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Two cars drove fast on the provincial highway connecting Guangyang to Fukang. While sitting on the second car, Tang Xiu quietly read the information about the Yang Family.
This time he didn’t bring a large number of men to Fukang, only bringing six experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall. The reason being that the operation plan he had devised was to first carry out assassinations, while the operation itself could be described as the men’s quality was being more important than quantity.
Each of the six experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall was able to work independently. Hence, Tang Xiu was confident that the seven of them would be able to set off a bloody festival of carnage in Fukang Province.
“Boss, Instructor Chen from Fukang said he wants to see you.”
A man in the front seat turned his head to speak after hanging up the phone.
“Huh?” Puzzled, Tang Xiu raised his brows, “Who’s this Instructor Chen?”
"Chen Shaohua!" The man replied in a low voice.
Tang Xiu was slightly startled as he then asked, “Where’s he now?”
“He’s at the Emerald Hotel.” The man said.
“Since we have yet to decide where to stay, head to Emerald Hotel directly!” Tang Xiu nodded and said.
“Affirmative!” The man nodded.
Half an hour later, the two cars arrived at the underground parking lot of the Emerald Hotel in Zhou City, Fukang Province. After parking the cars, the group of seven took the elevator to the 18th floor. Tang Xiu then saw a gentle middle-aged man wearing eyeglasses standing outside.
"Hi, Boss!" Upon seeing Tang Xiu, Chen Shaohua’s eyes immediately lit up as he bowed.
“You’re Chen Shaohua?” Tang Xiu sized him up, nodding in response.
“Yes, it’s me!” Chen Shaohua said with a smile.
Waving his hand, Tang Xiu then walked toward the corridor and asked, “Why are you in Fukang? Is it because our Everlasting Feast Hall’s antique business in Zhou City?”
While walking alongside Tang Xiu, Chen Shaohua replied, “Our Everlasting Feast Hall indeed has a few antique shops in Zhou City. But the reason I came this time is that I need to consult some things with you, Boss.”
“And that is?” Tang Xiu was surprised.
“Let’s get to the room first, Boss! I’ve been waiting for your arrival and I have already prepared the tea!” Chen Shaohua said.
Tang Xiu’s eyes flashed as he nodded. Soon, Tang Xiu entered a presidential suite under Chen Shaohua’s lead, while the six men he brought stayed in the corridor.
“The tea should be a cover, right? Let’s see what kind of drugs are sold in your gourd, shall we?”
“First of all, I’ll report about the cultivation situation to you, Boss.” Chen Shaohua stood in front of Tang Xiu and said with a smile, “The True Qi inside my body has been completely converted to True Essence and my strength has been increased by a level. Thus, I want to thank you for your trust in cultivating me. You have my word that I’ll seriously carry out your orders in the future, Boss.”
Tang Xiu waved his hand, hinting for him to sit down.

After Chen Shaohua sat in front of Tang Xiu, he continued, “Boss, what I want to consult you about is what you said about the existence of other worlds outside our own. Is that true?”
“Yes!” Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes as he nodded.
With a startled expression, Chen Shaohua said, “Boss, please check this thing.”
Having said that, he took a piece of stone from his pocket and then, bowing, he handed it over to Tang Xiu.
“Multicolored Luan Phoenix Stone?”
After having a clear look at the stone, Tang Xiu’s face drastically changed. He looked excited as he saw a stream of multicolored halos on the stone. The colors were: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. He quickly grabbed it and released his spiritual sense to wrap around it. After his inspection, he discovered that the multicolored stone was only of ordinary quality. Though its quality was ordinary, yet countless powerhouses in the Immortal World would fight for it; even Supreme celestial figures would covet it.
Multicolored Luan Phoenix Stone -- It was the best material to craft immortal tools, and a fist-size of it could be refined into a top-grade immortal tool.
In the past Tang Xiu also possessed several top-grade immortal tools. Two of which were refined and mixed with Multicolored Luan Phoenix Stone. The power it could burst out when used was much more powerful than other top-grade immortal tools.
“Shaohua, where did you get this stone?”
With all seriousness, Tang Xiu’s eyes stared at Chen Shaohua as he asked.
“From the West.” Chen Shaohua’s expression slightly changed as he said, “The Longquan Mountain.”
“Tell me how you got it.” Tang Xiu said.
“Boss, you know that I’m the manager of our Everlasting Feast Hall’s antique business.” Chen Shaohua said, “Due to particular reasons I heard that there were quite a lot of precious antiques in the Western region, so I brought some people there. About two months ago, when we arrived at Longquan Mountain, we found that the place had a beautiful environment. There was a village with more than a hundred villagers living there, and they held some old objects left from ancient times.
“I spent some money to buy those old objects. However, because the arduous and difficult paths in Longquan Mountain, we had to spend the night there. Thus, several of us then went to the mountain to hunt for something in order to kill time. And the result was that we got lost.
