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_A Fitness Center?_
Tang Xiu’s brows slightly furrowed as he fell into thought. Yuan Chuling’s idea was great indeed, for it could earn tons of money if the fitness center did well.
"Have you done market research?"
“Yeah.” Yuan Chuling nodded and seriously said, “I invested more than 10,000 yuan in the research. I asked 20 students from my campus to run around for three days and survey the students, white-collar workers, self-employed ones, and other market segments. Thus, I got several thousand survey reports from many segment groups. According to the reports, 82% of them have a sub-healthy state, 12% have a fitness card and often exercise in fitness centers, while 64% of them have the intention to go to the gym…”
Calmly listening to Yuan Chuling, Tang Xiu then nodded in silence. Nonetheless, he was not as optimistic as Yuan Chuling was, for the fitness center to rack in profits would require many aspects and elements of its business management.
“Actually, it’s a good start to set up a fitness center. As long as you have money, you can rent a place, provide complete upscale fitness equipment and decoration, and hire excellent fitness instructors. Thus, you can easily start your business. But the key is the management and its operations. As far as the fitness center is concerned, there must be many gyms and fitness centers in a metropolis such as Shanghai. The question is, how can you do better than the others and what kind of benefits can you provide?”
“My business philosophy is very simple, you can even describe it as antic and crazy.” Yuan Chuling grinned and said, “It’s kinda… high grade with a low threshold. For other fitness centers, fitness is sport, that is, to work out and have physical exercise. But what I have in mind is different. I think it as a game, playing with new patterns so that people can have fun while exercising.”
“Elaborate!” Tang Xiu was surprised.
Stroking his chin, Yuan Chuling then chuckled and said with a smile, “Brother, speaking about study and business, I admit that I’m not as good as you. But in regards to playing and games, you absolutely can’t catch up with me. Lemme tell you a few examples. There are many shopping malls now, do you have the time to move about to do all the activities? You can do those activities in the fitness gym too.
“Moreover, we can do fitness program that provides bonuses and prizes. In addition, having beautiful instructors would be a good choice too, while in reality, it’s kinda difficult to try find suitable training partners for them in the same line of profession! Not to mention that there are also tons of bachelors and bachelorettes of marriageable age in the metropolis as well. Thus, we can do a blind date program too! Emphasizing this point, we can promote interactions between the members and use it as a monthly matchmaking event.”
“Another example is that if we set up a member club and set up a sports talent program, we can cooperate with some media and do some TV programs. As long as we are willing to invest money on this, we can become more and more popular and well-known, hence more influence…”

While watching Yuan Chuling speaking with fervor and confidence, Tang Xiu actually looked at him while regarding his forte -- playing. Supposing that he had enough variety in this aspect, maybe he could really make it as his enterprise.
“How much will it need exactly?”
Upon hearing this, Yuan Chuling’s eyes lit up and he immediately replied while raising his fingers, “I can get two million, but that’s all I have. If you’re willing to invest in me, I’ll immediately find my old man to borrow a few million more from him. If… if you can invest five million, I’m sure I’m going to set it ablaze!”
“You mean that the total investment is about 10 million, yes?” Tang Xiu asked.
“That’s right.” Yuan Chuling nodded.
“Well, I’ll invest 15 million then.” Tang Xiu thought for a moment, and then slowly said, “And I’ll take 60% of the shares. Your five million investment will be counted as 40% of the shares. After the fitness center has been set up, I won’t meddle or intervene in the business. However, I will place someone in the Finance Department. What do you think?”
Yuan Chuling patted his thigh as he nodded and said, “No prob. We have a deal!”
“Gimme your bank account number, I’ll transfer the money to you now.” Tang Xiu said.
“So straightforward?” Yuan Chuling stared blankly, astonished.
“I don’t like to do things sloppily, you know that.” Tang Xiu laughed and said, “If you manage the fitness center well, then I’ll be waiting to earn the money. If you suffer financial losses, then just take it as a loss.”
“Eldest Bro, you’re really rich and imposing.” Yuan Chuling raised his thumb and praised, “All right. I’ll give you my account number now.”
A few minutes later, Tang Xiu had transferred the money to Yuan Chuling’s account. He then got up and said with a smile, “Well, shall we leave now? We have to register for the campus tomorrow, and the classes formally start the day after tomorrow. If anything, let’s just go back earlier so that we can hurry back earlier as well.”
With a content and satisfied expression, Yuan Chuling jumped up, his flabby figure trembling from head to feet as he grinned, “Let’s go. Back home.”
Star City.
Magnificent Tang Corp’s HQ, inside the General Manager’s Office.
While quietly reading a few documents, a deep frown appeared from time to time on Kang Xia’s stunningly beautiful face, while sometimes a smile also occasionally appeared. On the sofa in the corner of the office, Andy lazily nested there, playing with her mobile phone and yawning from time to time.
“Andy, if you have the time, go to the new city project and do some monitoring. Although we can trust those forces we’re working with, but it’s a tens of billions huge project, after all. In the case we have some financial or some other problem, we will suffer quite the titanic losses, too.” Kang Xiu looked up and spoke to Andy, who was still playing her mobile phone on the sofa.
