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Tang Xiu had never seen Dao Master Ziyi’s cauldron. He did fantasize that Dao Master Ziyi had a very good cauldron, but never did he think it’d be this good.
In the days when he was in the Immortal World he also possessed a top-notch immortal cauldron. He used that cauldron to craft weapons and concoct pills, which were regarded as top-notch immortal tools and immortal pills.
However, merely from it’s outward appearance, as well as the tidal glittering golden glow that was hard to catch by naked eye, he appraised that this cauldron was not much inferior to the top-notch immortal cauldron he had once used.
“Benefactor Tang, is this cauldron good? In the past, I risked my life to break into a mystical place. Aside from a manual, there was only this quadruped cauldron. It’s a pity that this cauldron is a bit small, otherwise, I could have refined several good pills.” As Dao Master Ziyi was thought about how this treasure he had used for decades would soon become someone else’s, he couldn’t help but ache inside.
“It really is a good cauldron.” Tang Xiu sighed in praise.
“I won’t renege on my promise. Provided that you can cure my disciple, this quadruped cauldron is yours.” Dao Master Ziyi said with a smile, “If you can’t cure him, I won’t give it to you.”
While stretching his hand to gently touch the quadruped cauldron, Tang Xiu slowly released his star force into the cauldron. Suddenly, a band of golden light burst out and stabbed everyone’s eyes in an instant. Even Tang Xiu himself closed his eyes at this moment, as he could feel his eyes turning hot and aching.
As Tang Xiu held the cauldron, suddenly, two wind blades cut through his palms, and blood crazily gushed out from them, while the golden light from the quadruped cauldron became even more intense.
Every nook and corner of the villa’s hall was inundated with golden light.
At the same time, a suffocating, terrifying aura exuded out from the quadruped cauldron. The aura brought along a very strong pressure. Despite Dao Master Ziyi and Miao Wentang’s cultivation being several folds stronger than Tang Xiu’s, they were still forced to constantly step backwards by the oppressive aura. After they were forced out of the villa and entered the courtyard, only then did the duo’s footsteps cease retreating. Their complexions were ghastly pale.
“What’s going on? I’ve used that cauldron for decades, how come this kind of matter has never happened?” Dao Master Ziyi said with an unsightly expression.
“Dao Master, you ask me, but whom do I ask?” Miao Wentang forced a smile and said, “Besides, cauldrons were never my thing, to begin with. But this aura is way too terrifying. I feel like if it suddenly explodes, I’m pretty sure I’d be blasted into smithereens.”
“I also have this feeling.” Dao Master Ziyi said, “But, Tang Xiu, he…”
Inside the villa’s hall, Tang Xiu’s body turned incomparably rigid. He felt horrified as he lost control of his own body. His blood was crazily being sucked from the wounds in his hands. Within just a few seconds, two-thirds of the blood in his body was sucked away.

Shortly after, a gentle golden light entered Tang Xiu’s body through his wounds. Under the supervision of Tang Xiu’s spiritual sense, he could see that, after his blood fused with the golden light, it went through special qualitative changes, and the blood flowing in his blood vessels gradually turned into golden-red color.
_This golden light is transforming my body!_
Tang Xiu’s perception shifted away from his blood. He suddenly discovered something more flabbergasting. While his shock was not yet over, a special medicinal efficacy suddenly came out from the cauldron and torrentially inundated into his hands, went through his arms, and entered his body.
_Heavens! How come there’s so much medicinal efficacy from it?_
If Tang Xiu were not able to speak, he would be roaring now. He found that the two medicinal efficacy forces were extremely powerful. The energy was huge to the point that his body was unable to bear it. He even began to worry that his body would explode as he withstood it.
However, his concern didn’t come true. The two medicinal efficacies burst into his body, and then stampeded inside his Dantian at a lightning speed. The stars inside his Dantian was as though being hit by a radiant storm, with the sparks splashing. The stars exploded, forming a more horrifying storm.
_Bam, bam…_
Tang Xiu could only see darkness as he directly fainted. However, his body remained standing with his hands still pressed on the quadruped cauldron as before. At this moment, the golden light released from the quadruped cauldron slowly dissipated, but the same oppressive aura hadn’t vanished yet. From the top of the cauldron, a stream of quaint ancient gold runes was continuously fusing into the center of Tang Xiu’s brows one by one.
Time went by as eight hours passed in an instant.
Bluestar Villa Complex.
After participating in the Wine Tasting Conference, Kang Xia led the company’s staff to attend the evening banquet organized by the Wine Industry Association. She then sent Su Quan and the others back to Star City, and enthusiastically drove back here. However, she had never thought that she would unexpectedly meet three guests inside.
“You mean that… Tang Xiu brought you to live here? And you’re also Tang Xiu’s classmate?” Kang Xia asked as she looked at the family of three in front of her.
“That’s right, I’m Tang Xiu’s classmate! I suppose I’m also his dorm mate.” Xue Chao nodded and said, “But since I got injured, he wanted me to move from the hospital to recuperate here. Anyways, she’s my wife, and that’s my son in her arms.”