“Despite its seemingly beautiful environment, the Longquan Mountain turned out to be fraught with dangers. That night we encountered terrible fierce beasts that almost killed us on several occasions. Due to that we then entered a forest area by chance with very fresh and cleaner air than anywhere else. Even breathing a strand of it made our bodies very comfortable.
“However, a very terrible fierce beast was also there and forced us to go deeper and deeper and after that, we found a grave with its entrance opened. Out of desperation, we had to dash inside. After we got inside, it was as though we had arrived at another world.
“Inside, there were flowers, grasses, a blue sky and white clouds. And most importantly, we had never seen about 80% of the vegetation and wild animals and there were tons of fierce beasts inside. Even…”
After speaking up to there, Chen Shaohua came to a halt as some lingering fear flashed in his eyes.
“Even what?” Tang Xiu asked in a deep tone.
“We even found a dragon figure… Its whole body was pitch-black.” Chen Shaohua continued in a low voice, “It was a five meters long five-clawed black dragon that could release black flames. It was extremely horrible and scary. We witnessed it releasing black flames at a boulder weighing about 5 tons and melting it into liquid.”
"Continue!" Tang Xiu said.
“Since it was a dead end, we didn’t venture too deep inside. Hence, we hurriedly returned to the old path we had taken previously. It took a huge effort to get out of there alive.” Chen Shaohua said, “After that, I went back to Jingmen Island and reported this matter to Little Boss. She then ordered me to keep it confidential.”
Tang Xiu frowned. He had never heard Gu Xiaoxue mentioning this matter before.
“It was not until we learned the cultivation technique from Elder Ji Chimei that I suddenly realized something about that place. It turns out that the exceptionally fresh air there was because it was filled with rich heaven and earth Spiritual Qi. I mentioned this matter to Little Boss again after I converted my True Qi into True Essence. Then she finally let me come here to tell you everything I know. But…”
"But what?” Tang Xiu asked.
“But Little Boss wanted me to convey some words. She said that that place is fraught with dangers, so she hopes that Boss will be cautious. It would be best to not go there for the time being.”
Tang Xiu finally understood why Gu Xiaoxue didn’t tell him about this matter. She knew his strength and she was afraid that he would rush to that small world after hearing about it and disregard the dangers.
“Shaohua, except for you and Xiaoxue, you must never tell anyone else about this matter. We indeed can’t enter that place for now, unless we’re tired of living. Nevertheless, I’ll take you there someday in the future after becoming stronger.”
“I got it, Boss. Don’t worry about that!” Chen Shaohua nodded.
“Give me this Multicolored Luan Phoenix Stone!” Tang Xiu said, “Tell me the type of weapon you like, I’ll help you refine a top-grade artifact weapon.”
Chen Shaohua’s eyes lit up and immediately replied, “A dagger would be the best.”
“I realized that all of you like to use daggers.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Wait until I use this piece Multicolored Luan Phoenix Stone, then I’ll refine you a dagger while convenient. By the way, is there anything else you took from that small world beside this Multicolored Luan Phoenix Stone?”
“Back then I only realized that the stone was out of the ordinary since it seemed a precious ore.” Chen Shaohua forced a wry smile and said, “So I only brought this thing out.”
“I gotta say that your luck is really good for being able to come out of there alive.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “All right. Let’s stop speaking about this. Go back and tell Xiaoxue to rest assured, I won’t go to that place within a short time.”
“I’ll remember it.” Chen Shaohua nodded.
“Anyway, are you free this noon? Let’s have lunch together.” Tang Xiu asked.
“All right!” Pleasantly surprised, Chen Shaohua’s attitude turned more respectful.
After lunch, Chen Shaohua left Emerald Hotel. Naturally, the presidential suited he booked became Tang Xiu’s accommodation.
However, he had yet to settle himself when his his grandfather called.
“What are you talking about, Grandpa? The matter is going to be finished like this?”
Tang Xiu’s brows furrowed deeply. He was was a bit vexed. He had already devised the next operation plan, but his grandfather unexpectedly notified him that the Yaos took the initiative to admit defeat and wanted to end the games in Guangyang and Fukang.
“It’s a temporary pull back! As of now, what our family needs the most is time.” Tang Guosheng seriously said, “According to my plan, our Tang Family has invested a wealth accumulation of a decade to train more talented people in these three to five years. I want the Tang Family to return to its heyday, and even beyond it in the next 10 years.”
Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he helplessly said, “All right! All right! Since Grandpa has decided, I’ll obey it. But it’s kind of a pity, though. I thought we could make a huge fortune from the Yao, Sun, and Yang Families! Besides, the outcome seem to have turned out quite good.”
"What huge fortune?" Tang Guosheng asked, confused.

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