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The garage was messy. Tang Xiu used a drop of his blood to bind the interspatial ring. Then, he walked out of the garage. He originally had never imagined that the refining would create such a big noise. However, after he came out of the villa’s courtyard, he looked around and saw a huge crowd of residents gathered, along with Chi Nan and dozens of Everlasting Feast Hall’s core members. He couldn’t help but let out a forced smile inside.
“Chi Nan, come here!”
While standing outside the courtyard, Tang Xiu then waved toward Chi Nan, who was 100 meters away.
Chi Nan’s eyes lit up. She could feel that the oppressive aura had disappeared. Immediately, she gave a gesture toward the Everlasting Feast Hall’s core members and then ran toward Tang Xiu.
“Is it done, Boss?” Chi Nan asked with a curious look on her face.
“It’s done.” Tang Xiu nodded and laughed, “However, it has created a small issue, hasn’t it?”
“Yea! The residents in several nearby villas were forced to withdraw some distance because of the oppressive aura. Some even reported that we had no way to stop it. If my guess is correct, the police should be arriving here in a few minutes.” Chi Nan nodded.
“I see.” Tang Xiu said, “Deal with the issues here. I’ll go out first. After taking care of everything, remember to help me sell this villa.”
“Leave it to me.” Chi Nan respectfully said.
Tang Xiu then walked to the courtyard. Picking up his coat and putting it on, he then asked, “Was there anything important while I was busy these last few days?”
“Your mother called you. She said that she’s here in Shanghai and is now at the Bluestar Villa Complex waiting for you.” Chi Nan said, “Additionally, Chief Kang also called several times to ask about your situation. She wanted me to tell you that the Gods Nectar business is very hot, and all cargoes on display had been sold out. Also, she didn’t dare to receive secret orders without your consent. Ah, right. There was also a call from Long Zhengyu. He was looking for you, saying that there are important things he wanted to discuss with you.”
Tang Xiu grabbed the car keys. After sitting in the driver’s seat, he took over his mobile phone from Chi Nan and then said, “OK. I got it. I’ll contact them later.”
After starting the car, he drove off.
Quickly, Tang Xiu took his huge harvest and then left the villa complex. He then lit up a cigarette and quickly pulled two puffs. It was to ease his high tension. Following that, he phoned Long Zhengyu and, at the same time, put on a bluetooth earphone.
“Were you looking for me?”
From the phone, Long Zhengyu’s voice came out, “Tang Xiu, it’s good to hear your voice. I’ve been looking for you these past few days. I need to discuss some things with you!”
“Do say. I’m all ears!” Tang Xiu said.
“Do you know Hong Kong?” Long Zhengyu said, “There are a lot of Feng Shui Masters there who are skilled in auspicious Feng Shui for places, graveyards and etc... They even said something about Dragon veins… Shortly put, I stopped over in Hong Kong and accidentally met a Feng Shui Master acquaintance over there. He learned that you’re currently rebuilding the Nine Dragons Island and hopes to have a look at its Feng Shui. What do you think? Do you want me to invite him to go to Nine Dragons Island?”

_Feng Shui Master?_
A cold light flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes as he shook his head and said, “No need. You must follow the construction blueprint I’ve drawn before. There must not have the slightest change whatsoever. We are friends and I can tell you that, if you listen to any Feng Shui Masters’ words, I’ll demolish everything you’ve built completely.”
Long Zhengyu forced a smile, “So serious? Anyhow, they are Feng Shui Masters, after all. I think you should listen to their opinions. Maybe…”
“There’s no maybe, and don’t tell me anything else.” Tang Xiu interrupted his words and said, “You’re just responsible for the construction project. If there are any random changes in the project design, I believe you know that the consequences will be serious. Zhengyu, if you think your Long Family can overthrow the Nine Dragons Island’s project and bear the reconstruction cost, you can give it a try.”
“I got it. It was just out of my goodwill. I don’t have any bad intentions.” Long Zhengyu forced a wry smile upon hearing Tang Xiu’s seriousness and said, “Since you don’t want it, then forget it. I’ll think of ways to send that Feng Shui Master off.”
“Zhengyu, you know about my ability in designing architectural projects.” Tang Xiu was a bit unsatisfied, and once again urged, “I won’t conceal it from you. Even if there is a little modification in the construction process, it will affect the entirety of the design. I bought Nine Dragons Islands for 2 billion yuan, and I even invested 12 billion more to rebuild it. Since I’ve already handed it over to you, I hope you won’t let me down.”
Long Zhengyu took a deep breath, “I understand. You can rest your worry! Anyhow, when will you return to Star City? I’ll stay in Nine Dragons Island for a few days, and should be back to Star City soon.”
“I’ll call you when I’m back to Star City.” Tang Xiu said.
After he ended the call, Tang Xiu let out a sneer.
