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“It’s all right.” Kang Xia said with a smile, “If you want to learn more advanced operations I can teach you later. Ah, right, do you want to buy a computer to play games or for work? There are many models of laptops and configurations. I need to know what you wanna do with it first.”
“I’ll be using it for study and work!” Tang Xiu said.
Giving an “OK” gesture, Kang Xia then held Tang Xiu’s hand and walked toward a nearby store.
Shopping! As always, it was in a woman’s nature. Though accompanying a woman shopping was a dream of numerous bachelors, but Tang Xiu himself didn’t like shopping. He would directly find out where to buy the things he wanted and straightly buy them.
However, Kang Xia was, after all, someone who in a relationship with him. Moreover, she was his right-hand woman. So Tang Xiu absolutely wouldn’t want to disappoint her and tried to satisfy her as much as possible.
“Have you ever been here before? I’ve been here twice, but I didn’t find such a big mall in this place.” As the duo entered the shop’s front door, Tang Xiu curiously asked while looking at the shops around and the dazzling goods.
“I’ve been here at least ten times.” Kang Xia said with a smile.
“Shopping is kinda a woman’s nature. It seems that you’re no exception either.” Tang Xiu suddenly understood and said with a smile, “Anyways, you can buy anything you like. I may be a miser, but to reward you, I’ve prepared to bleed tonight.”
“For real?” Kang Xia was pleasantly surprised and said, “Don’t take your words back or regret it later.”
“A word of a gentleman is more forthright than a horsewhip.” Tang Xiu nodded.
A smile outlined on the corner of Kang Xia’s mouth as she nodded heavily. Suddenly, her face slightly dazed and her brows furrowed instantly, a loathing and disliking expression flashing from her eyes.
“Let’s go there!”
She pulled Tang Xiu towards another direction.
“Hold on, Miss Kang!”
A hearty laughter sounded nearby. Shortly after, two youths strided over.
Tang Xiu and Kang Xia halted. Kang Xia forced a smile and said, “Boss, we’ve bumped into trouble. This fly is a rather special one.”
_A fly?_
Tang Xiu stared blankly for a moment. What he didn’t expect was that the two striding over were unexpectedly acquaintances.
“Miss Kang, I didn’t expect to actually meet you here. My older sister did mention you yesterday, though! I heard that you came to Shanghai to handle some business, so I must entertain you well.” As always, Li Zhen still looked elegant as a brilliant smile hung on his handsome face. His eyes stared at Kang Xia and didn’t even spare a look toward Tang Xiu beside her.
“Thanks for your sister’s good intention.” Kang Xia said with a smile, “But my visit this time is strictly for business. I’ll see her later if time allows. Anyways, we have something else to take care of, so I’ll take my leave first.”
Having said that, she pulled Tang Xiu and was about to leave.
“Miss Kang, it’s already rare to bump into you here. May I invite you…” Li Zhen hastily cried out.

His words suddenly came to a halt because at this moment as his eyes caught Tang Xiu. This was the reason as to why he swallowed back the words he was about to say.
Looking at Li Zhen with an indifferent expression, Tang Xiu slowly said, “There’s indeed a proverb saying that enemies would cross each other in a narrow path. I never believed it before, but now I must say that it’s true. Heed my advice, will you? Kang Xia is my person. If you don’t have any proper matters to discuss with her in the future, you had better not chaotically fly around her. Conduct yourself well.”
Li Zhen’s face turned particularly unsightly. Startled, he looked at Tang Xiu and lividly said out of embarrassment, “Tang Xiu! How can you be everywhere? Don’t ever think that because of the agreement I must walk around when I see you. Whether you believe me or not…”
“Why should I believe you? Do you want to force me to act against you and your Li Family or something?” Tang Xiu interrupted him and lightly asked, “Judging from your age, you’re not a child, so you had better think hard. Don’t invite trouble that will attract disaster to your Li Family.”
Having said that, Tang Xiu grabbed Kang Xia’s hand and walked away.
Li Zhen’s face constantly changed before he finally looked at Tang Xiu and Kang Xia’s back as they departed. A look of unwillingness emerged on his face. He hadn’t yet clearly investigated Tang Xiu’s background and identity, so he didn’t dare to act rashly.
“Little Ya, call Yu Zhi and tell him you saw Tang Xiu. Perhaps due to his hatred toward Tang Xiu he’ll rush over without thinking to exact his revenge.” Li Zhen loosened his fists and immediately whispered after thinking to kill with a borrowed knife.
“All right!” the youth nodded.
On the second floor of the shopping mall, at the electronic stores.
Tang Xiu calmly held Kang Xia’s hand and asked, “Judging from your words before, you should know Li Zhen’s older sister, right?”
The smile on Kang Xia’s face didn’t recede since Tang Xiu grabbed her hand. Especially when she heard him saying “Kang Xia is my person”. It made her feel like when she ate sweet honey. Upon hearing his inquiry, Kang Xia said with a smile, “Mmm. I do know his older sister.”