Kang Xia took her mobile to call Tang Xiu’s cell number, but her phone call didn’t get through. Her black-dyed eyebrows knitted slightly. She then put her mobile away, nodded and said, “Hello, I’m Kang Xia, Tang Xiu’s… subordinate. Anyhow, since I can’t connect with him, I’ll go rest first. I have yet to rest until now.”
“You want to rest here?” Xue Chao quickly asked.
“Is there a problem?” Kang Xia showed a trace of a smile and asked, “I stayed here last night.”
Xue Chao quickly shook his head. With a simple and honest smile, he said, “What you said is kinda interesting. What subordinate?! You should be Tang Xiu’s girlfriend, right? Since our family of three is living here, there will be many disturbing things later, so I ask for your forgiveness.”
The smile on Kang Xia’s turned a bit brighter. She was quite happy after hearing Xue Chao’s words. She then laughed and said, “It’s all right. Since Tang Xiu wants you to live here, just stay here! Besides, I only come to Shanghai occasionally. After seeing him, I’ll return to Star City.”
Immediately, she turned around and went to the staircase.
While gazing at Kang Xia’s enchanting back, Xue Chao secretly gulped down his saliva. He then turned to his wife, Du Juan, and said in a low voice, “Wife, Boss Tang is really amazing! His girlfriend is so beautiful, she’s even prettier than those pretty female celebs on TV.”
Du Juan raised her brows. While hugging her son with one hand, her other hand pulled and twisted his ear, saying with discontent, “Yea, yea… Miss Kang is really beautiful, eh. But I wanna know something. Am I more beautiful, or is she more beautiful in your eyes, huh?”
With an embarrassed expression, Xue Chao said with a smile, “Wife, you’re beautiful. My wife is the most beautiful in my heart!”
A glimmer of satisfaction on her face, Du Juan then loosened Xue Chao’s ear and harrumphed, “Hmph, if you dare say that other women are more beautiful, things won’t end well for you. Nevertheless, Miss Kang is indeed beautiful. I’m afraid that guys like you who are able to find such fairy-like bonne amie, surely must have your ancestral graves to emit green-blue vapor, no?” [1]
“I think so too! Nonetheless, Boss Tang is a kind and good person. If it was someone else who found such a girlfriend, I’d think the woman was blind. But I feel it’s normal for Boss Tang to find such a great girlfriend.” Xue Chao said with all seriousness.
“Yeah, mom taught me when I was small that good people would have good rewards.” Du Juan nodded.
When Kang Xia went to Tang Xiu’s bedroom on the second floor, she looked at the empty room, a look of being at a loss flashing in her eyes. She planned to return back to Star City tomorrow and wanted Tang Xiu to accompany her tonight. But now with him not here, she was a bit disappointed.
However, she didn’t worry about Tang Xiu’s safety at all. Because she knew how powerful he was. Whoever dared to bully him should wait to be bullied back by him!
“Where did that fella run up to anyway?”
Kang Xia spoke to herself in a low voice. She then walked to the cloakroom, picked a brand-new man’s white shirt from the inside, and then casually walked toward the bathroom.
At this time, Tang Xiu had just awakened from his stupor. He then sat cross-legged on the sofa while staring blankly at the quadruped cauldron. No, not right. This cauldron should no longer be called as a quadruped cauldron. Instead, it must be called - Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron.
He found a lot of things inside his sea of mind after he woke up. He learned that this Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron was the most valuable treasure that once belonged to the super powerful Supreme Devil—Jia Luoye in the God Realm. He also learned that this Jia Luoye was once born and existed countless of eons ago on Earth. At that time, the past Earth was not the same as the present Earth. He even knew that Earth was once thousands of times larger than it was today, whereby myriads of immortal cultivator powerhouses existed therein.
Unfortunately, a great war at a later time led to the destruction of Earth. Countless great gods perished in the war while some departed, leaving only some weak ones. Gradually, they declined in the perpetual river of time.
He was not clear about the events afterward. Because soon after, Jia Luoye made a breakthrough. He became a Demon God and straightly entered his second life in the God and Demon Realms. However, in the tens of billions of years later, Jia Luoye was harmed in a trap prepared by his enemies and ultimately came to his end. As for how this Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron ended up on Earth, Tang Xiu didn’t get any information whatsoever.
Furthermore, although the Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron was once the most valuable Divine Artifact, it was unknown to him for what reason its spirit disappeared without a trace. Hence, the artifact was only comparable to a ordinary Immortal Tool at the most now. Only after this Demon God Spirit Devourer produced Spiritual Tools again would it gradually recover its formidability.
After taking a long breath, Tang Xiu let out a sigh of relief. With the vibration of his wrist, the Demon God Soul Devourer Cauldron instantly disappeared. With his spiritual sense, Tang Xiu found that this cauldron had appeared on the left side of his body, inside his chest.
“My cultivation has… been promoted by a full level, reaching the peak level of Bone Transformation Stage. I only need another step to achieve the Marrow Transformation Stage. This time, the benefits are really too great. If Ji Chimei can’t completely cure Dao Master Ziyi’s disciple, I won’t able to explain and pay back this account.”

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