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Tang Xiu swept his Dantian with his perception. The stars inside had disappeared and were replaced by a black hole vortex exuding a terrifying aura. Tang Xiu was aware of what was behind the black hole whirlpool.
_It’s the feeling of power!_
Tang Xiu clenched his fists. He felt like he could blow a house to smithereens. Furthermore, the moment he circulated the star force in accordance with the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis’s circulation route, the black hole inside his Dantian released a steady stream of Star Force. It was as though the black hole vortex was connected with the countless stars in the vast universe.
"Benefactor Tang!"
The Dao Master Ziyi and Miao Wentang rushed in from the outside. When they saw Tang Xiu sitting on the sofa, Dao Master Ziyi couldn’t help calling out to him.
“Boss Tang, are you okay?” Miao Wentang urgently asked, “What happened before? That aura was too horrifying.”
Letting out a faint smile, Tang Xiu then shifted his vision from the two men toward Ji Chimei, whose expression was ever changing. She was holding some things and had come behind the duo.
“I’m fine! However, due to cultivating a special cultivation technique, it turned out to have a special connection with this Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron. Thus, it has been refined by me. Dao Master Ziyi, if my subordinate is unable to heal your disciple, I would have no means to give the Demon God Soul Devourer Cauldron back to you. At the most, I can only use other ways to compensate you.” Tang Xiu said with a helpless look.
Dao Master Ziyi furrowed his brows. He observed Tang Xiu’s expression and could tell that it was unlikely that Tang Xiu was joking. He then slowly asked, “Benefactor Tang, I’ve used this cauldron for dozens of years to concoct various pills. But this kind of matter has never happened to me before. I want to know something. You said this cauldron is called the Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron, what kind of existence is it exactly?”
Tang Xiu chose to conceal it previously because, despite the breakthrough in his cultivation, he was still not Dao Master Ziyi’s opponent. In case that Dao Master Ziyi knew that this Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron was a Divine Artifact and he acted without caring for the consequences, he would perhaps have to face a dead end.
However, he suppressed the thought after thinking about it again. Because this time, he had Ji Chimei here. If Dao Master Ziyi really dared to act against him, Ji Chimei would directly send him to death’s door.
_Nevertheless, I should opt to conceal it! So as to avoid leaving a knot in his heart!_
After his mind revolved, Tang Xiu slowly said, “This cauldron is called Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron. It had once housed a sentient spirit, except that the cauldron spirit has long vanished. What is left now is only a cauldron suitable for crafting tools and concocting pills. You have also seen the images left back then. It was imprints left by the spirit before it disappeared. It was triggered by my power, so it activated. So to speak, it brought me a lot of benefits. At the very least, it helped me improve my cultivation.”

Dao Master Ziyi felt quite bitter inside. However, comparing his disciple and the Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron, he realized what was more important.
“Benefactor Tang, since this Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron has chosen you, this is your good fortune. This poor Daoist only hopes that you can fully cure my disciple. Like I said before, this Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron is yours; provided that you can treat and heal my disciple.”
Tang Xiu slowly nodded. He then looked at Ji Chimei and asked, “Is everything I need prepared?”
“Yes, everything’s ready!” Ji Chimei said, “You can begin at any time.”
Tang Xiu stood and took everything from her hands, saying, “You all wait for me here. I’ll go upstairs to craft a symbol. Once I finish manufacturing it, I’ll begin treating your disciple.”
“All right!” Dao Master Ziyi complied.
After three hours passed by, Tang Xiu finally succeeded in crafting the Crepe Myrtle Kindle Symbol. When he came downstairs, he handed it over to Ji Chimei and solemnly said, “It’s your turn now. Don’t let me down!”
“Rest assured!” Ji Chimei nodded as she took the Crepe Myrtle Kindle Symbol and walked into the room.
“Benefactor Tang, you’re not following her?” Dao Master Ziyi was startled.
“It doesn’t matter if I go or not.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “She will be the one removing the Gu Poison, not me!”
“May I ask something first, Benefactor Tang? Who is she…” Dao Master Ziyi curiously said.
“She’s my subordinate!” Tang Xiu said.
Dread could be seen on Dao Master Ziyi’s expression. He could feel a dangerous vibe from Ji Chimei the first moment he saw her. The most puzzling thing to him was that Ji Chimei seemed to be just an ordinary old woman. There was not the slightest sign of cultivation from her.
“Brother Tang, this subordinate of yours is really powerful.” Miao Wentang said, “If my guess is not mistaken, her cultivation must be far beyond mine and Dao Master Ziyi’s. I’m afraid it has reached the point that is enough to make us look up to her, am I right?”
“She’s indeed very powerful.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “She can easily break through the Thousand Revolutions Array with her strength alone.”
“What?” Miao Wentang exclaimed, flabbergasted.
Even Dao Master Ziyi had his expression drastically changed.
They both knew the Thousand Revolutions Array’s might. The reason why Tang Xiu had been able to break through so many layers before was because he was very proficient in arrays. But Tang Xiu said that this old woman could easily break through the entirety of the Thousand Revolution Array by virtue of her strength only.
So to say, that old woman’s strength was at least ten times stronger than them; or even hundreds of times.
