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The call ended.
An ecstatic look was revealed on Jiang Xiaohu’s face. He had good information, and if it proved correct, he would become the hero of the Huang Family. Not only would there be a handsome reward for him, he would also be promoted to a higher position.
He was, in fact, one of the intelligence personnel of the Huang Family assigned to Guan City.
On the road, about ten kilometers away from the Earth Cabinet Factory, four cars advanced forward speedily. In the third car, Tang Xiu was sitting with his eyes closed, while Tang Wei and Xue Jie were talking about the situation in Guangyang.
_Ring, ring, ring..._
The phone inside Tang Xiu’s pocket rang. When he took the mobile and saw the caller ID on his mobile screen, he immediately accepted the call and asked, “Is there any news?”
“Mr. Tang, one of our intelligence personnel assigned by our Huang Family to Guan City has just conveyed an important news. He said that the Guangyang’s Sun Family is holding someone inside Flat-Out Skating Rink in Changbu Town. But since the opposite party is guarding the place tightly, our intelligence personnel has yet to find out any details about the kidnapped person—Wan He’en. If you want to go there, I’ll send you the cell number of my intelligence personnel; so you can contact him.”
“I see. Thanks.”
"You're welcome, Mr. Tang. It’s what I should do. Do you another order for us?”
“For the time being, no. But if there’s any need, I’ll contact you again.”
“Yes, alright. I’ll have my mobile on all the time.”
After hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu said in a deep tone, “Change the direction. If the intelligence is correct, your deputy director, Wan He’en, is in Flat-Out Skating Rink.”
Xue Jie hesitated for a moment before she looked at the driver and said, “Listen to Tang Xiu and immediately go to Flat-Out Skating Rink.”
The driver searched in the GPS and quickly located the Flat-Out Skating Ring’s location.
“Xue Jie, this Flat-Out Skating Ring is only six kilometers from here. We’ll be able to arrive there quickly.” Said the driver.
Xue Jie replied and then glanced at Tang Xiu.
She didn’t know whether the information Tang Xiu had obtained from other party was accurate or not. If the information was not accurate, then they would waste some time. But if it was… the party Tang Xiu asked for help might have quite the background.
_Who could they be?_
Xue Jie thought inwardly.
The four cars quickly arrived and parked near Flat-Out Skating Rink. Tang Xiu then dialed the intelligence personnel’s cell number given by the Huang Family’s head. Not long after, his call was connected.
“Hello, I’m Jiang Xiaohu. May I ask who is looking for me?”
“Someone has just given me your cell number. We have now arrived at the Flat-Out Skating Rink. Where are you now?” said Tang Xiu.
“I’m inside the barber shop at the left side across Flat-Out Skating Rink. Where are you? I’ll immediately catch up with you now,” said Jiang Xiaohu.

Tang Xiu looked at the vicinity and saw the place around 600 to 700 meters away. As he saw the little barber shop, he said. “Come out and walk to the right side about 600 or 700 meters. There are four cars parked here.”
"Please wait a bit!"
Having said that, Jiang Xiaohu hung up the phone. Maintaining his composure and saying farewell to the barber shop’s owner, he then quickly walked toward Tang Xiu’s location.
While sitting in the car, Tang Xiu looked at the approaching Jiang Xiaohu, who was very recognizable. He didn’t let Tang Wei and Xue Jie get off the car as he opened the car’s door and got off alone.
“Are you Jiang Xiaohu?”
Jiang Xiaohu looked at Tang Xiu and then glanced at the four cars parked on the roadside. His keen eyes could see that there were four men inside the first car.
“I am. May I know how to address you?”
“I’m Tang Xiu. Tell me the situation inside the Flat-Out Skating Rink.” Said Tang Xiu.
Although he didn’t know Tang Xiu’s and the others’ identities, Jiang Xiaohu had received an order from his immediate superior, after all. Hence, he quickly told Tang Xiu everything he knew and finally probed, “Do you want me to bring you in?”
“Are you familiar with the opposite party?” asked Tang Xiu.
“Yes. I’m the one in charge of the site.” Said Jiang Xiaohu.
“So you know the boss of this Flat-Out Skating Rink?” asked Tang Xiu as he knitted his brows.
“Of course I know him. I’m way too familiar with him, I may say! Besides, I was just inside and saw the Sun Family’s men with my Boss.”
“Such being the case, lead us inside! You don’t need to worry. We’ll guarantee your safety.” Said Tang Xiu.
“Did you bring guns? I saw that they have guns, and I think that they’re using silencers as well.” Jiang Xiaohu whispered.
Tang Xiu patted his shoulder before walking back into the car. He then spoke in a low voice, “This is the correct place. That man called Jiang Xiaohu is the gang leader who’s in charge of the Flat-Out Skating Rink. He learned from the site’s boss that there are some people inside from Guangyang’s Sun Family. So we must have found the right place. Anyhow, Auntie Xue, what is your plan now?”