“No need to worry about that, Boss!” Andy answered without even raising her head.
Kang Xia shook her head and put down the documents. Then, she smiled and asked, “Andy, why have you been so listless recently? I heard that the Simao Group’s Young Boss is pursuing you like crazy. How about it? Have you answered him or something?”
Pouting her lips, Andy snorted, “Boss, that Chen Si’en is indeed a bit talented and got good looks. But no one is as good as our Boss in my eyes. He wants me to be his girlfriend? Hmph, he gotta temper himself again and cultivate for a few more decades.”
Without hesitation, Kang Xia replied, “True that, no one is better than our Boss. However, our Boss is only one man, and I will definitely make him fall under my skirt. Give up, girl!”
Andy rolled and got up, putting her hands on her hips, and then said, “Boss, though you’re my immediate superior, you are not the master of my feelings. God made me fancy Boss, then he will be my man. If you want to have to PK with me, then I’ll be glad to contend with you.”
“Pfft, haha…”
Kang Xia couldn’t help but laugh.
Dissatisfied, Andy continued, “Boss, I’m seriously telling you! An outstanding man such as Boss won’t have only one woman! You also know that China used to be a monarchy, don’t you? Emperors had three palaces and six manors, with 72 emperor’s harem princess, so I think our boss can have it too. As for me… I don’t ask to be an empress, I’m content to be one of the imperial concubines.”
“Imperial concubine my ass! Stop being loquacious, will ya? I…”
_Ring, ring, ring…_
Kang Xia was interrupted by her mobile’s ringtone.
Andy made a pooping gesture at Kang Xia’s powdered beauty, and then lazily nested back on the sofa as she continued playing with her mobile phone.
As for Kang Xia, she took her mobile phone and looked at the caller ID’s number. Her eyes lit up as she got up and said, “Boss, are you looking for me?”
“Kang Xia, I’m about to return to Star City around noon to take care of some things! I’ll be holding a company’s celebration party at the Long’s Dining Hall.” Tang Xiu’s voice came from the mobile.
“Are you going to arrive at noon, Boss?” Pleasantly surprised, Kang Xia asked, “Great! I’ll pass the instructions down. By the way, what time will you be arriving, exactly? Do you want me to pick you up at the airport?”
“No need to fetch me.” Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “I must go back to South Gate Town first. I’ll go to the company to find you in the afternoon.”
“All right!” Kang Xiu replied with a smile.
After hanging up, still with a smile on her face, Kang Xia then raised her heard and found Andy in front of her desk, staring at her with a pair of intelligent, yet watery eyes.
“What are you doing, Andy?” Kang Xia asked with a smile.
“Was it Boss?” Andy blinked and asked, “Is Boss coming back? Can I see him?”
“Yup, Boss told me on the phone that he will be coming back to hold a celebration party for us. He wants us to go to the Long’s Dining Hall to arrange it. How about it? You want to showcase something in front of the Boss?”
Andy looked up with a joyful expression, and then curiously asked, “Show what?”
“The matter for this evening’s celebration party is for you to arrange! If you do well, Boss will surely treat you differently.” Kang Xia smiled.
Andy made a fist and shouted, “I guarantee that Boss will be satisfied and happy. All right, I’ll go and work it out well!”
“Go then!” Kang Xia said with a smile.
South Gate Town.
Inside the Kingview Villa, Su Lingyun was drowsy and sleepy, while Tang Yunde was reading a stack of documents, constantly furrowing his brows. It was almost October, and the weather was still a bit hot, with thick beads of sweat emerging on his forehead.
Tang Xiu’s figure appeared before Tang Yunde, as he called out in a low voice.
Tang Yunde looked a bit dull and was about to speak upon realizing that his son was back. However, he saw Tang Xiu gesturing for him to keep silence.
“To my study room!”
Tang Yunde let out a faint smile and followed Tang Xiu.
Inside the study room.
After Tang Yunde and Tang Xiu took seats, Tang Yunde asked with a smile, “When did you come back? The previous time you came back you left in a hurry. What exactly happened back then?”
“There was something with my disciple, Dad. I’ll tell you about that later.” Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Anyways, what’s up with Mom? Why didn’t she go to the restaurant today?”
“She just returned from there.” Tang Yunde said with a smile.
“How are you feeling?” Tang Xiu smiled back and said, “You were separated from her for 20 years. Are you getting reaccustomed with each other?”
“To be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first.” Tang Yunde grinned and said, “I find that your Mom has become a strong woman. She’s busy in the restaurant every day and she never listens if I tell her to rest. If you have time, say to your Mom that, even if she must work desperately like a workaholic, the restaurant won’t earn that much money anyway.”
“You don’t know about this, Dad.” Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “She became a workaholic when we were enduring days of bitter hardship. She was anxious and didn’t feel safe in leaving things in someone else’s hand. Just let her be, Dad. Besides, even she can’t earn that much money, it doesn’t matter to our family, anyway. It’s fine as long as she’s happy.”

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