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Standing on the inside the counter, Tang Xiu watched the anticipating Qin Changlin and the others outside. He also looked at many others who wore a surprised expressions on their faces. He was very contented. Though he was clueless as to why Qin Changlin and the others wanted to compete to buy Gods Nectar, he believed they were not faking it.
“Chief Kang, could you bend the rules, please? It’s just a bottle. Besides, only two bottles are needed for the Wine Tasting Conference. In any case, this one bottle would remain. Isn’t it better to sell it to me? I’ll pay a double… no, ten times the price.” Qin Changlin said, “Old Brother Du Kun got a bottle from you and we have tasted it. The flavor is truly world-class. I don’t want to drink another wines after I drank this Gods Nectar.”
“Uncle, it’s not that I don’t want to sell it. But please look at the others beside you. They also want to buy it.” Kang Xia forced a smile and said, “If I were to sell it to you, I’m afraid they won’t be happy about it. So, for fairness sake, please wait for the Wine Tasting Conference to finish. Our exclusive stores are to be opened after that, so you can go there to buy it when the time comes!”
Qin Changlin looked at the others. He lowered his head and muttered. After that, he raised his head and said, “Chief Kang, we just had a chat. Please sell us a bottle and we’ll drink it together this evening. We’ll pay what I told you before, ten times the price. What do you think?”
After a moment’s pondering, Kang Xia then nodded and said, “Since you really like it, I can’t make you overpay it. The price is 18,888 a bottle. Please pay the bill and take a bottle.”
“Good, good, good!”
Qin Changlin opened his wallet without hesitation. But he was startled as he only found a few thousand yuan inside it. The other five also took their wallets and quickly collected 18,900 yuan. Since Kang Xia didn’t want to receive the change, she gave them back 12 yuans.
“Gentlemen, since you really like the Gods Nectar produced by our Magnificent Tang Corp, I hope you can help publicize it. Though a good and fragrant wine indeed fears not a dark alley, with you helping with the publicity, we will benefit from it, causing the Gods Nectar to hit the domestic market very quickly.” Kang Xia said with a smile.
Nodding in a response, Qin Changlin then turned around. He raised the Gods Nectar and loudly said, “I’m one of the judges of this Wine Tasting Conference, and also the vice-chairman of China Wine Industry Association. These five gentlemen around me are also judges of this year’s Wine Tasting Conference. We just had the honor of tasting this Gods Nectar in advance. The flavor is unusually mellow and it was the best wine we’ve ever had. Thus, I hope you all can help in publicizing it as well. While the wine is priced at 18,888 yuan, it’s absolutely worth the money.”
The crowd suddenly boiled as shocked expressions covered their faces as they stared at the bottle of Gods Nectar in his hand.

Today, the people who came to the Wine Tasting Conference were people who had a deep knowledge of the wine industry. Most of them knew who Qin Changlin was. They also knew that these elderly people were always fair and had a reputable attitude. Thus they can become the six judges of this Wine Tasting Conference.
If it were others speaking they might not believe it. But numerous people were convinced because it was Qin Chanling. Furthermore, the other five judges of the Wine Tasting Conference had also tasted countless good wines. They also had deep knowledge of each type of wine.
Since they were all of one voice saying that this Gods Nectar was a rare, unusual wine in the world, this meant that it should be absolutely true!
“This years’ Wine Tasting Conference seems to have a blazing dark horse! I’m really curious about the flavor of this Gods Nectar.”
“The judges’ words and expressions really piqued my curiosity. To think all of them said that this wine is unusual, how wonderful is this Gods Nectar’s taste?”
“Ah, pity that there are only two bottles left. I really want to buy a bottle. Well, I gotta wait for the Magnificent Tang Corp to open their exclusive stores. I’ll go there at once to buy and taste it on the scene. If the wine is top-notch just like what the judges said, I must order it in large quantities.”
“So many judges are giving a full praise and recognition, this is something we’ve never seen at any previous Wine Tasting Conference! There are seven judges at each Wine Tasting Conference. If the rest would also give a full praise, I’ll order it in large quantities now!”
“Have you not heard it just now? These six judges had tasted the Gods Nectar and they learned about the wine from elderly Du Kun, the seventh judge.”
“That’s true!”
Amidst the buzzing chatters, a middle-aged man struggled to squeeze himself into the innermost spot. He looked at Kang Xia and said, “Chief Kang, I want to order 200 boxes of your Gods Nectar. Yes, 200 boxes.”
Another person didn’t want to be left behind and echoed, “I’m also ordering 200 boxes.”
Kang Xia didn’t know whether to be amused or cry as she looked at them. She then said with a smile, “I’m really sorry to inform you that our Magnificent Tang Corp don’t provide pre-order sales.
“The wine will only be sold in the stores we set up. So if you want to buy it, you can only go to our stores. Furthermore, due to the limited production of our Gods Nectar, each patron is not allowed to buy more than 2 boxes, or 12 bottles.”
