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Guan City, Red Maple Villa Complex.
As flavorful meals were put on the dining table, Tang Yunpeng came down from the second floor with a faint smile on his face. Xue Jie helped him sit on the chair as Tang Yunpeng then waved his hand, motioning everyone to sit down.
“A sumptuous meal! It’s just as well since I have a good appetite today. Anyways, you want to drink with me?” said Tang Yunpeng smilingly.
“Do you have good wine, big uncle?” Tang Wei’s eyes shone as he replied with a smile.
“Any liquor is good for me right now.” Said Tang Yunpeng smilingly.
From his words, they could tell that he was in a good mood, causing them to immediately smile. Tang Wei run to the kitchen and ordered the maid to bring two bottles of wine.
While looking at Tang Xiu, Tang Yunpeng smiled and said, “Father has agreed to give you the sole authority to handle the matter in Guangyang. Hence, I’ll go back to Xusu Province tonight and give the matters here to you.”
“Rest assured.” Tang Xiu said with a nod.
“Tang Xiu, to be frank, it would have been better if we could have found you earlier.” Tang Yunpeng sighed.
“It’s not too late now, no?” Tang Xiu gave a pale smile.
“Yeah, it’s not too late now. Anyhow, when will you be going to Fukang?” Said Tang Yunpeng with a smile.
“Early in the morning. I will have to analyze our strength in Guangyang and Fukang first. That’s right, since the Bai Family’s head—Bai Yang is being detained, who’s in charge in the Bai Family now?”
“His younger brother, Bai Tao.” Said Tang Yunpeng.
Tang Xiu nodded.
After dinner, Tang Yunpeng left with six Tang Family’s trained bodyguards, leaving only Tang Xiu, Tang Wei, Xue Jie and Li Xiaojie.
“Auntie Xue, tell me all the forces belonging to us in Guangyang and Fukang! Only by knowing our strength will I be able to make good arrangements for the next step of the plan,” Said Tang Xiu.
“Aside from Starlight Group, we are also in control of several small companies, several projects in apparel business, and an advertising company. However, the apparel business’s manager, Li Yuansheng, has passed away in a car accident five days ago. It should be a set-up from the Yao Family. The one managing the advertising company, Wei Yuan, has also encountered attacks. He survived. However, he has to be hospitalized…”
“As for the Fukang Province, our Tang Family has secretly established a security company there. It’s called Jinchen Security Company. The scale is small, but all the security guards there were all trained and nurtured by our Tang Family. They number nearly 120 people; Li Liwei is in charge over there. We also have hardware and real estate businesses in Fukang; they are managed by another person on the surface. But it’s actually controlled by Li Liwei in the shadows...”
Along with Xue Jie’s explanation, Tang Xiu finally had a clear understanding of the Tang Family’s strength in Guangyang and Fukang. Aside from Starlight Group, the rest of Tang Family’s businesses were small ones. However, in the military force aspect, the Jinchen Security Company was actually a very good one.

Additionally, Tang Yunpeng also left more than forty people in the villa. Half of them were transferred from Jinchen Security Company, while the other half were responsible for the safety of the Starlight Group’s members.
“Auntie Xue, come with me to the Bai Family! At present, their hearts should be restless and shaken, so we need to appease them.” said Tang Xiu.
“But, your big uncle, he has already…” Said Xue Jie.
Raising his hand to interrupt her, Tang Xiu seriously said, “Auntie Xue, big uncle is big uncle, while I am me. Since the authority for Guangyang and Fukang has been transferred to me, I must take a stand toward the Bai Family. That is… to win their hearts!”
Startled inwardly, Xue Jie nodded silently. At the moment, she was getting more and more curious about Tang Xiu. She now realized that the young man before her not only possessed a fierce military force, but was also very intelligent.
Tang Xiu then looked to Tang Wei and said, “Brother, you stay here! Take a break early, but do pay attention to your safety. Command our men to keep their vigilance. The Yao Family has just suffered a big loss today, perhaps this will drive them to take desperate actions. They might take advantage of the darkness in the night to retaliate.”
“Don’t worry!” Tang Wei nodded and said, “I’ll arrange things here properly. But you have to take more people since you’ll go to the Bai Family.”
“No.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “If my guess is correct, the Yao Family’s men are definitely monitoring this Red Maple Villa Complex. If we leave here in such a conspicuous manner, they will know about it. Auntie Xue and I will leave this place in order to appease the Bai Family. On the other hand, we’ll also find more covert and safer places for tonight. After which, we’ll leave.”
“I understand,” said Tang Wei with a nod.
Immediately after, Tang Xiu and Xue Jie left, taking only two of Xue Jie’s trusted bodyguards. They turned around and secretly left through a secluded wall of the villa, catching a taxi on a nearby street and then quickly leaving.
Guan City, Bai Family’s residence.
With a gloomy expression, Bai Tao and several core members of the family were inside their family’s residence. Bai Yang was being detained. They didn’t have much hope, although the man had yet to go to trial.
Originally, they would have been assisted by the Tang Family in such an accident! But now, the Tang Family was unable to protect themselves in Guangyang Province; hence, they had no spare time to pay attention to their Bai Family.