“You called him a fly before. Is he chasing after you or something?” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
“Many men are pursuing me, but I never spare them a glance.” Kang Xia said with a smile, “I don’t think there will be a man more outstanding than you in the world. Boss, looking at you and Li Zhen back then, do you know each other before? Moreover, there should be a conflict between you, right?”
“It was just a little conflict, not a big deal.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
“Can you elaborate?” Kang Xia curiously asked.
“When I first came to Shanghai, I got bored after dining in the Everlasting Feast Hall with some friends. Then, I followed Chi Nan to a neighbor city and took part in an underground car racing.” Tang Xiu shot a glance at her and said, “The opponents were Li Zhen and a professional racer invited by him from Hong Kong. At the end of the day, I won. Not only did he lost money, he also accepted my condition to avoid me whenever and wherever he meets me later. Another thing is that he and my classmate also had a conflict, to begin with. A couple days ago they bumped into each other and quarrelled, and I gave a lesson to his lackey due to his own impertinent remark.”
“Well, the Li Family is quite powerful in Shanghai. Though they are not among the top ten, their power can be considered as quite good.” Kang Xia suddenly understood and said with a smile, “After Li Dan, Li Zhen’s older sister, took charge of their family businesses, they have been thriving ever since. But on the contrary, this Li Zhen is a typical second-generation nouveau riche. A good-for-nothing young master. Even his older sister is worried about him.”
“I already knew that he’s a good-for-nothing young master the first time I saw him.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “His kind exude an air of money around them. Even though I don’t know much about luxurious jewelry and such, but from what he wore only, I dare say they’re worth tens of thousands yuan.”
“Boss, you’re mistaken.” Kang Xia couldn’t help laughing, “Everything he was wearing was worth hundreds of thousands yuan, at least. That’s even excluding the Vacheron Constantin watch he wore on his wrist, that is worth more than 1 million yuan.”
“Well, it seems that I still have more to learn about common knowledge.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
“I’ll teach you since you’ve served me tonight!” Kang Xia said with a smile, “I’m an expert in this area, to begin with.”
Listening to the word “serve” made it so Tang Xiu couldn’t help but recall about that night of passion. Physiologically, he was still a normal man and naturally had his needs in that aspect as well. However, he was someone who got along with nature and he didn’t like to be restrained. Not to mention that his woman betrayed him in the Immortal World, causing him to have a repulsive instinct toward women.
_I shall just do whatever I feel like doing. Why on earth should I care about so many things?!_
The thought emerged in Tang Xiu’s heart. He immediately looked at Kang Xia with a few faint changes in his expression.
Immediately afterward, Kang Xia led Tang Xiu to have a look at several laptops in the electronic stores. She eventually bought one laptop that was to Tang Xiu’s liking. It was a laptop with the highest specifications and priced at five digits. The duo immediately took the laptop bag and strolled to the fourth, fifth and sixth floors.
The clothing stores here were of the high-class. Many of which were world famous brands whose prices made Tang Xiu quite depressed.
At the end of the day, Tang Xiu’s ostensible purpose of buying some clothes for Kang Xia changed to her actually buying him many goods; several sets of clothes and even shoes, socks, and underwear. While she herself surprisingly bought nothing after strolling around for a good deal of time. Kang Xia even didn’t let him pay the bills. He argued and disputed, but ultimately, the endeavor ended in failure as Tang Xiu went along with her.
“Hey, look at the women’s wear shop in front. Let’s go to have a look!” Tang Xiu hastily said upon seeing that Kang Xia looked like she still wanted to continue buying clothes for him.
Kang Xia didn’t say anything as she glanced at the bags in Tang Xiu’s hands. Furthermore, she seemed to ignore him as she nodded, smiled and said, “Boss, you know what? Your body is just a natural clothes rack. You always look good no matter what clothes you wear.”
“Can you please stop fawning upon me?” Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “I guarantee you that I can never put on children’s attire.”
Kang Xia charmingly laughed.
Half an hour later, when Kang Xia finally picked a beautiful dress, Tang Xiu then paid the bill as she then pulled him downstairs.
“Already? But you only bought one!” Tang Xiu was surprised.
“One is enough.” Kang Xia said with a smile, “In fact, I don’t lack clothes, to begin with. Though I pulled you over to go shopping, it’s no different than having you accompany me as I please. It doesn’t matter if I don’t buy anything!”
“Well then, let’s go!” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
At the entrance to the mall.
Yu Zhi was standing not far away from the street corner while leaning on the wall and smoking a cigarette. His eyes suffused with coldness and constantly swept over the building’s entrance. Behind him were four big men with bulging muscles and all were carrying knives.
“Cheng Ye, do remember that I don’t want his life. But I must see his blood, and it’s best to slice his hand and bring it to me.” Yu Zhi turned his head as he growled and looked at a big man wearing a gold chain.
“Young master Yu, you can rest easy! That punk dared to offend Young Master Yu, that means he’s asking for it. I’ll make sure to bring his hand so that Young Master Yu can vent your anger.”
“Though there are many people outside the building, you don’t need to worry about that. There won’t be a problem if you act a bit faster. Besides, I have an acquaintance in the police station should any problem arise.”

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