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Everyone was shocked at seeing dead wolves everywhere. Eyes filled with awe fixated on Tang Xiu. The eight bodyguards originally thought that their Kung Fu skills were pretty good, but they finally realized that the gap between them and Tang Xiu was simply like heaven and earth.
The bonfire was burning, the grilled meat turned glossy and the roasted meat fragrance filled the air, yet no one wanted to take a bite. Under everyone’s shocked expressions, Tang Xiu constantly released his spiritual sense, observing the approaching bear.
“It’s coming!” Tang Xiu suddenly said.
Everyone suddenly sobered up.
“What’s coming?” Li Laoshan asked blankly.
However, just as he spoke, a gargantuan figure appeared before his vision, a terrifying black bear. The sight made everyone shudder.
As Ji Shiyan involuntarily retreated, she suddenly recalled something and immediately shouted, “Shoot it!”
Immediately, two bodyguards abruptly awoke from their daze and took the guns from their waists, pulling the trigger without a second thought. Dark muzzles spit out flames. The big black bear slammed into the ground, convulsed and then died.
Retracting his spiritual sense, Tang Xiu then looked at Li Laoshan and said with a smile, “Fatty Li, the crisis has been averted. You gotta make roast sticks if the barbecue hasn’t been done yet.”
Stunned and shocked, Li Laoshan suddenly dashed toward the bonfire. While turning the venison, he exclaimed in praise, “Brother Tang, this Fatty Li saw your ability today. You’re so damn powerful! Amazing! You gotta give me pointers later. I might not be able to become an invincible expert, but it would be damn fun if I go to Qingcheng Mountain and beat that guy a few times.”
“I told you to lose your big belly before learning Kung Fu.” Tang Xiu smirked.
“Hey, it’s not easy to lose weight, you know.” Li Laoshan forced a smile and said, “Been trying for many years, and yet it’s like I’m dying while sleeping. It’s because of this mouth of mine! It’s unable to have enough. Bah, forget it. Though my Kung Fu isn’t as good as yours, it’s enough to beat up a few local punks. That’s enough.”
“Well, I’ll give you a prescription to cure your kidney after we leave Shennong Ridge.” Tang Xiu laughed and said, “It’s not good to have a kidney deficiency after you’re over 40.”
Kidney deficiency?
Li Laoshan was dazed for a while and looked awkward all of a sudden. The others, whether they were the bodyguards or the beautiful Ji Shiyan, looked at Li Laoshan with strange expressions.
“That’s it! The barbecue is done!”
For the sake of pulling himself out from embarrassment, Li Laoshan quickly touched his nose and shouted.
Everyone held back their smiles and quickly surrounded the bonfire. They watched as Li Laoshan deftly cut off pieces of venison as they receiving the meat and began eating. Tang Xiu wanted to take the Gods Nectar from his interspatial ring; having it with roasted venison would be really great. However, he couldn’t expose the interspatial ring’s secret.

The next morning, after everyone dismantled the tents and reorganized their stuff, they continued to trek. They could only leave the wolves’ and the black bear’s corpses behind since they couldn’t carry them.
However, after trekking for more than 20 minutes, Tang Xiu made an excuse to scour the terrain. Then, he quickly returned to the camp and put the dead wolves and big black bear into his interspatial ring.
The following journey was also fraught with dangers. After trekking for more than two hours they arrived at a swamp. It was fortunate that Tang Xiu acted fast enough to help two bodyguards that had fallen into the swamp. Afterward, just as they passed around the poisonous marsh, some in the group had indications of being poisoned. Luckily, Tang Xiu had knowledge in medicine, thus, he was able to treat them and they were finally able to recover.
As they climbed the mountain, everyone constantly encountered a variety of wild animals. Some of the beasts possessed simple intelligence due to living for a long time. Therefore, be their speed and strength, they were on par with low-grade fierce beasts. Even though Tang Xiu acted on each time, however, the bodyguards still suffered some injuries. Even Li Laoshan’s plump bottom was also torn for a few centimeters long cheetah’s sharp claw.
At Ghost King Valley.
The deep valley was formed in the middle of three big mountains and was covered by mist throughout the year. The bushes were one or two meters high with wild thorns spread everywhere, and the mountain was steep and full of rugged rocks. Entering this place, even if one were to open the path with a machete, if they were not careful, they could possibly tread on the empty air and fall into a several meters deep cavern.
“Mr. Tang, let’s not go further into the Ghost King Valle range. It’s getting dark now, we had better set up tents in here first. The exploring should be done in the morning, don’t you think?” Ji Shiyan no longer felt annoyed by Tang Xiu, but now deeply worshipped him.