“Second Elder Brother, we have to think of a way! Eldest Brother is being interrogated now. Let alone trivial problems, even if there isn’t any, the Yao and Sun Families will direct the problems to us. We can’t rely on the Tang Family now, but we have to find ways to help Eldest Brother.” Bai Bing furrowed his brows deeply and spoke with an impatient tone.
“Wait for a while more.” Bai Tao shook his head and said, “The investigation team still wants to investigate the results. They just partly completed it. Besides, we have yet to receive any notification as of now, so we still have time. I’ll go see Tang Yunpeng tomorrow night. If the Tang Family has any solutions, we’ll see them. But if they are also at a loss and unable to do anything, we will begin transferring our assets and moving our family members.”
“But Second Elder Brother, are you going to give up all the Bai Family’s industries?” Bai Bing was shocked.
Forcing out a smile, Bai Tao replied, “If Eldest Brother is really going to trial, do you think we won’t give them up? You’re also a government official, you should also be very clear that, if our eldest brother were to be on trial, what kind of fate would our Bai Family have? At least… at least, five or six people of our Bai Family members might be put on the investigation list, to be removed from their positions, or… to be demoted to insignificant posts and rot there until retirement.”
Bai Bing fell into silence, as did several core members of the Bai Family. They too realized that Bai Tao’s argument made sense. It was a common happening in China. If the highest-ranked person in their family was brought down, perhaps the other members of the Bai Family would suffer the same fate.
Suddenly, one of the Bai Family members said, “Second Elder Brother, what if we switch our allegiance to the Yao Family? Eldest Brother, he’s…”
"Shut up!"
A burst of anger shot from Bai Tao’s eyes as he growled deeply, “Don’t even say that! We have no chance of taking refuge under the Yao Family. Even if there is, we can never do that! Betrayal is the most taboo for all big families in China. We and the Tang Family are tied in one rope. Unless the Tang Family is destroyed, our Bai Family won’t collapse as well. Furthermore, even if we do switch sides, do you think they will treat us well? The Yaos will attempt every means to drink our blood, eat our flesh and swallow up our Bai Family cleanly.”
The facial expression of that member of the Bai Family was disastrous as he eventually lowered his head, ashamed.
At this time, a strong big man strode from the outside as he said in a deep tone, “Brother Tao, there are four people outside, one of whom is Xue Jie, the Starlight Group’s general manager, while the other one is said to be one of the Tang Family’s member, Tang Xiu.”
Bai Tao’s expression changed. He immediately got up and said, “Follow me to greet them.”
Quickly, Bao Tao and several members of the Bai Family greeted Tang Xiu and Xue Jie. However, they didn’t know Tang Xiu and were somewhat curious about him.
“Hello, Chief Xue.” Bai Tao greeted.
Xue Jie smiled faintly and said, “Bai Tao, let me introduce you to Tang Xiu, the son of the Tang Family’s Tang Yunde. According to the Old Master’s oerder, elder brother Yunpeng has transferred the sole authority of the matters in Guangyang and Fukang Provinces to him.”
Bai Tao’s expression changed. He didn’t know anything about Tang Xiu’s identity before. However, it was rather unexpected that the Old Master of the Tang Family would assign a young man to deal with such a big matters.
_Could it be… the Tang Family is going to abandon these two provinces?_
Tang Xiu extended his hand and said, "Hello, I’m Tang Xiu."
While worried and heavy-hearted, Bai Tao stretch out his hand, squeezed out a smile and said, “How do you do, Mr. Tang? I’m the second son of the Bai Family, Bai Tao.”
Tang Xiu nodded slowly. He could guess Bai Tao’s thoughts by looking at his expression, saying, “You seem to be at the same age as my father. So I’ll call you Second Uncle Bai if you don’t mind.”
Bai Tao stared blankly for a moment, feeling a bit comfortable afterward. The smile he squeezed out turned brighter as he nodded and said, “Tang Xiu, good nephew, you came late at night. May I ask what is your purpose in coming here?”
“Shall we have a talk?” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
Bai Tao suddenly realized and promptly said, “Ah, my bad. Everyone, please come. Let’s talk inside.”
Immediately, Bai Tao led Tang Xiu’s group into the house. After taking a seat in the living hall of the first floor, Bai Tao quickly ordered the others to serve tea.
“Second Uncle Bai, please, there’s no need for so much trouble! The reason we came to the Bai Family is because I have something to tell you! Besides, we must leave right after.”
“What?” Asked Bai Tao.
“I know that the Bai Family should be feeling anxious and restless now. But I must tell you that it isn’t necessarily so. The Tang Family won’t give up the Guangyang Province neither will we abandon the Bai Family’s head. Since my grandfather has delegated the full authority of the issues in Guangyang and Fukang Provinces to me, I will take care of it. Furthermore, you have yet to learn about some matters. The deputy director of Starlight Group’s Finance Department had been seized by the Yao and Sun Families today. I just arrived here today, but not only did I rescue him, I also got rid of more than thirty of their lackeys. Similarly, I want you to give me some more time since I will also rescue the head of your Bai Family.”
Several members of the Bai Family members had a change in their complexions. They knew perfectly well how the Tang Family had been forced to retreat in defeat repeatedly in Guangyang Province. They had even lost more than twenty people altogether, including people from their Bai Family.
But the thing they didn’t expect was that Tang Xiu, that had just arrived today, had gotten rid of thirty people from the Yao and Sun Families...
This… wasn’t this way too amazing?

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