The man stared blankly for a moment and exclaimed, “Is this your way of doing business? Someone wants to buy your wine, yet you actually want to limit the purchase? What kind of manners are these?”
“Well, it’s our Boss’ decision.” Kang Xia said with a smile, “We have no authority to call the shots, we’re only implementing his decision.”
“Chief Kang, may I ask who the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corp is?” asked Qin Changlin, confused.
“I’m sorry. Our Boss doesn’t like to show himself in public. So he told us not to expose his identity.” Kang Xia said with a smile.
“This Magnificent Tang Corp of yours is really… …surprising!” Qin Changlin forced a wry smile and said, “Anyhow, why do I feel that this name seems a bit familiar? Like I’ve heard of it somewhere.”
Many people around him also looked confused upon hearing it. Because many of them also felt that the name Magnificent Tang Corp was somewhat familiar.
“As I recall… its General Manager should be the famous gold manager Kang Xia… Then you… you are… Chief Kang?” The middle-aged man exclaimed.
In an instant, everyone’s eyes fixated on Kang Xia. Some wore curious looks while some others were shocked.
“I never thought I was so famous. To think that someone would recognize me while participating in this Wine Tasting Conference.” Kang Xia chuckled and said, “That’s right, I’m Kang Xia. But I don’t know anything about this gold manager title, though.”
“No wonder. It’s no wonder that the name of the Magnificent Tang Corp would ring a bell.” Qin Changlin said in astonishment, “It’s because this is the company group Chief Kang is working at now. I thought that this company was established by Chief Kang. But it turns out to have its own Boss.”
Kang Xia inadvertently glanced at the faintly smiling Tang Xiu. She then said with a charming smile, “I had no choice, though. It seems like I was born to work for others. To be frank, it’s even worse with my current boss. He is a boss who asks others to do the job, but he himself does not work. Thus, I’m responsible for everything.”
“Well, that’s not a good thing!” Qin Changlin with a clear and loud laugh, “An able person should do more work, to begin with. This shows that your boss has great eyes and insight. He doesn’t want to let someone as talented as you buried and waste your talent. We are really envious of him!”
Shortly after, after some exchanges, Qin Changlin and the others dispersed and left. But many liquor wholesalers and executive officers of wine businesses came to participate in the Wine Tasting Conference after catching wind of the news about Gods Nectar. Many people wanted to place advance order, but eventually, each and every one of them was turned down by Kang Xia.
Some with high aspirations and well intentions quietly observed that Kang Xia had declined more than 20 liquor wholesalers within just over an hour.
A little before noon.
Kang Xia smiled as she sat across from Tang Xiu and said, “Boss, we’ll soon hit lunchtime. Shall we order meals to lunch here while working? Or have lunch outside to console and encourage us?”
“Let’s have lunch while working!” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I’ll pick a restaurant in the evening to reward you.”
While leaning on the wall nearby, Su Quan grinned, “Big Boss Tang, I really admire you more and more! Why did I not find you so skillful in your childhood? If I knew it before, I would have held your thigh tightly and followed behind your butt earlier.”
“Cut the crap!” Tang Xiu laughed and said, “You’re not a god, how can you know what will happen in the future? Regardless, it’s not too late now, though. I’m someone who will ensure that all the buddies I hang out with have a good life in the future; provided that you do well, that is.”
“You said it!” Su Quan grinned, “I’ll definitely make you satisfied with my performance.”
“I’m very satisfied now.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “By the way, Kang Xia, send someone to order two houses after you go back to Star City. Each house shall be no less than 2 million. Give them to Su Quan and Su Ben each. Just consider it as their welfare treatment!”
“No, no, no!”
Su Quan quickly waved his hand and said, “Tang Xiu, though we’re brothers, you don’t need to give us special treatment. I’m totally fine if you give it to me. But how come you don’t know about Brother Ben’s disposition? He surely won’t accept the house without good reason. If he won’t accept it, how can I feel all right accepting it either? Nevertheless, you can make Chief Kang raise our salaries and give rounds of benefits later. But leave out this housing issue!”
Tang Xiu was stunned. As he recalled Su Ben’s upright, honest and stubborn personality, he immediately let out a wry smile and said, “Brother Ben… Ah, forget it, forget it. Kang Xia, you also heard, right? Just give them more rewards if they perform well later.”
“No problem!”
Kang Xia could feel the brotherhood between Tang Xiu and Su Quan and nodded with a smile.
After lunch, Tang Xiu continued staying there. Though he was the Boss and there was no need for him to stay, he had nothing else to do. He stayed there to have a look at the situation as well as accompany Kang Xia and Su Quan. Chatting merrily together was also a happy thing to do.
This afternoon, the Gods Nectar of the Magnificent Tang Corp caused a huge sensation and became instantly famous. All the guests who came to the Wine Tasting Conference went to their booth. Dozens of them even wanted to place advance orders on the spot, though they were all declined by Kang Xia. Regardless, through today’s situation, whether it was Kang Xia, Su Quan, or Tang Xiu, they were aware of one thing. The fame of Gods Nectar had hit the roof.

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