She was a taekwondo athlete in her school days. But in this adventure, the strength showcased by Tang Xiu deeply impressed her. If it wasn’t because of Tang Xiu acting on several occasions, she would’ve died under the beast's’ claws already.
Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. Shaking his head, he then slowly said, “Here is not a good choice of campground. This place is already inside the Ghost King Valley range. You’ve seen those wild animals before. There are a lot of them, and they are very strong. If we stay here, I’m afraid we will have to guard against those wild animals’ attacks all night.”
“What should we do then?” Ji Shiyan asked, “If we enter Ghost King Valley, I’m afraid we won’t have time to rest either. Besides, the surrounding environment will be even more dangerous for us.”
“Let’s look for a cave.” Tang Xiu said, “We’ll divide into groups of three to look around for a cave to temporarily occupy. Although staying in a cave is not necessarily safe, it’s much safer than sleeping outside.”
“How can there be any caves here.” Ji Shiyan forced a smile.
“Secretary Ji, you said it before, didn’t you?” Li Laoshan’s expression suddenly flickered as he said, “Tons of people came to Ghost King Valley, yet no one was able to return. Maybe they faced the same situation as us. Hence, they should have dug a cave nearby! Listen to Brother Tang and search it!”
Ji Shiyan replied and began searching with the bodyguards. Soon, a pleasantly surprised news came over. A group of three bodyguards found a cave in a place about 700-800 meters away. The entrance to the cave was not big, and it was covered by weeds outside. If not because one of the bodyguards wanted to pee, they probably wouldn’t have found it.
“The cave is very small. Only five people can get in.”
After the group checked the cave, they found a problem after examining it, causing them to turn immediately disappointed.
“The cave doesn’t have enough space. We’ll take a short break and then begin to dig.” Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and said, “We should be able to double the space in a few hours. Then, five of us must stay outside to keep the night watch, while the others rest inside the cave. As long as everyone takes turns and stays alert, we can pass this night safely.”
“But we have no tools, Mr. Tang!” A bodyguard forced a bitter smile.
“I think we do. Aren’t there two shovels in your backpack?” Tang Xiu said, “The others also brought a dagger each, so we can use them.”
“This… All right!”
Under Tang Xiu’s command, everyone began to dig. The cave finally enlarged after spending more than two hours, and it wouldn’t be a problem to accommodate eight people inside at the same time.
At this moment, when everyone was sitting at the mouth of the cave tired and catching their breath, a beast’s roar sounded outside.
“The ones with guns, bring them and guard the entrance. The rest enter the cave! The beast’s howl was very loud, so it should be a beast. After you’ve finished positioning yourselves, I’ll have a look at it!” Tang Xiu quickly let out a loud cry and rushed to the sound’s direction.
His initial speed was low, but it immediately soared after he was out of everyone’s sight. He was like a ghost traversing through the forested mountains. A few minutes later, his figure appeared in a bush. He then saw a dark rhino-like fierce beast with four snow-white hoofs through the slit of the bushes.
The rhino-like fierce beast was three meters tall, with eyes as large as a bowl and a more than 20 cm long horn on its head. Facing it were three nearly two-meters-high white tigers who were constantly roaring at the rhino-like fierce beast. From the looks of it, they were ready to attack it at any time.
_This rhino-like fierce beast is definitely a high-grade fierce beast. Its strength is probably not lower than mine. Nevertheless, those three white tigers are probably very powerful as well. Otherwise, the rhino-like fierce beast would have already attacked and killed them_ , Tang Xiu secretly thought while hiding in the bushes.
However, at this moment, he had no fear. This rhino-like fierce beast may be very powerful, but it paled in comparison to the Fire Qilin in the Sky Cavern.
_It'd be good if they killed each other off, so that I and the others can safely look for the Demonic Revival Grass. Otherwise, except for me, who’s able to slip quietly into the depths of the Ghost King Valley, the others won’t be able to enter. Once these fierce beasts discover them others, I’m afraid there would be only a dead end for them._
Tang Xiu racked his brain for a moment, and then secretly decided. He bent his waist and quietly picked up a thumb-sized stone from the ground, and then quietly circled around to the other side. While restraining his own breath and aura, he then threw the stone at them.
The angle was extremely good!
Tang Xiu’s location when he threw the stone was exactly behind those three white tigers. However, the stone just scratched a white tiger’s body before fiercely hitting the rhino-like fierce beast.
The moment the rhino-like fierce beast and the three white tigers turned their heads, its forehead was hit. The beast was immediately infuriated as its four snow-white hooves trampled on the ground and dashed toward the three white tigers. Its speed was extremely fast. Faster than Tang Xiu’s speed when fully exerting his strength.

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