Tang Xiu revealed a faint smile, as he turned around to sit on the sofa. He no longer accompanied Dao Master Ziyi and Miao Wentang to chat. Instead, he sat cross-legged on the sofa and silently sensed the Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron’s situation inside his body. At the same time, he also circulated the star force inside his meridians to stabilize his own cultivation stage.
Although he had now reached the peak of the Bone Transformation Stage, and the toughness of his skeletal bones had increased by over ten times, he achieved this stage too suddenly. His foundation was not solid, and it was in an unstable state.
Ten minutes later, Ji Chimei came out of the room and looked tranquil. Behind her, Dao Master Ziyi’s disciple followed her out. There was a faint red color on his complexion now.
“Jingyi, how are you now?”
Dao Master Ziyi came before his disciple and urgently asked.
The youth called Jingyi revealed a faint smile and said, “Master, thank you for sparing no efforts for this disciple. You didn’t even hesitate to let such a precious treasure go, only to help me get rid of this Gu Poison. The Gu Poison in my body is gone.”
“Good, good, good!” Dao Master Ziyi’s eyes shined. Excitement painted his whole face as he said, “You… you must never easily provoke others ever again! There are numerous skilled people in the world. If you encounter the same situation once more, this master of yours doesn’t know if he can save you again.”
“This disciple will obediently follow Respected Master’s instructions.” Jingyi respectfully said, “This one certainly won’t dare to repeat the same mistake in the future!”
Nodding in satisfaction, Dao Master Ziyi suddenly felt enlightened. Perhaps his disciple had just gone through the best tempering, though the cost was rather big.
_The profane world does have a common saying that a lesson is learned once one pay for it._
He sighed to himself inwardly. After that, he turned to look at Tang Xiu.
Tang Xiu opened his eyes. A smile hung on his face as he said, “Dao Master Ziyi, since the Gu Poison in your disciple’s body has been removed, this should explain that the Demon God Spirit Devourer Cauldron is mine.”
“Yeah. It’s yours.” Dao Master Ziyi nodded.
Tang Xiu laughed. He then looked at Ji Chimei and said, “You did a good job! Rest well, or you can go back to Jingmen Island!”
“Then, this subordinate will take her leave first.” Ji Chimei respectfully said, “Please do call me if you have any other commands later.”
Having said that, without glancing at Dao Master Ziyi or Miao Wentang, she turned around and left.
It was said that people get in high spirits when they were involved in happy events. Tang Xiu’s mood was particularly great at this time. He gestured for Dao Master Ziyi and his disciple, as well as Miao Wentang, to sit down. He then said with a smile, “Two friends, it should soon be morning, so you should rest here if you’re tired! I myself rarely come here. You can also stay here if you are in Shanghai in the future.”
“This poor Daoist came in a hurry. There are also a lot of things to manage in this Daoist’s temple.” Dao Master Ziyi shook his head and said, “Thus, this one will bring this young disciple of mine to leave after the sky is bright.”
“Brother Tang, I won’t be staying either.” Miao Wentang said with a smile, “I’ve already accomplished the matter you wanted me to help. If you want to thank me, it’s fine for me if you sell me more Gods Nectar later! I don’t know whether you’re already aware or not, but your Gods Nectar is truly hot now. The major media, many judges from the Wine Industry Association, as well as many wine lovers can’t wait to buy Gods Nectar!”
“I personally made the recipe for the Gods Nectar.” Tang Xiu smiled and said, “I would have no face to see anyone if the taste was not good. Brother Miao, if you would like, I’ll sell the wine at the previous selling price I mentioned to you.”
“The price you sold to me before was already a loss for you!” Miao Wentang grinned and said, “To my knowledge, the Gods Nectar’s price for each bottle is more expensive than 10,000 yuan per bottle you told me before. Let alone myself, the others have also probably made profits.”
“It was an unexpected mistake from my part.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I forgot that the Gods Nectar’s price had been re-tagged by the top executives in my company. However, there’s no harm. With our relationship, I don’t care about the money.”
With curiosity on his face, Dao Master Ziyi asked, “Does this Gods Nectar taste that good? How about… selling it to me as well? That said... this one has to say something first. This Poor Daoist is very poor!”
Today, Tang Xiu took huge benefits from Dao Master Ziyi for a cheap price. He suddenly waved his hand spiritedly and said, “Dao Master Ziyi, with our friendship, must we mention money? So to say, if you pass by Star City, you can stop over for a while. I’ll order some people to prepare hundreds of bottles of Gods Nectar for you.”
“Benefactor Tang, I don’t need that much.” Dao Master Ziyi forced a smile and said, “We, master and disciple, are living deep in the mountains, so we won’t be able to take carry too many bottles. You only need to give me eight to ten bottles. It’s enough.”
“No problem.” Tang Xiu laughed, “Later, when you need more, just directly contact the person in charge of the winery. It’s fine this way as well.”
“Such being the case, this Poor Daoist gives many thanks.” Dao Master Ziyi got up, gave a bow and said, “By the way, since this young disciple of mine had the Gu Poison in his body removed, we’ll be taking our leave first.”
“I’m also leaving!” Miao Wentang also got up.

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