Xue Jie squinted her flickering eyes as she then said, “Tang Xiu, I’m afraid I know nothing about the situation here. How about you take the role of commander?”
Tang Xiu shifted his vision to Tang Wei.
“Brother, Auntie Xue is right. You should be competent enough to be the leader, yes?” said Tang Wei.
“Do you not feel confident to direct the action?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“I’m indeed not fully confident. I may have experience and ability in running a business, but rescuing hostages is not something I’m experienced at. Since you have the ability to find Wan He’en, I believe your ability is better than mine.” Said Xue Jie.
Falling into silence for a moment, Tang Xiu then nodded and said, “In that case, I’ll take charge of the operation. We’ll bring ten bodyguards with us. I’ll leave two men here to protect you while the other eight will come with me.”
“I’m going with you!” said Tang Wei quickly.
“Tang Xiu, I have no ability to fight and I’ll only cause trouble if I follow you, so I won’t go. I heard Little Wei is practicing Taekwondo, so you can take him with you!” said Xue Jie.
Looking at Tang Wei, Tang Xiu then nodded and said, “Then, come! But after entering the site, you must pay attention to your own safety. The enemies have guns. I’m afraid it will be very dangerous.”
With a solemn expression, Tang Wei nodded and said, “Don’t worry! I’ll certainly pay attention.”
Tang Wei immediately ordered eight bodyguards to get off as the group then followed Jiang Xiaohu and quickly entered Fast-Out Skating Rink.
“Brother Tang, if we enter the place swaggeringly, the people inside will see us from a distance. I’ll lead you to the side and slip in quietly! There are public toilets over there; we need turn over to approach the skate shoes’ storage room.” Jiang Xiaohu stopped his pace in the corridor and spoke in a low voice.
At this time, Tang Xiu had released his spiritual sense and observed the situation inside. In the doorway of the skate shoes’ storage room, two stalwart men vigilantly observed the surroundings. While inside a room, there was a middle-aged man with his hands tied up together with three men and a woman. The fat man should be the one Jiang Xiaohu described as the fatty boss, while the other two men and the woman should be the Sun Family’s men.
“Alright! Let’s turn over from the public toilets.”
Using his spiritual sense to sweep over the area, Tang Xiu found that Jiang Xiaohu’s information was right. There was a circle around the end point of the corridor which was where the public toilets were located. Both sides of the public toilets’ walls weren’t sealed. There was a space of nearly a person's height above it that could be entered by anyone with good agility.
A minute after, they had quietly entered the Flat-Out Skating Rink from the public toilets. The distance from there to the skate shoes’ storage room was only a little more than twenty meters away.
“Wait here for me. I’ll take care of the two men at the doorway. Immediately catch up with me afterward.” Whispered Tang Xiu.
Tang Wei’s complexion changed as he grabbed Tang Xiu’s hand and whispered back, “No. Let the others do it. You’ll be in grave danger if those two men have guns.”
Tang Xiu shook him off. He then shook his head and said, “Don’t worry! I wouldn’t say it if I couldn’t do it. Taking care of those two guys is not a problem for me.”
Having said that, using the garden as a shield, he quietly approached the two men and hid behind a pillar about seven or eight meters away from the two men. Taking a deep breath, Tang Xiu then extended his hand to his waist and took out a Mitsubishi army knife. He gripped it tightly and darted toward the skate shoes’ storage room.
An extremely quick figure instantaneously appeared in front of a stalwart man, a sharp Mitsubishi army knife then immediately piercing his throat. In the next moment, Tang Xiu appeared in front of the other big man and covered his mouth, cutting off his throat with the knife.
His movements were as smooth as passing clouds and flowing water; and the sounds of his footsteps were very light. After he sliced the big man’s throat, he pulled him to the other big man and grabbed the other man’s throat as well. With his absolute strength, he quickly dragged their bodies twenty meters outside.
_Bam! Bam!_
The two big men covered their throats with their hands and had their eyes staring wide while blood unceasingly gushed out from their mouths and necks as Tang Xiu quietly released their twitching bodies on the floor.
Tang Wei, Jiang Xiaohu, as well as the eight bodyguards looked at the two big guys dumbfounded with eyes full of shock and disbelief.
He disposed the two guys guarding the door so… easily?
Tang Xiu spoke in a low voice, “All of you follow behind me. By the time I kick the door, immediately take control of the people inside. Remember! They are very likely to have guns, so you must never give them any chance to use them.”
“Understood!” Everyone nodded.
From the two big men’s waists, Tang Xiu pulled out two pistols and gave them to two bodyguards. He then dashed toward the office’s door. After everyone was near the door, Tang Xiu then fiercely kicked the door.
The door was trampled open, as the eight bodyguards dashed to the front with their firearms and daggers and rushed inside. The fatty boss, the two men and the woman inside didn’t have time to react as muzzles were pointed at them. The moment their bodies turned stiff, daggers had already been placed on their necks.

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