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Tang Xiu hung up the phone and asked Xue Jie about the deputy director’s information. After that, he compiled it into an SMS and sent it to the other party. Then, he looked at Xue Jie and said:
“We’ll go to Changbu Town and wait for the news from the intelligence. If they can provide us the location where the deputy director is being held, we’ll immediately rush there to save him. If they can’t find it, then we can only think of ways around to find out the actual situation in the Earth Cabinet Factory. If we can bite those tough nuts, we’ll demand interest first.”
Looking at Tang Xiu with a strange expression, Xue Jie silently nodded.
With a curious expression hanging on his face, Tang Wei inquired, “Brother, who did you ask for help? You have acquaintances in Guangyang?”
“I don’t have any acquaintances in Guangyang that I know of.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “But I have some friends I know quite well in Fukang. Let’s wait and see! I hope they can help us find the place where that deputy director is being held.”
Seeing that Tang Xiu didn’t want disclose the other party’s identity directly, Tang Wei no longer asked. Regardless of who it was, it’d already be a pleasant, unexpected surprise if they could get the intelligence information through Tang Xiu.
Changbu Town was the second largest town in Guan City. With factories in its every corner, it raised Changbu Town’s economy to a high level, while a large number of migrants caused the city to have prosperous and thriving scenes everywhere.
Earth Cabinet Factory itself produced high-class furniture products that were exported abroad.
The industrial plant had two courtyard walls. The outer courtyard wall and the inside wall were separated by 50 meters with a workshop in the middle for the workers to make furniture. Aside from the two office buildings inside, there was also another workshop to store the finished cabinet furniture.
In the past, the Earth Cabinet Factory was very bustling, with busy workers at every corner, forklifts selecting the planks that shuttled between the workshop. Today, however, it was deserted and devoid of any activities except for some occasional sounds.
On the roof of one of the three-storied office buildings, a stalwart foreign man stood between the solar water tanks holding a binocular, watching the scenario outside the factory. Behind him were dozens of armed men. Some of them were wiping their firearms with icy glints in their eyes.
“Ai Murui, how’s the situation outside?”
The stalwart foreign man—Topherson, came out and spoke.
“The enemy has yet to show up. We’re still on the lookout.”
“Okay, keep in touch!”
Having said that, Topherson stuffed the mobile into his pocket. He then turned to look at a big man tens of meters away from him with a bit of contempt in his eyes. These strong men who were seemingly vicious and fierce, in his eyes, were but only waxy heads with silver guns—looked impressive, but were useless.

“Bracing yourselves up, eh! When the enemies come and you can’t do your job, I’ll cut your fucking head off myself.”
A middle-aged man coldly harrumphed, “Topherson, my family’s young master may have ordered us to listen to your commands, but don’t be too crazy. You may have your martial arts, but are you faster than a bullet?”
Giving him a hideous grin in response, Topherson revealed his white teeth and said, “You wanna try?”
The middle-aged man did want to give him a shot, yet he didn’t dare to. He could clearly see this foreign man’s importance in the eyes of his young master. Were he to start against this man, he would perhaps die miserably later.
Ten minutes later, the phone Topherson stuffed in his pocket suddenly vibrated.
"What’s the situation?"
“Four suspicious cars were seen on the outside. There are four men in each car, for a total of 12. No one got off, and someone is using a binocular to observe the entrance of the cabinet factory.” Ai Murui’s voice was heard from the phone.
“Don’t alarm them. The Chinese have an old saying, let these gentlemen come into the trap themselves. We’ll attack them after they entered the factory from both the inside and the outside. We must wipe out the enemy by all means necessary.”
“Topherson, I know you want to kill people, but Captain commanded that if we can catch them alive, then keep their lives if possible. There could be high-level figures among the enemy. So we can get useful information from them.”
"I know!"
Topherson coldly replied and hung up the phone.
Near the Earth Cabinet Factory.
Four SUVs quietly parked at the roadside. In front of the car, Li Xiaojie put away the binoculars. He turned his head toward the youth on the front seat and said, “Notify the others. Nobody is to leave the car without permission. Chief Xue said that we must wait for them to arrive and then act together.”
The youth on the front seat nodded and immediately grabbed his mobile phone.
Time passed by.
Changbu Town, Flat-Out Skating Rink.
Recently, Jiang Xiaohu felt confident and at ease. He became the younger brother in charge of the public venue—Flat-Out Skating Rink. A few days ago he helped the Flat-Out Skating Rink’s owner in solving a thorny issue because of his fighting skills. Hence, he was promoted into the little gang leader in charge of the site.
However, today, which was the day for weekend money share, he returned from the outside with his four little brothers and found no visitors when he took a stroll around the skating rink.
“What the heck is happening today? We usually have so many visitors. But how come no one came today?” Jiang Xiaohu turned his head and asked.
