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Along with the great-looking and aromatic dishes being delivered to the table, as young as they were, everyone quickly became familiar with each other, and merrily chatted and laughed. However, to maintain their gentlemanly manners and elegance, the Yue Kai, Hu Qingsong, and Zhao Liang trio looked more refined when had a bite. It was Xue Chao who still ate very crisply.
“What a nice wine. This one is really great. It’s much better than the homebrew wine we made in the mountains.” Xue Chao gulped half a cup of Gods Nectar down to his belly and sighed in praise.
Tang Xiu secretly rolled his eyes. This Gods Nectar was only the simplified recipe he made. In the Immortal World, there had been countless powerhouses who wanted to drink and could only get a few mouthfuls to sip it. Comparing the liquors on Earth with the good wine he had studied was simply discussing two disparate things altogether.
There was simply no need to criticize, nor to talk about it.
Tang Xiu turned his gaze to Mu Wanying and said, “Mu Wanying, I heard you signed me up to perform a show at the freshmen welcoming party, yes?”
“Yeah, I did sign you up,” Mu Wanying replied with a smile, “Tang Xiu, you aren’t upset because of that, right?
“Not at all,” Tang Xiu shook his head and said with a smile, “It’s just I felt a bit weird as to why you did that…”
“Well, I happened to meet Teacher Han back then,” Mu Wanying smiled lightly and said, “During our chat, she said that there were too few people in your class who signed up for the freshman welcoming party, and they didn’t have a program to show. Hence I recommended you.”
Tang Xiu nodded.
“Do you think so too, right?” Mu Wanying smiled and said, “Anyways, what’s the show you’re going to perform for the freshmen welcoming party tomorrow?”
“I haven’t thought about it yet.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said with a smile, “I’ll think about it after I go back tonight. Let’s just see what happens tomorrow.”
“What’s good about the shows on campus, anyway?” Yue Kai interrupted and said, “Wait for a few days more, and let’s see a concert! The second stop for Superstar Zhang Xingya’s Asia Tour is in Shanghai. I’m trying to get a few tickets for that concert.”
While talking, he looked at Mu Wanying, pretending it was unintentional.
Zhang Xinya?
With a bit of surprise on his face, Tang Xiu didn’t expect to hear her name at this time. However, he could also guess what Yue Kai had in mind. The young man wanted to be with Mu Wanying. Therefore, he shook his head and said with a smile, “I won’t go there, and am not interested in seeing any concerts. You can go and see it if you want to, though.”
“Nah, though I like Zhang Xinya’s songs so much, I don’t like the atmosphere in the concert. So I won’t go.” Mu Wanying shook her head and said with a smile, “But Xinjie actually loves her, and is Zhang Xinya’s loyal fan. Just invite her to see her concert.”
Li Xinjie’s eyes lit up, as she looked at Yue Kai and said, “Can you really get the tickets for Zhang Xinya’s concert? As far as I know, the tickets for her concert were all sold out a few days ago, even those scalpers on the internet had no tickets at all.”

After hearing that Mu Wanying wouldn’t go, Yue Kai was somewhat dejected. However, for the sake of his face, he still squeezed out a smile and said, “Actually, my cousin is an acquaintance of Zhang Xingya’s manager, and she met him yesterday. She asked me whether I wanted to go see Zhang Xinya’s concert!”
“That’s so amazing, Yue Kai!” Li Xinjie was excited, “There are only four days left before Zhang Xinya’s concert, could you please take us there by then?”
“You can rest assured!” Yue Kai replied with a smile.
As time flew by, everyone had eaten a sumptuous dinner for more than two hours. On the dining table, the Yue Kai, Hu Qingsong, and Zhao Liang trio kept trying to get closer to Mu Wanying, yet they eventually realized that she didn’t seem to have any interest in them. Every time she responded, her expression was vague and tranquil. On the contrary, she looked immensely interested when she faced Tang Xiu, which made the trio feel sour and dejected.
After the dinner was over, Yue Kai proposed a karaoke. Since Tang Xiu came out to have some fun, Tang Xiu didn’t refuse, as he didn’t want to sweep away everyone’s joyful moment. As for Mu Wanying, she discussed it with her three dorm sisters before they finally agreed to go together.
However, when they were on the way to a KTV near Shanghai University, Jiang Feiyan received a phone call from her boyfriend. After learning that she was playing outside with her friends so late at night, her boyfriend insisted that he must go with her. Jiang Feiyan then consulted it with Mu Wanying and Tang Xiu, before she agreed to it.
Baoledi KTV...
The private box was magnificently and beautifully decorated. There was a huge LCD screen playing pop songs inside. Although the group drove three cars here and could be said to be drunk-driving, they still had a lot of booze to drink. Certainly, there were bound to be many fruits makeover, beverages, snacks, and other stuff as well.
At first, everyone had somewhat constrained themselves in singing songs. But with Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong there, the atmosphere’s mood makers did their homework, and everyone gradually loosened up. Not only did Yue Kai, Hu Qingsong, and Zhao Liang sing a few songs, even Li Xinjie, Jiang Feiyan, and Hu Wei did the same.
“Yo, Tang Big Bro, come here and sing!” Hu Qingsong shouted with his thick northeast accent.
Tang Xiu let out a smile and waved his hand as a response, but pushed Xue Chao and laughed, “Let this old Xue sing. I once heard he sang some folk songs before, and his voice is very nice to hear!”
Scratching his head, Xue Chao smirked and said, “Well, since Boss Tang likes to listen to folk songs, I’ll sing some random songs. Anyways, I’m not going to sing alone, though. Anyone wants to assist me to sing the Xintianyou song?”[1]
“Count me in!” Hu Qingsong laughed.
