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After a long while, Li Hongji dialed Tang Xiu’s cell number. After Tang Xiu answered his call, he quickly laughed, “Hi, Tang Xiu! Zhuge Wenfeng told me about your actions in Shanghai First Public Hospital. It’s really great, you’ve brought glorious honor to our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.”
At the moment, Tang Xiu was on the way back to Bluestar Villa Complex. Hearing Li Hongji’s words, he calmly said, “It’s nothing but a coincidence encounter and luck, that’s all.”
“Tang Xiu, if by any chance Zhuge Wenfeng offers you a chance to work in Shanghai First Public Hospital, are you gonna take it?” probed Li Hongji.
“I’ve told you that I don’t want to be a genuine doctor, haven’t I?” Tang Xiu said, “I originally promised to give medical services in your Chinese Medical Hospital due to the concern of my mother being hospitalized there. Since you did well in looking after her, I owed you a favor. So no, I won’t go to Shanghai First Public Hospital.”
Secretly relieved inwardly, Li Hongji laughed, “I see. Since you don’t want to go, no one will dare to force you. Anyhow, if Zhuge Wenfeng looks for you, just turn him down. He just called me and wanted to poach you. I told him straightly that you’re the only one who has the rights to decide.”
“Ah, you’re calling me for this reason, aren’t you President Li?” Laughed Tang Xiu.
“But of course. I’m urging you to come back, though.” Li Hongji laughed and said, “Let’s put off our discussion about this matter until you come back on October 1st, shall we?”
"Alright!" replied Tang Xiu.
Bluestar Villa Complex.
When Tang Xiu arrived at the villa complex entrance, the previous security guard, whom he was a bit familiar with, saluted him and warmly said, “You’re back, Mr. Tang! Anyways, some friends of yours came. They said they’d be waiting for you in the nearby shopping street’s Starbucks.”
“Are you not mistaken?” Tang Xiu was puzzled and said, “I came to Shanghai just recently, and only a handful of people know that I live here. So how can there be any friends of mine coming look for me here?”
Tang Xiu was silence for a moment. After nodding and saying thanks, he didn’t hurry to enter the villa complex. Instead, he walked toward the nearby shopping street. He knew the Starbucks’ location there, since it was on the way to Shanghai University.
At the Starbucks.
The interior was spacious and exquisitely decorated, fully showcasing itself as a premium upscale sit. At the moment, there were only a few visitors in the café, except for a young man who was currently typing on his laptop keyboard with four middle-aged men sitting around him.
After entering the café, Tang Xiu saw the person who was typing on his laptop. It was Tang Wei, who now wore a solemn expression.
“Why are you here?” Tang Xiu sat down and calmly asked.
Tang Wei looked up and his eyes brightened up when he saw Tang Xiu. He directly closed his laptop and said with a smile, “I was just passing by here. I know you’re studying at Shanghai University, so I came to see you. Anyhow, how are you faring here? Tell me if you lack or need anything.”

“Do you think I’m poor?” Tang Xiu shook his head and smiled.
“I already know that you’re not poor, brother.” Tang Wei grinned and said, “But it’s not like a big brother can’t give a bit of affection, no? By the way, Auntie knew I would pass by in Shanghai, so she wanted me to bring you something.”
“What is it?” Asked Tang Xiu.
Tang Wei looked around and replied, “It’s kinda inconvenient to give it to you here. Shall we go to your house and have a chat there?”
“Alright!” Tang Xiu nodded.
After the duo got up and left, the four middle-aged men following behind them. Tang Xiu inquired secretly and learned that these four middle-aged men were Tang Wei’s bodyguards.
As they arrived at the villa in Bluestar Villa Complex, the four bodyguards stayed in the courtyard, while Tang Xiu and Tang Wei entered the first floor hall. After taking a seat, Tang Wei handed over a leather suitcase and said, “The things Auntie Min wanted me to give you are inside.”
Tang Xiu took the suitcase and opened it. A moment after, he was startled.
A silver pistol, four fully loaded bullet clips, and a particularly sharp-looking dagger.
“What’s the meaning with this?” Tang Xiu looked up and asked with a puzzled expression.
“Our Tang Family is in trouble now.” Tang Wei said with a bitter smile, “Auntie Min is afraid you would be in danger since you’re alone in Shanghai. So she wanted me to give you these things for self-protection. Two of the four bodyguards outside will be assigned to you after I leave. But don’t worry. They will only protect you in the dark and won’t affect your normal life.”
Tang Xiu creased his brows. After being silent for a long time, only then did he ask, “Does the situation is very serious now?”
“Not really.” Tang Wei shook his head and said, “Only Guangyang and Fukang are in a terrible mess right now. This time, I’m precisely leaving Beijing for Guangyang.”
“Tell me about the current situation.” Said Tang Xiu.
“Don’t worry! Uncle has brought some people to Guangyang and the crisis has been suppressed for the time being.” Tang Wei said with a smile, “Only, the Starlight Group, which is secretly under the control of our Tang Family, had been burnt down by some people. While a large number of the Starlight Group’s HQ’s staff have been transferred to the neighboring city.”
“The situation has developed to this point?” asked Tang Xiu, frowning.
