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With a bored look, Tang Xiu looked at Yu Zhi. He really didn’t like being bothered with trivial matters. However, the taste of being concerned was not a good feeling to have. Especially from the likes of Li Zhen.
He stared at Yu Zhi and lightly asked, “Firstly, let’s leave out Li Zhen since he can’t run away from this. How about we first settle our issues now? You sought these chaps and wanted to trash me up. But I’m not someone that easy to bully.”
Yu Zhi stepped back. He looked at Cheng Ye and yelled, “Cheng Ye, what are you stunned for? Beat him up! I want to see his blood. I must make him know that he’ll end up miserable after messing with me.”
While looking at Tang Xiu, Cheng Ye forced a wry smile and said, “Young Master Yu, we are better not involving ourselves in the enmity between big shots like you two, no? This brother isn’t even afraid of Li Zhen. We’re just like ants in his eyes. It would be well of you if you leave right away, so please be magnanimous and forgive us!”
Cheng Ye’s words almost caused Yu Zhi to vomit blood.
Looking at wonderful expression on Yu Zhi’s face, Kang Xia couldn’t help but laugh loudly.
At this moment, everyone looked at Kang Xia’s blossoming smiling face. All of them were unable to restrain themselves, looking foolish and dazed.
While suppressing his smile, Tang Xiu looked at Cheng Ye and said, “You’re indeed clever and cautious. Regardless of the time and place, only cautious people live longer. As a matter of fact, due to your attitude today, you may be exempted from the capital offense, but you can never escape from your crime. However, since I feel quite good because you didn’t want to make things difficult for her, I can forgive you this time. But do bear in mind, don’t mess with me later. Otherwise, I won’t mind sending you to your death early.”
Having said that, his figure flashed and appeared in front of Yu Zhi. Despite using less than half of his full strength, Yu Zhi screamed continuously due to the pain. Finally, Tang Xiu’s foot stamped on Yu Zhi’s right hand and broke his wrist. Amidst his screams, Tang Xiu kicked him to the side and lightly said, “This is your last chance. The next time you mess with me, you must first properly think about the consequences of failing in your revenge. Your Yu Family… Hehe...”
Yu Zhi scowled, “What is remarkable about you having a bit skill in martial arts, to begin with? Don’t be a fucking lunatic, you’ll feel very good later!”
Tang Xiu shook his head. He took Yu Zhi’s mobile phone and forced him to tell the password. After finding Li Zhen’s cell number and taking note of it, Tang Xiu then threw it back to Yu Zhi and then turned around to leave.
As for Cheng Ye and his men, they only watched Tang Xiu beating Yu Zhi. A trace of fear budded inside their hearts. However, what scared them the most was not the savage beating, but rather the ghostly speed Tang Xiu had shown, as well as his smile when he stepped on Yu Zhi’s wrist.

That was someone with a ruthless character! Definitely a ruthless and merciless figure!
Cheng Ye suddenly felt fortunate and rejoiced inside for not having acted tonight.
His eyes followed Tang Xiu and Kang Xia as they left until he couldn’t see their figures anymore. He then came to Yu Zhi’s side. He propped him up on the ground and then asked with concern, “Young Master Yu, are you… all right? I’ll take you to the hospital myself.”
“Go the fuck away!”
Yu Zhi fiercely pushed Cheng Ye with his left hand. He furiously bellowed, “Cheng Ye, Boss Cheng, you’re really great! You betrayed me before, yet you hypocritically ask about my well-being? Don’t tell me you don’t think that you look disgusting? Just go away! Get lost, I never want to see you again.”
Cheng Ye’s complexion turned a bit unsightly. He could be said as a well-respected figure in Shanghai’s underworld. If he didn’t see Yu Zhi as the Yu Family’s eldest young master, he wouldn’t have put him in his eyes. Furthermore, there were also many of his brothers around, and having them watch him being chided was something that made him unable to remain calm.
“Young Master Yu, we brothers already gave you a face. Hence, we were willing to come help you. But it turns out that you’re really too spoiled. The background and identity of that surnamed Tang is, perhaps, not inferior to your family, right? You wanting us to beat him up... doesn’t this meant that you wanna push us brothers to the abyss? I don’t want to haggle over today’s matter, neither will we disclose anything about what happened here. So do take care and conduct yourself well.”
After having spat out a few polite words, Cheng Ye and his brothers marched off, ignoring him.
While clutching his stomach, a blazing fury was reflected in Yu Zhi’s eyes. He walked a few steps and supported himself on a nearby tree. He then took his mobile and dialed a cell number.
“You’re really good, Little Ya! You wanted show yourself to Li Zhen and used me as a knife, eh? Do remember what you’ve done to me. This account between us has yet to be settled!” After the other party received his call, Yu Zhi immediately roared.
“Don’t scare me, Yu Zhi, I’m so timid… Hahaha… Are you feeling better after tasting the pain of getting your ass kicked? If you have the time to impose yourself on me, you had better seize the time to drag yourself to the hospital to treat your wounds! Else, your parents will be brokenhearted if you become disabled and unable to take care of yourself in the future. Lemme put in another way. If you were to die, we, brothers, will raise money to buy a wreath for you. What a waste!” A youth’s voice came out of the phone and ridiculed him, as if he didn’t seriously take Yu Zhi’s threat at all.
