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"Seven days…" Roland calculated the rate of ascension reported by Lightning in his mind, and realized that the end result far surpassed the category of it being a 'weapon.' "Wait a minute, you plan to flatten the entire Fertile Plains?"

This period of time was sufficient for the Deity of Gods to turn it into a disaster of apocalyptic proportions, much less destroying the entire plains. The effect of its descent would even severely impact the Land of Dawn and the Blackstone region. The drop of the floating island that had a diameter of tens of kilometers at an altitude of over ten thousand meters high was enough to form a shockwave that circled the planet several times over. It was so severe that it would lead to a change in the terrain and trigger earthquakes and tsunamis. Even the demons would find it difficult to escape such a level of disaster.

If the Fertile Plains was smashed into a basin, causing a sea water to fill it, all life in the Land of Dawn would be exterminated. Where could they run to? With the Sky-sea Realm right on their heels, the demons' original plan was to seize the human territory to stall for time. Provided that this happened, it was basically a contradiction to their original goal.

Hackzord looked at him in surprise. "You're actually rather clear about the outcome of Plan B… This saves me a lot of time explaining. Of course, the Deity of Gods will not continue to rise upwards all the time and should stop after two days. It will then move towards Graycastle. If Mask did not lie during his explanation of his plans, it will ultimately land near the sea—This way, it will destroy your kingdom but preserve the two other God's Stone mines."

It truly was a meticulous plan.

Roland maintained a calm expression on the surface, but his heart had sunken to the bottom.

When the two senior lords appeared the second time, he knew that something important had occurred, to the extent that he could not waste the time waiting for the letter. It was the reason why he took the risk to return to the hill.

But who would have thought that the new information would be that terrible!

Provided that Hackzord and Serakkas were willing to cooperate, destroying the core of the Deity of Gods was achievable. But the problem laid on the detonator installation for the nuclear weapon not being mass produced by the Ministry of Industry. Even with an abundance of raw materials, the assembly team required several weeks to assemble the parts. The last offshore nuclear test was a product the Ministry of Industry spent all its efforts to produce, while the new actual warhead had to be manufactured in Neverwinter's laboratory. Even if they rushed to manufacture the product, it couldn't be delivered to the Kingdom of Dawn right away.

Taking a step back, even if he had not conducted the test at the Kingdom of Dawn and chose to build the nuclear weapon before transporting it right above the Deity of Gods, it still required a day—which was enough for the floating island to gather enough height for a destructive force capable of destroying the majority of the Kingdom of Dawn.

"Why didn't you implement this right from the start? If you made use of one God's Stone mine, you would have been able to defeat the humans instead of waiting for this day."

"What do you think the Deity of Gods is, some cabbage from your farms?" Hackzord replied sourly. "Ignoring the difficulty of linking the magic power core and Birth Towers, just to have a sufficiently large God's Stone mine is rare enough. The reason for its ability to only rise for two days is because of the complete exhaustion of the God's Stone. Judging from the mine's stockpile in Hermes, it isn't even qualified to be part of Plan B."

So they are still limited by the consumption of magic power…

"Since Mask is able to control it, others might be able to as well." Roland's train of thoughts turned abruptly. "Have you not made any attempts in this aspect?"

"Human, you are just wasting time!" Hackzord's tone obviously turned impatient. "Even the underground civilization who were creators of the core apparatus isn't able to make this complicated thing mainstream. Although my race obtained its legacy, it doesn't mean that anybody wields such talent, much less you humans that have never even obtained a single legacy! Make use of the time now and run for your lives."

"I am not going anywhere."


Roland picked up his drink and repelled Sky Lord's furious glare. He revealed a smirk before speaking in a serious tone. "Graycastle and the Kingdom of Dawn has a populace of a few million people. It is basically impossible to migrate them to the Fjords in such a short time. And without Neverwinter, humanity will not be able to resist the enemy from the Sky-sea Realm. Even if I survived alone, it's only a matter of time before the inevitable happens." He paused for a moment. "And do not forget—as long as the Battle of Divine Will doesn't stop, no one can escape extinction. Is that the outcome you want?"

"What's the use of talking about this?" Hackzord replied disdainfully. "If not for Valkries, I will never have spoken to you."

"I cannot deny that this information is extremely crucial. For this, I should be thanking you," Roland admitted. "But you are not entirely right, having a legacy isn't limited to only obtaining a legacy shard."

"… What do you mean?"

"For example, Valkries is currently accepting the human's legacy." He turned to Nightmare Lord. "Am I right?"

Valkries, who had maintained her silence the entire time, finally spoke up. "I cannot deny that."

"What kind of riddles are you getting at?" Sky Lord was obviously unhappy.

"Simply put, the real intention of the legacies is to accept everything of the other party, including its teaching, practices, collections, wisdom… this itself is considered as inheriting a legacy," Valkries said unhurriedly. "In fact, you can understand it by viewing it from a different point of view. Legacies need not be obtained with the price of the extinction of the legacy holder; that is just the rule of God. I am not a human, but this doesn't obstruct me from learning and gaining their knowledge—In fact, while being in this Dream World, I have learned many things."

At this point, she turned back to Roland. "You already knew of this long ago?"

"Not too long ago." Roland nodded. "But watching you use the cellphone proficiently to purchase products from the Cargarde Peninsula further proved my guess. Even if something terrible happened to me, the Witches who had once entered the Dream World, are able to bring this knowledge out to the other world."

"Enough! What does this have to do with the Deity of Gods?" Hackzord bellowed.

"We humans did not obtain the underground civilization's legacy shard, but after studying the historical remains left behind, it is not impossible for us to revise the Deity of Gods' core instrument." Roland spoke resolutely. "In fact, The Union did research on this and as of today, there are a few witches that have grasped the relevant knowledge. I am unclear if they are able to successfully stop the magic power core, but compared to a mass evacuation or destruction of the obelisk high up in the air, this is undoubtedly worth a shot."

At long last, Sky Lord understood what Roland was getting at. "… Can the humans truly do this?"

"Although they look rather… strange, they are undoubtedly members of the human race."

"You are making a gamble on this."

"No, this is us having no other choice." Roland never had the thought of fleeing alone from the very beginning.

"I agree to this." Valkries stated solemnly. "The Bottomless Land has already been overrun by the Sky-sea Realm. King's City is continuously approaching, and there aren't enough troops. Heading to the Origin of Magic is only theoretic. Since the outcome cannot be any worse, it won't hurt taking a gamble."

Seeing that Nightmare Lord had spoken, Hackzord could only maintain his silence.

"If that is so, we should start discussing the plan needed to seize the Deity of Gods," Roland said.

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