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Bright sunlight shined on the earth, while a warm breeze was mixed with a light fishy smell of seawater. Outside the entrance to Jingmen Island’s Everlasting Feast Hall, a black car arrived as though lightning.
When the black car was tens of meters away from the gate, the brakes sounded and the car completely stopped just in front of the gate pole.
“Lift the pole.”
The moment a middle-aged man in the driver’s seat came out, he faced the four big men and shouted.
The four big men immediately showed a respectful look upon seeing the middle-aged man. One of them immediately raised the pole, while the middle-aged man then sat back in the driver’s seat. As the car’s door closed, he deeply stepped on the throttle pedal. The car shot out as though an arrow, and instantly rushed inside.
“What happened with military instructor Lu? How can he be so anxious?”
“Is there a important matter? Have you heard any mission passed down from the top brass?”
“I think I saw our Boss in the back seat.”
“Boss? Our new Boss?
During the four big men’s discussion, the black car quickly rushed into the Everlasting Feast Hall’s parking lot. The moment Tang Xiu opened the car’s door, he saw Gu Xiaoxue coming flying at him.
“Grand Master!”
With her eyes looking a bit red, Gu Xiaoxue dashed toward Tang Xiu. Behind her, a man and a woman followed. The young man was dressed in white, with soft, loose hair. His appearance was quite handsome, looking around 27 or 28. The woman was dressed in black sportswear, a black cloak, and was also wearing a black mask.
“Boss, I’m Light!”
“I’m Dark!”
The young man and woman cupped their fists and said respectfully.
Tang Xiu raised his brows as he patted Gu Xiaoxue’s shoulder. He then dashed toward the seashore’s direction and asked, “What’s the matter with them?”
“Boss, Light and Dark are the geniuses Master has been training. They are the best talents picked from thousands of people. They are just like me, who have embarked on the cultivation path as early as I have on the immortality cultivation. However, the two of them have special identities, there are only a few of our Everlasting Feast Hall’s people who know their existence. But I put their names in the list I gave you before.” Gu Xiaoxue said.
After recalling about it, Tang Xiu remembered that he indeed had seen the names “Light” and “Dark”. It was just that he didn’t expect that both of them had special identities.
“For being able to stand out from thousands of people mean that they have good aptitudes. If you perform well, I’ll teach you a stronger cultivation technique, and even more powerful immortal techniques. Be loyal and faithful. If you don’t die young, I can even give you a much bigger fortune.”
Light and Dark exchanged glances as a pleasantly surprised look immediately burst out from their eyes.
“We understand!”
Tang Xiu nodded in a response. After that, he dashed to the coastline at his maximum speed. He didn’t even take the lone boat, instead, he cast his Imperial Wind Secret Art. His feet were as though treading on the sea surface. Layer upon layer of waves rippled as he continued moving forward toward the sea.

“Imperial Wind Secret Art?”
Gu Xiaoxue, Light and Dark exchanged surprised looks.
The trio immediately also cast the Imperial Wind Secret Art, following behind Tang Xiu as though shadows. They quickly dashed forward, their speed much faster than Tang Xiu’s. Within a short several breaths, they had caught up and maintained the distance with Tang Xiu.
Gu Xiaoxue then brandished her arms as though a knife, splitting the seawater into two. The group then bolted toward the exquisite pagoda. There, Ji Chimei had long been waiting and personally opened the pagoda’s door.
“Lord, Master is waiting for you on the seventh floor.”
Tang Xiu replied as his figure flashed toward the upper floor. Gu Yan’er, Light, and Dark, however, were stopped by Ji Chimei, who shook her head silently.
“Elder Ji, Master must be very happy.” Gu Xiaoxue said softly.
A gratified look appeared on Ji Chimei’s face. She nodded and sighed, “Of course she’s happy. Master has been searching for Venerable Lord with so much hardship… All in all, she has suffered many difficulties and hardships for the Lord. I only hope that the Lord can understand her heart…”
On the seventh floor of the exquisite pagoda.
Inside, Gu Yan’er was sitting cross-legged on the ice bed. Her fingers cast a strange hand seal, while the chilling cold in her body surged into the air.
At this moment, the seventh floor temperature was much lower than when she was in a comatose state.
Despite having a large increase in his cultivation level, Tang Xiu could still feel a biting cold chilling invasion and felt cold all over his body.
The instant Tang Xiu stepped into the seventh floor, his gaze locked at the stunning beauty with pale face.
His pace came to a stop in an instant.
His heartbeat, however, thumped and sped up.
A warm feeling that came from the soul surged out as though a spring. The warmth passed to his limbs and five organs. It was as if the chilling cold no longer had the slightest impact on him whatsoever.
Gu Yan’er’s eyelashes fluttered. Her lucid, bright eyes opened, and she looked slightly dazed. But an instant later, sparkling and glittering tears appeared in her eyes. Her delicate body floated in the air. She was as though a female celestial with her feet dancing and treading on the void, slowly coming before Tang Xiu.
Tang Xiu’s lips quivered. His voice sounded a bit hoarse.