_Feng Shui Master?_
_What is this big joke?_
Who in the world could be more skillful than him in regards to Feng Shui? His elaborate layout design for the construction project in Nine Dragons Island had consumed a great deal of his mental force. It was definitely the most perfect one. He absolutely wouldn’t allow anyone to modify it arbitrarily, not even Long Zhengyu.
Afterward, Tang Xiu dialed Kang Xia’s cell number. After she accepted the call, Tang Xiu said with a smile, “The Gods Nectar has hit the market? I heard business is hot and that the Gods Nectar stocked in the shops have all been sold out?”
“I thought you didn’t care about the Gods Nectar’s sales figure, Boss!” Kang Xia said with a chuckle, “Yeah, the Gods Nectar we supplied to the major cities in the country had all been sold out without much effort after the opening ceremony. The second shipment of the goods is currently on the way to our exclusive stores in the major cities all over the country. It should be delivered by tomorrow.”
“The profits must have been good, right?” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
“After the Finance Department calculated it, our first batch of Gods Nectar netted a profit of 2.76 billion.” Kang Xia joyfully said, “As for the second batch of Gods Nectar, though it’s lesser in quantity, it should also be able to earn a net profit of billions of yuan.”
“Great. Such a huge profit is more than I expected.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Let’s talk about the Skin Care Lotion and the Scar Removal Cream. Have these two cosmetics been put on sale?”
“The Skin Care Lotion and the Scar Removal Cream were just listed for sale. But due to the booming Gods Nectar, their sales are also hot. However, you also know that it’s very difficult to show its effect within a short time. Let’s wait for a few days. I dare say that after a few days, the customers who bought our products will surely help us to hype them up.”
“A fragrant wine needs not fear the dark alley, to begin with.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Besides, we have the magical feature of Moments nowadays, so it will be very easy to share the good things. Anyhow, I can’t talk much. I’ll find the time to make a trip back to Star City. By then, I’ll hold a celebration party for you.”
“We are a group of high-class people here. We’re all wishing for the stars and the moon, so we’ll be waiting for you.” Kang Xia said with a smile.
“I know!”
Tang Xiu replied with a smile and then straightly hang up the phone. Although the Gods Nectar’s revenue was more than he had expected, he was also well aware of one thing: the winery’s production was too small. The Gods Nectar that was on sale now was already the vast bulk of the storage volume for months.
This time, being able to earn 2 to 3 billion, he was sure that such a massive sales would only happen once in a year and a half. Normally, the business operation would run in a small but steady stream.
As for the Skin Care Lotion and Scar Removal Cream, he didn’t need to worry about them. These two products could smite the products of other international cosmetic industries. At that time, once the testimonies were spread out, sooner or later there would be one day that these two cosmetics would become the world’s topmost luxury products.
Despite so, the current selling prices of these two cosmetics were not much different from the world’s topmost cosmetic brands.
Bluestar Villa Complex.
After Tang Xiu drove back here and just walked into the courtyard, he saw Du Juan doing the laundry, while sitting next to her was his mother, Su Lingyun.
"Mom, how did you come here?" Tang Xiu let out a smile and asked as he approached.
Seeing Tang Xiu, Su Lingyun looked happy at first. But after she saw his weary look and dirty appearance, she suddenly looked a bit distressed. She then welcomed him and said, “What’s that little thing you got? The house in South Gate Town got messy because of it. That thing didn’t hurt me, but your dad’s toes were bitten by it. So I came over to send this thing back to you.”
_The small thing?_
Tang Xiu was startled and stared blankly. He suddenly recalled the fierce beast he had adopted. A faint smile immediately appeared on his face. He then quickly summoned it within his mind.
As though lightning, a figure instantly appeared in front of Tang Xiu, and then rushed to his arm, catching him unprepared.
“Hey, little thing. Didn’t I tell you that you’re absolutely not to hurt people if there are no special circumstances? Who made you hurt someone?” Tang Xiu clutched its neck, patted its head and chided at it.
The little thing, akin to a leopard, quickly showed a flattering look. It chimed a few times and then looked at Su Lingyun, like it was saying that it was protecting her.
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing as he patted its head and said, “Remember, you are not to hurt anyone again later without my permission. Otherwise, I’ll butcher you and stew a pot of delicious food.”
The little thing shrunk its head and showed an honest expression.
Tang Xiu then looked at Su Lingyun and said with a smile, “Mom, have you got acquainted with them?”
“Yeah, I already know both of them!” Su Lingyun said with a smile, “These two children are pretty good. It’s a good idea to take care of each other and live together. Anyways, why do you look so unkempt? What’s the matter? And why did you not attend military training?”
Letting out a wry smile inside, Tang Xiu couldn’t reply truthfully this time, he could only make up a story. He said, “Mom, you also know that my company’s products have hit the market, thus I had to go out of town to supervise it! Additionally, to participate or not in the military training has no significance. However, I’ll follow your wish, though. I’ll properly master the knowledge and cultures and smoothly get myself a university diploma. As for my appearance, it’s because I got quite worn out in my trip out of town, so I’m kinda tired and hungry.”

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