Yu Zhi angrily growled, “Fucking Little Ya, you just wait for me!”
After speaking, he fiercely smashed his mobile.
Not far away from him, Li Zhen turned his body and took back his vision from Yu Zhi. He then looked at the smiling youth beside him and lightly said, “Little Ya, you were a bit excessive. We were indeed using Yu Zhi, but still, we have been friends with him for many years. I’m afraid that Yu Zhi will become muddle-headed due to anger now. So you gotta remember, the anxious hare would also bite a person.”
The smile on the youth’s face quickly vanished. He silently nodded and said, “I’ll bear it in mind. Don’t worry, though. I’ll guard against Yu Zhi.”
Li Zhen stroked his chin. He looked thoughtful before saying, “Yu Zhi is nothing but a waste. Not only did he fail to figure out Tang Xiu’s background, he even shifted the target toward us. This matter may turn a bit troublesome. It seems we must really send someone to carefully investigate Tang Xiu’s identity, else I won’t be able to sleep peacefully.”
“We already sent someone to investigate him before, right?” The youth was puzzled and said, “He’s just a hillbilly who comes from a small place and has a little ability for being admitted to Shanghai University. Must we fear him because of that?”
“Have we really investigated him fully?” Li Zhen scornfully said, “Then tell me about Chi Nan of the Everlasting Feast Hall, what is her relationship with him? Why would she dare to kill Huan Yu at the car race for him? Lemme tell you about this. I’m afraid this punk is not so easy and simple, so we had better be careful.”
The youth hesitated before nodding. He then suddenly said, “Brother Zhen, I don’t understand something, though.”
“What is it?” Li Zhen asked.
“I just don’t get it. Why would Cheng Ye bring so many people but didn’t dare act against that punk?” The youth said, “Logically speaking, the original script should be Cheng Ye appearing with his men to trash that Tang punk!”
“The Cheng Ye I know of is someone with a cautious personality. He will never do anything he is unsure about.” Li Zhen scornfully said, “He didn’t act because, firstly: he doesn’t know Tang Xiu’s background; secondly: perhaps it was because of Kang Xia. After all, for a man who can obtain a top woman such as Kang Xia is perhaps not a simple character.”
"That's right." The youth said, "For a superior woman like Kang Xia, more likely than not, if the man doesn't have hability, he won't be able to keep her. Even if she liked him, she would only bring trouble. But why did I never heard of this Tang Xiu before?"
“Originally, I didn’t want to use my connections in Shuangqing Province’s Star City. But now, it seems I must use it.” Li Zhen said, “I have some relationships with a few boys over there. If Tang Xiu is famous in Star City, perhaps those guys in Blue City will know. But if they know nothing about him… _snort_.”
_Ring, ring…_
From Li Zhen’s pocket, an SMS notification sounded.
When he took out his mobile, he immediately furrowed his brows. It was a short message sent from an unknown cell number. The message said: _I’ll personally visit your Li Family’s Head in an hour. I urge you to go back now. So you can explain yourself to your elders at home._
Li Zhen’s expression turned incomparably grim. After pausing to ponder for a moment, he spoke in an undertone voice, “Let’s go. Let’s leave first.”
Shanghai’s Everlasting Feast Hall.
Chi Nan was holding a pile of information while smiling and standing at the entrance. Behind her, four big men dressed in black tuxedos were glancing around, looking cold and grim.
Within less than an hour, she already found everything there was to know about the Li Family through the intelligence network channels of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Even information about the two young mistresses of the Li Family’s Head and about one of them who had given birth to an illegitimate child, all of them was written clearly.
Upon seeing a taxi with Tang Xiu and Kang Xia inside, Chi Nan slightly strode over.
“How is the investigation?” Tang Xiu asked.
“It’s done. Everything’s here.” Chi Nan said, “Additionally, we have also prepared the car, so we can leave at any time.”
“Let’s go!” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “I’ll read the information on the way.”
Chi Nan quickly gave a gesture. Immediately, three black Audis came over and stopped near them.
After boarding the car.
Tang Xiu was sitting in the back seat and quietly reading the information. But Kang Xia was curiously observing Chi Nan in the front seat. Given Chi Nan’s age, she should be a little more than 30 years old. But due to her beauty, she was a bit worried that Chi Nan would have an effect on Tang Xiu.
“Xiaxia, are you curious about me?” Chi Nan looked back and saw Kang Xia’s eyes as she asked with a smile.
A trace of embarrassment and awkwardness appeared on Kang Xia’s face. It was like she was caught red-handed when stealing something. After hesitating for a moment, she said with a smile, “That’s right, Sister Nannan is very attractive and capable. I’m now a bit worried that the boss will give my job to you in the future.”
“Don’t worry. Though I don’t know what you do, I can’t take over your job.” Chi Nan laughed and said, “Unless you can go overseas often to perform various missions.”
“Missions overseas?” A puzzled and confused expression appeared Kang Xia’s face.

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