As the music blared out, a familiar melody echoed inside the box. Xue Chao took the microphone from Yue Kai as a confident smile hung on his face.
“I looked down at the ravine and chase the passing moon of time…”
A thick, rough voice exuded a charm that pleasant to listen to, it filled the whole room. Everyone was startled the moment Xue Chao opened his mouth to sing.
It was pleasant to heart! Everyone didn’t know how to describe it, except it was great to hear.
When Xue Chao completed the song, everyone recovered from the shock, and applause followed. Yue Kai hugged Xue Chao’s shoulder and sighed, “Damn, old Xue! I never thought you could sing so well! Even you are no different than those great singers, you know! How about you quit studying? I’ll set up a music company, and become your personal manager. Let’s make money after you get famous, okay?”
Embarrassed, Xue Chao let out an awkward smile, waving his hand and said, “Nope, not a chance! I only sang randomly, and I can’t read musical scores at all. I’d only make myself a laughingstock if I were to be a singer! Cut the joke, Yue Kai!”
On the sofa in the corner, Hu Wei gazed at Xue Chao with bright eyes, and the smile on her face turned more brilliant, a thoughtful look flickering in her eyes. No one else knew what she had in mind.
After laughing merrily, Hu Qingsong then shifted his eyes toward Tang Xiu and smirked, “Tang Big Bro! It’s your turn to sing now! Only you and great belle Mu among us have yet to sing.”
Shooting a look at Tang Xiu, Mu Wanying found that Tang Xiu gave a ‘please’ gesture to her. She then immediately got up, and said with a smile, “All right. I’ll sing once. Just don’t laugh at me if my voice isn’t pleasant to your ear!”
Shortly after, Mu Wanying picked a Moon in the Sky song. She sang the song with a beautiful voice, melodious harmony, and strong immersion in its artistic conception.
Jiang Feiyan looked shocked and exclaimed in admiration, “Heavens! Wanying, you can sing so well. It’s so good to hear! If you were to become a singer, you definitely can match my favorite singer, Zhang Xinya!”
“Well, like someone once said to me, I don’t have much interest in music, nor do I want to be a star,” Mu Wanying replied and smiled slightly.
“Who exactly was this someone?” Jiang Feiyan confused.
While pointing at Tang Xiu, Mu Wanying smiled and said, “It’s him. A professor at a famous music academy in China once sought out Tang Xiu twice, hoping that he could go to that music academy, working as a teacher and become a professor there. Those words were what he replied to that professor.”
Everyone present looked at Tang Xiu incredulously.
_Invited by a famous music academy to work there as… a teacher?_
_Who are you joking with?_
_How old is Tang Xiu? Though he may have profound attainments in music, would he even qualify to be a music teacher?_
“Mu Wanying, can you not mention that topic to me?” Tang Xiu bitterly said, “I really don’t have much interest in music. Hearing it on some occasions is okay, but you might as well kill me if you want me to be a music teacher, more so a performer!”
Yue Kai approached Tang Xiu’s side, slowly observing and sizing him up a few times carefully. After that, he said incredulously, “Tang Big Bro, was what Beauty Mu said for real? There was a professor from a famous music academy who came to you and invited you to become a teacher?”
“There were indeed some, but it didn’t interest me,” Tang Xiu nodded and replied.
Yue Kai’s lips wriggled a few times, yet he didn’t utter any words, as he didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, he realized that what he knew of Tang Xiu truly was minute. It seemed like his classmate had a very mysterious air about him, no?
Suddenly, he recalled one thing.
“Big Bro, I recalled Old Xue saying that you seem to have a big villa and many luxurious cars. Is that true?” Yue Kai asked.
Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment before he reluctantly nodded and said, “It seems true if you ask me. They are gifts presented by my relatives, though.”
“So, you are also second generation nouveau riche, huh?” Yue Kai called out.
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing and replied, “I prefer to hear you say I’m first generation nouveau riche, mate.”
Yue Kai rolled his eyes, and sarcastically replied, “Bah! If you are the first generation nouveau riche, then I’m the country’s money-bags. Tell me something, what does your family do exactly?”
“Open a restaurant,” Tang Xiu told him.
“Damn! You turn out to be a bigwig who pretends to be a layman.“ Yue Kai gave a thumbs-up and praised, “We all thought you were just a poor bloke, never had I ever expected you’ve been playing a pig to eat tigers. That’s not right. I just looked at the menu. The price for wine on it is very expensive. It seems a bottle is priced at more than five digits, no? Yet you just gave them to us to rinse our mouth.”
“Go to hell!” Tang Xiu cursed, as he was at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh.
The private box’s door was knocked and opened. Two youths then staggered into the box. After one of youth glanced around the inside situation, his eyes then fixed on Mu Wanying for a few seconds before finally falling on Jiang Feiyan.
“Feiyan, it’s so late at night and you-you're still playing outside? Do you know that I’m very worried about you?” The youth tottered over to Jiang Feiyan, and then sat down beside her.
Jiang Feiyan furrowed his brows. She held the youth’s arm and said, “Why did you drink again? You even got drunk and turn out to be like this?”
“I’m okay.” The young man waved his hand and said, “A few fellow-townsmen have just come to study at Shanghai University, and they invited me to drink. If I don’t go with them, then… that would mean I didn’t give them face. Your man has a great capacity for liquor. Besides, An Rui also helped me to pour them on. And those little blokes quickly drilled to the bottom of the table. Hahaha…!”
1\. Xintianyou, literally “rambling in the sky”. A major folk tune of Shaanxi Province and its bordering regions in Shanxi Province and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

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