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Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix
Author :White_Sky
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2 I am Luo Lin Yue

The soldiers entered the city through the closed west gate of the city in order to protect Lin Yue's name. They moved about using the small streets and alleys which were empty because everyone was preparing for the festival that was in a few days.

As they neared the back gate of the "Luo Residence" a strong voice was heard from the gate.

[Who is sneaking about?]

[I am the vice commander of the third City Guard squad, Helian Zan.]

One of the soldiers legitimized himself.

[And what business do you have here?]

The guard asked as he stared at the men carrying something wrapped up in a blanket.


Zan did not know what to say and just signaled his men to come over to the guard and unwrapped the pale face of the little girl.

As the guard saw Lin Yue's face he just stood there with paled face(Guard exe not responding). After a few seconds did he came back to his senses and shouted at the top of his lungs.

[Go call the old patriarch and the masters^, it's an emergency, I will go to the main hall in a moment.]

As the words left his mouth a shadow leapt from a tree, on the other side of the gates, and disappeared into thin air.

Without saying another word the guard signaled his men to come over and take Lin Yue inside.

Turning around his eyes stopped on vice commander Zan.

[I will have to trouble mister Helian to come inside and explain what happened.]

Although the guard's voice sounded composed and calm the anger was practically spilling out of his eyes, he would find out what happened no matter the cost.

Helian Zan nodded his head, this was his original order anyway.


When he arrived in the main hall, with the soldiers behind him, an old man was sitting on throne with impatient expression. On both sides of the old man were standing two incredibly handsome men with masks covering the upper parts of their faces. The men emitted strong aura forcing anyone who saw them to think twice before approaching.

[Speak, what was so important that you had to interrupt my tea time.]

He really liked to drink tea under the trees while listening to the song of birds.

[The young miss she…..]

[What happened to my granddaughter?]

Before the guard could say another word the old man appeared before him and lifted him in the air.

[General Luo, the young miss is unconscious and….]

Again the guard could not finish what he had to say when General Luo threw him 5 meters away and said:

[Xiao follow, Bai question.]

The old man gave his order and dashed outside leaving only a shockwave behind.

The two masked men looked at each other, one of them ran after General Luo and the second one walked slowly towards the soldiers.

[Now tell me what exactly happened to my niece.]

The man's eyes were filled with anger and his murderous aura forced the soldiers to stumble backwards.


In the little courtyard filled with blooming flowers and small animals happily playing or eating, would normally also be the little young miss of the Luo family running around taking care of the flowers and cute pets or just laying around on the grass daydreaming about the future.

But that was not the case now, now the flowers had lost their color, the cute pets are shivering in the corner rolled in little balls of fluff and servants, who rarely entered this courtyard, are running back and forth, as for the young miss she is sleeping peacefully inside a house in the center of the courtyard without any sign of waking up.

The best physicians of the Luo family are around her with worried faces. They examined her but they could not find anything wrong with her accept her lower body. As they wondered what may have caused her to fall unconscious the door was blasted open and two men flew into the room. The young one immediately went next to the bed and measured Luo Lin Yue's pulse.

[Father, little Yue has a soul injury.]

The young man said as he looked with worry at Luo Lin Yue.

[Than hurry up and fix it.]

[I can't, we need a tier seven pill and no one in the empire can make one, even I. I can keep her alive with other pills, but not wake her up.]

[Ren'er, Feng'er this old man have failed you, I could not protect your daughter, my only granddaughter.]

The old man fell on his knees and tears fell down his old face.


A powerful force exploded from Lin Yue, her hair became completely white, her eyes opened and they were purple again.

[Little Yue]

The old general's face brightened but before he could stand up and go to his granddaughter she pounced at him, black mist came out of her body and formed claws at her hand. Before she could reach her target white chains appeared from thin air and coiled around her holding her in place.

She roared like a wild beast.

General Luo stayed there and watched his precious little Yue struggle to escape. He stretched his hand. But he was stopped by a powerful voice.

[Don't come]

[Don't come]

The voice was coming out of the chains.

[Who are you? What did you do to little Yue?]

[I am Luo Lin Yue. I have died in the mountains. I have reincarnated many times in many worlds, but I have lost most of my emotions the first time I died, I always wanted to return and reunite with the part of me which contained my emotions, when I returned I broke the laws of heaven and my soul was damaged, now I am experiencing millenniums of emotions and my broken soul can't withstand them.]

The voice narrated everything and then commanded:

[Leave it is dangerous.]

[Little Yue] The old man could not keep up with what is going around him and just stayed in his place.

Luckily his son reacted fast enough and tossed his father and the physicians out of the room.

A spiral of pure white energy shot through the sky.




Complete darkness allaround, only a little sobbing girl and a woman exist in the darkness.

[Do not cry everything will be okay.]

[It hurts, hurts so much.]

[Don't worry, be happy, I will take all the pain and give you knowledge and power.]

[Why would you do this, what is in it for you?]

[Everything, I am you and you are me, but only one of us can exist. As for why I need to disappear and you to remain, because if I take your emotions or you take my memories insanity is what waits for us, so I will give you only knowledge and power.]

[Why did you do this if you would die?]

[Because empty life is not life at all? Goodbye be well.]

The woman said her last lords and vanished.


Whispered the girl as she cleared her tears and smiled.


The spiral of power slowly shrank and turned into a white haired woman. The woman was shrouded in white fog and her face could not be seen. She walked past general Luo and whispered in his ear

[Take care of me]

And dissolved in the air.
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    《Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix》