealed a happy smile. "When Miss Camilla mentioned that we were having a visitor, I already guessed it was you. Thank you for saving Balshan!"

"Hey, I think you have it all wrong. Clearly it was me who saved him." The familiar voice came out from within the room.

Charms walked into the room and met Balshan seated against the bed frame. Sunlight from the window illuminated half of her face and her short brown hair—Surprisingly, despite being severely injured, she looked more spirited than him.

Of course, she was equally wrapped up in bandages; even her head was no exception.

"There's nothing strange about it." As though sensing his doubts, Balshan shrugged. "A Witch's body is stronger in every aspect than an ordinary human, so my recovery is naturally faster than yours. So…" She paused for a moment. "Don't you think that you will have the opportunity to be alone with Dusk."

The well wishes in him instantly vanished into thin air. Charms rolled his eyes but knew that she was not someone that required his concern.

"Since that's the case, I'll be going."

"Hey, you're leaving just like that?" Dusk was bewildered.

"Of course, standing isn't good for my recovery, especially since my body is weaker in all aspects compared to her." Charms looked at Balshan in provocation. "I have to recover fast so that I can quickly date you in front of her… for a play."

"A date? With me?" Dusk smiled. "Okay."

Wait a minute, she agreed so quickly?

"In your dreams!" Balshan snorted. "I will definitely recover faster than you!"

"Let's just see."

"We shall see then!"

The two glared at each other like every beginning to their quarrels. Dusk stood by the side and laughed, seemingly happy about their survival.

When Charms walked out the door, he suddenly recalled her words that were overwhelmed by the steam whistle. "Hey, what did you say before you fainted?"

"Nothing." Balshan replied casually, "I wasn't conscious by the time the train arrived. I think you might have made a mistake."

"Alright." Charms rubbed his temples and closed the door.

"What was he talking about?" Dusk asked.

"He was merely spouting nonsense." Balshan smiled and turned her face back to the sunlight.

—That's not too bad as well

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