The glittering and translucent tears in Gu Yan’er’s eyes were as though a sea. It finally burst out as large drops fell over her face like falling pearls, dripping down onto her dress and wetting it, as she threw herself into Tang Xiu’s embrace.
Such a mournful sounds of weeping blood of a cuckoo; just like melodic inversions of hundreds of swallows’ it was recited and turned into thousands of years of vibratos, only to say everything inside her mind of what she had been longing for.
Hugging Gu Yan’er’s thin and cold body, there were not the slightest evil thought in Tang Xiu’s mind. Instead, his heart was full of warmth and affection, filled with guilt and wanting. He gently stroked Gu Yan’er’s silky black hair, murmuring, “You’ve finally woken up for Master to see you again. Your wish of a lifetime has come true. Good child, you’re my good child!”
Gu Yan’er’s body turned stiff as her sobbing paused in an instant. She pulled a bit of distance from Tang Xiu. While holding his face, she shook her head with eyes brimming with tears.
Tang Xiu keenly realized Gu Yan’er’s unusual behavior. He quickly grabbed her hand and asked with concern, “Yan’er, what happened to you? Are you not feeling well?”
Shaking her head and eyes filled with full of affection, Gu Yan’er shook her head again and said, “Master, Yan’er is very well now. Really, really well. Yan’er can see Master again, even if I have to die now, Yan’er is willing. For thousands of years, Yan’er has never feared suffering any hardships and difficulties only to find you. I’m already contented and satisfied so long as I can see you, Master.”
While holding up her hands, Tang Xiu said in a low voice, “Yan’er, rest assured! You have seen me. Besides, I haven’t died, I’m still alive. Later on, Master won’t meet with any mishap again, and I won’t leave you despite everything.”
Gu Yan’er nodded repeatedly. Though her tears didn’t stop flowing, a dazzling smile appeared on her beautiful, pale face. It was a pure smile, full of contentment.
Tang Xiu’s subject then shifted as his expression turned solemn. After he took a deep breath, he said in a deep voice, “Yan’er, Master swears to you that, regardless of how much I must pay in the future, I will find the Chrono Crystal and the Demonic Revival Grass to cure your injury. Just trust me.”
In Gu Yan’er’s lifetime, the person she relied on and most trusted was always Tang Xiu. When she heard his words, she nodded without hesitation, “Yan’er believes in you, Master.”
“Also, although Master returned to the Earth, my cultivation has gone into nothingness.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “But believe me, sooner or later, I will take you to return back to the Immortal World. I will make that Shade Demon—Zhu Wushou pay a bitter and painful price for injuring you. Only I alone can hit, chide, and punish my own disciples. No one else has the rights to do so.”
Gu Yan’er shook her head quickly, and bitterly said, “Master, I don’t want you to avenge me. As long as you can be safe and sound; as long as Yan’er can follow you and be happy, Yan’er will be contented and satisfied.”
“You will be happy following me in the future, however, that Shade Demon—Zhu Wushou must die.” Tang Xiu solemnly said, “All right, let’s not talk about this. We, master and disciple, have met again, so let Master have a good look at you.”
Gu Yan’er let out a dazzling smile yet again. She nodded heavily and said, “Master, your appearance has changed. Although you still have the previous shadows, is this the real you?”
“Yeah!” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Due to a strange mix of circumstances, a wisp of Master’s soul went through space, and the same strange circumstances also made me have the same surname and given the name Tang Xiu as well there. This root of my soul, unless it can break through the shackles of a celestial being and turn into a God, it was able to find the way back. I had never expected that because of them… with a strange chance of circumstances I returned to Earth. Anyhow, but you, Yan’er, though you were a few years older than when you were missing, your appearance hasn’t changed at all. You’re still so beautiful. You’re still the disciple Master loves the most.”
“Master, so you turns out to be only a wisp of soul who went to the Immortal World.” Gu Yan’er said with a smile, “So, that’s why. That explains why I was only able to find a bit of a clue when I peeped at the heavenly secrets despite much difficulties. Fortunately, my last gamble proved the correct one.”
“Yan’er, Master knows that you suffered a lot of pain and mishaps in these thousands of years.” Tang Xiu sighed, “In fact, you shouldn’t have delayed so many years for your Master. What I always hoped for you is that you can live happily, becoming an immortal and becoming a God in future. You coming to Earth truly makes your Master feel guilty.”
“Master, you’re the only source of happiness I have.” Gu Yan’er shook her head and said with a smile, “I actually regretted it. I regretted throwing myself into that hopeless situation, to look for…”
“Yan’er, if I were still in the Immortal World, I would have stopped you from going there.” Tang Xiu gently shook his head and interrupted her, saying, “But now, I feel that what you did was the correct choice. All the Supremes in the Immortal World know that you’re my favorite disciple. I almost died when they ambushed me. But if you were by my side back then, I’m afraid that the disaster wouldn’t have ended that well.”
Gu Yan’er fell into silence.
She knew that Tang Xiu was correct. Had she followed at her Master’s side back then, she probably would have ended up dying. If she were to be killed by them at that time, she wouldn’t have had this opportunity at reunion with her master at this moment.

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