“The Yao Family has been secretly devising their schemes for several years, to begin with. They had been reluctant to act because they hadn’t reached agreements with the other families in Guangyang and Fukang. Recently, a certain powerful figure of the Yao Family, who had just come back from abroad, brought back several ruthless individuals, all of whom are experts in combat and assassination. Hence, unbeknownst to us of what means he used, the Yao Family has finally reached a cooperation agreement with the Guangyang and Fukang’s families.”
"What is his name?"
"Yao Xinhua."
Tang Xiu closed the suitcase and pushed it back to Tang Wei, saying, “Take these things back! I don’t need it. Also, you don’t have to assign any bodyguards to me. Let alone the Yao Family, even those so-called martial arts grandmasters won’t be able to deal with me. So be it. I’ll go with you to Guangyang.”
Tang Wei was stunned for a moment. He quickly waved his hand and said, “No, no, no. That won’t do. It’s fine if you really don’t want to take them, but it’s a big no no for you to go with me to Guangyang. If Grandpa knows I dragged you into this, he will surely break my legs. He has decreed that he must make you at ease while studying in Shanghai. Even if the sky is falling, the Tang Family must give you the best of everything.”
Tang Xiu raised his brows and didn’t express his warm feeling inside. He said, “Big Brother, don’t you think that I also have some duties when an accident befalls the family? Besides, I think that staying and studying at school is not that useful. Only going through thick and thin can we grow rapidly.”
“But Grandpa already sent out…” Tang Wei raised his hand to touch his nose and smiled.
“I’ll tell Grandpa about this myself.” Tang Xiu interrupted him and said seriously, “The schooling hasn’t yet started formally, while I also have asked for a leave from the military training subject. Using this time, I’ll go with you to Guangyang to see what the enemy’s methods are.”
“Then you call Grandpa yourself.” Tang Wei lifted his hand and said.
Tang Xiu took his mobile and dialed a cell number.
“Hello, Xiu’er?” Tang Guosheng’s voice came out of the phone.
“Yes, it’s me, Grandpa!”
“Is there something, Xiu’er?” said Tang Guosheng with a smile.
“I just met Tang Wei. He said he’s going to Guangyang and I want to go with him. I won’t act recklessly there, so you don’t need to worry about it.”
“Xiu’er, the situation there is very chaotic. Just last night, some of our trusted men who have been trained by us were attacked in the hotel. Although the ones who did it seem to be a group of local ruffians on the surface, it’s that little bastard—Yao Xinhua of the Yaos who pulled the strings. It’s too dangerous for you to go to Guangyang.” Tang Guosheng replied in a wry tone.
“I have the ability to protect myself. I won’t be careless.”
Tang Guosheng was silent for a moment before he asked, “Are you sure with your decision?”
“Yes, I’m sure!” said Tang Xiu seriously.
“Since you insist, then go! Give the phone to Tang Wei.” Tang Guosheng sighed.
Tang Xiu handed the phone over.
Taking the phone, Tang Wei then spoke a few words with Tang Guosheng. After he hung up the phone, he said, “Grandpa commanded me. It’s not impossible for you to go with me to Guangyang. But he said that you must be with me 24/7.”
“Wait a bit. I’ll pack my things.” Tang Xiu admittedly nodded.
Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu carried a simple bag and then left with Tang Wei.
“We need to stop by at Shanghai’s Kanghong 4S Shop first. I have to give something to my classmates.”
Tang Wei nodded and used the GPS to locate Kanghong 4S Shop.
At the shop, Yue Kai and Zhao Liang were commenting and circling around an Audi A4, while a staff member explained each function of the Audi A4’s features to them.
“Yue Kai!”
Tang Xiu called out as he entered.
Yue Kai had received a call from Tang Xiu beforehand. Slightly running with a beaming smile, he then said, “Eldest Brother Tang, what do you want me to deliver to Teacher Han?”
Tang Xiu took out two keys and some documents. As he handed it over to him, he said, “Give these to her and help me request a leave of absence. I won’t attend the military training, but I have requested a leave of absence for this too. I’ll be back before the military training is over.”
“You can actually get a leave of absence and skip the military training?” Yue Kai was stunned for a moment and said in astonishment, “Wow, that’s so amazing, dude! But, Eldest Brother Tang, that means you’re about to leave Shanghai?”
“Yeah, I must leave Shanghai for some time to handle some matters.” Said Tang Xiu.
“What happened?” asked Yue Kai.
“Some things happened in my family,” said Tang Xiu.
“Alright! I’ll deliver these things to Teacher Han. But don’t forget, mate, you have to make up for the dinner since you can’t do so tonight.” Yue Kai nodded and said.
“Sure!” Tang Xiu nodded.
Immediately afterward, Tang Xiu greeted Zhao Liang, Hu Qingsong, and the others. After that, he left Kanghong 4S Shop to gather with Tang Wei, who was waiting outside, and quickly rushed to the airport.
On the taxi.
“I’ve just checked something.” Tang Wei frowned, “Our flight to Guangyang is about an hour after the last work hour. Now is precisely the rush hour, as the work hour just ended. If we get trapped in a traffic jam on the road, I’m afraid we can’t get to the airport in time.”

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