“I don’t know, either. I haven’t heard about the site being closed today,” a young man who had been hanging out with him for a long time shook his head and said, “Eldest Brother, look over there, near the ice skating shoes’ storage room door… What are those two guys doing there?”
Jiang Xiaohu was stunned and stared blankly. When he looked toward the direction, he suddenly creased his brows and walked over with his four little brothers, shouting, “Hey, what the hell are you doing here? This place is our Flat-Out Skating Rink business, you…”
A dark muzzle was aimed at them in response.
One of the burly guys growled with killing intent glinting in his eyes, “Get the fuck out if you don’t wanna die!”
Jiang Xiaohu’s complexion changed, while the four youths behind him looked alarmed and afraid as they retreated two steps. Jiang Xiaohu took a deep breath and asked in a heavy voice, “I’m here to see the site. I’m not afraid of you even if you have a gun. I wanna know, what the hell are you doing in our turf? Also, where’s our boss?”
Immediately, two people came out of the skate shoes’ storage room. One of whom was a chubby middle-aged man who was the Boss of Flat-Out Skating Rink. The man looked a bit bitter and astringent as he waved his hand and said, “Xiaohu, our skating rink is closed today. You don’t need to busy yourself here anymore. You can go back first!”
Looking at the middle-aged man at the side and then to his boss, Jiang Xiaohu then replied after a moment of silence, “Boss, we need the money. And you must give it to us today.”
“I’ll give you tomorrow!” The fatty Boss replied in a deep voice.
Jiang Xiaohu forced a smile and said, “Boss, it’s no good! I owe money to Big Brother Huzi. He said he will hack my hands off if I don’t give him the money today. How about you give me some money first? I guarantee that I’ll immediately get my ass off here after I got it.”
The fatty boss looked at the middle-aged man.
“Are they reliable?” asked the middle-aged man.
“They are very reliable. Xiaohu has been working here for four to five years and he’s a professional bouncer. His Boss is also one of the very powerful figures in Changbu Town and he has been with him since he was a teenager.”
“Then give it to them,” the middle-aged man nodded and said.
“Yes, yes, yes!”
The fatty boss waved at Jiang Xiaohu and said, “Tell the other four to wait outside while you come with me to get the money. Bloody hell, you’re good, but you love gambling way too much. Sooner or later you’ll die as a poor bloke with your gambling debt.”
A strange light glinted in Jiang Xiaohu’s eyes. He raised his head as to cover up his eyes and intentionally revealed an embarrassed look, saying, “Who doesn’t have hobbies?! Don’t worry, though! I know my limit, so I won’t join the game if the stake is too high.”
A minute later, Jiang Xiaohu got himself a fat envelope. He glanced around and found that the previous middle-aged man was gone. Then, he whispered, “Boss, who are these people? They even dare to carry guns... Are they not afraid of…”
The fatty boss’s face changed as he growled in an undertone voice, “Don’t ask so carelessly. This is not something for you to know!”
“Hey, what do you mean, Boss?” Jiang Xiaohu deliberately showed an angry expression as he growled back.
The fatty Boss was about to reply. But recalling that he’d have to rely upon Jiang Xiaohu and his little brothers later, he toned down his expression and whispered, “Xiaohu! I treat you as my own people, so I don’t want you to ask around carelessly, since you’ll be dead once you know more. Since you’re not an outsider, I’ll tell you a bit. These people are from the Sun Family from Guan City. They kidnaped a guy here to interrogate him. The one behind me is also from the Sun Family.”
Startled inside, Jiang Xiaohu also felt joyful shortly after. He knew that he got a big harvest this time. He even had the possibility of leaving this small place—Changbu City.
Nevertheless, he kept his composure on the surface and whispered back, “Boss, you did say you were someone from the Sun Family. But I thought you were just bragging! I didn’t expect that it turned out to be real. Don’t worry, Boss! I never heard anything here, and you told me nothing as well. Anyhow, I’ll go to Big Brother Huzi and give the money. While for the rest… I’ll use it to drag these brothers of mine to have a merry night.”
"Go!" The fatty boss nodded.
Seven or eight minutes afterward, Jiang Xiaohu left the Flat-Out Skating Rink along with his several brothers. He then immediately dialed a cell number.
“Brother Huang, I’m Jiang Xiaohu from Changbu Town. Big Boss has commanded all brothers to pay attention to any movements in Changbu Town! I just found a situation in the Flat-Out Skating Rink. The people from the Sun Family are probably holding someone in the Flat-Out Skating Rink. He’s being tightly guarded… Yes, yes… I see. Okay, don’t worry! I’ll be hiding in the hideout and keeping a watch there… mmm… good… yes… Alright, I’ll secretly show them the direction when they come… Okay, thanks, Brother Huang…”

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