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While sitting quietly on the sofa and watching the drunken young man, a hint of a smile appeared on Tang Xiu’s mouth. From that fellow’s footsteps when he walked inside, as well as his words and mannerisms, he could tell that this fella was pretending to be drunk. He did seem to stagger when he was walking, yet his footsteps on the floor were steady, and there was no sign of blurry and drunkenness in his eyes.
Tang Xiu took out a cigarette and lit it. He leaned backward and said with a smile, “Is he your boyfriend, Jiang Feiyan? If he drank too much booze, give him a cup of hot tea. He should be sobered up, and then let him have a rest.”
Looking gratefully at Tang Xiu, Jiang Feiyan nodded and said, “All right.”
After that, she got up and poured him some tea.
That young man, however, grabbed her arm and pulled her down to sit on his lap. While hugging her, he shook his head and said, “I’m fine. There’s no problem even I drink a few more bottles.”
Moreover, the particular thing the other young man did after entering the box was that his eyes were always fixed on Mu Wanying. At this time, he strode forward and then sat down next to her. He grabbed the bottle on the table and raised it to Mu Wanying, saying with a smile, “Never thought I’d see you here, Belle Mu. I’ve always been wanting to invite you to a dinner before, but you always rejected because you had things to do. Today, it’s so coincidental, so I’ll borrow the present already gifted by others. Let’s have a toast.”
Mu Wanying never liked drinking. Even if it was such an occasion tonight, she didn’t take a sip at all. Seeing the youth’s reddened face and the reek of liquor coming from his mouth, a disgusted feeling rose in her heart. Yet she still maintained her calm expression, shaking her head and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t and I won’t drink.”
The youth grabbed Mu Wanying’s wrist and said with a chuckle, “Pretty Mu, wine is a good thing. It’s so unlikely if you haven’t learned about it! Come on, just give me some face. I’ll cover all of your spendings here tonight anyway.”
With a slightly changed expression, Mu Wanying straight-away broke free from the youth’s hand. She then got up and said coldly, “Zhuo Jian, behave yourself!”
Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong exchanged looks, and they got up and stepped toward the youth named Zhuo Jian. Xue Chao had already taken a liquor bottle from the table and pointed to Zhuo Jian, saying, “Kid, we don’t welcome you here. You have two choices: either you get the fuck out, or I smack a scoop at you!”
Upon seeing this, Zhuo Jian furrowed his brow, glancing coldly at Xue Chao, and immediately asked, “Ma Jun, your wife’s friends are very arrogant, heh? They don’t seem to welcome us.”
The young man named Ma Jun’s complexion changed. After pushing aside Jiang Feiyan, he slammed the tabletop with his palm, and yelled, “What the fuck do you wanna do? How could this year’s freshmen be so crazy?”
Tang Xiu had never imagined that the present situation would turn out like this. He secretly shook his head after hearing Ma Jun’s words. He then got up, patting Xue Chao’s shoulders and motioned him to put the bottle down. Then he looked at Jiang Feiyan and said with a smile, “Let us end our playing time tonight! Everyone, let’s go back earlier! Feiyan, do you need us to help send your boyfriend and his friend back to campus?”

Jiang Feiyan was very angry right now.
The one she was angry with was not Tang Xiu, nor Xue Chao or the others, but her boyfriend Ma Jun and his friend Zhuo Jian. Ever since she had fallen in love with Ma Jun, though Ma Jun usually acted fine, he did sometimes act very excessive. This time, Zhuo Jian unexpectedly made a ruckus and tried to make a move toward Mu Wanying. It was hardly acceptable to her.
Like similar things group together, the birds of a feather do indeed flock together.
She suddenly had a feeling that her boyfriend had been fooling around with Zhuo Jian all day long. Did this mean the two shared the same rotten tastes? The thought which had just emerged in her mind immediately made her feel like bursting out.
Once, she felt that despite her boyfriend not being flawless and having many shortcomings, they were easy enough to bear. But today’s move, what he did and his friend’s actions, suddenly made her feel that her boyfriend really paled in comparison with other good people.
His looks were not as good as Tang Xiu's and Zhao Liang's in front of her. Even Yue Kai, whose looks were akin to a pretty girl, was much better than him.
Speaking about family background, he wasn’t as good as those in front of her, either. After all, students who were able to drive a Land Rover Range Rover series, a BMW, and an Audi probably hailed from well-off families.
Talking about character, she only had a bit to criticize or talk about. But although she had just met Tang Xiu and the rest today, they seemed more mature than their peers as well! Tang Xiu was unmoved by gains or losses, as well as mature and steady; Yue Kai had his air of pride and aloofness beneath the surface; Hu Qingsong possessed boldness and uprightness; while Xue Chao was straightforward and good-natured. All of those were not things Ma Jun possessed.
The comparisons were odious.
Jiang Feiyan looked at Tang Xiu. There was an inquiry for advice in her look. After a few seconds of silence, she suddenly said, “It’s all right! I need to discuss something with Ma Jun. We’ll go back by taxi or bus.”
Tang Xiu nodded at her. He then turned to look at Mu Wanying, and said with a smile, “How about you? Are you going back with us?”
“Okay,” Mu Wanying nodded in reply.
A cloudy and volatile glint flashed in Zhuo Jian’s eyes as his angry glare shuttled back and forth between Xue Chao, Tang Xiu, and the others a few times. However, he knew that he must not fight when the odds were against him. Even though he hated these people inside, it was not a good time for him to lash out his anger.
Yet, a smile could be seen on the corner of Ma Jun’s mouth. He let Jiang Feiyan prop him up, as they walked step by step toward the outside.
At the main entrance, Yue Kai intended to drive back immediately with the rest, but Tang Xiu stopped him. Instead, he looked at Jiang Feiyan and said, “You get a taxi and leave first! And do pay attention to your safety.”
Jiang Feiyan nodded and caught a taxi on the roadside. After she helped Ma Jun board it and was about to get inside, she actually found Zhuo Jian had already taken the front seat. She immediately frowned, and said, “Zhuo Jian, I think I already said that I must have a chat with Ma Jun alone. Can you ride in another car to go back by yourself?”
“What the hell do you mean, Jiang Feiyan?” Zhuo Jian grunted, “In any case, it’s more convenient, and there won’t be anything happen if we go together, no? If you have things to spit out, you two can go to a hotel and have a chat alone there!”
“Who said we’re going to a hotel?” Jiang Feiyan answered furiously. “Even if we are going there, then why do you need to tag along with us?”
Zhuo Jian shrugged his shoulders and said, “I and Ma Jun have booked a room at a hotel outside the campus before! Worry not, girl! I won’t disturb your lovers’ world anyway.”
Jiang Feiyan turned to look at Ma Jun who was leaning on the back seat. His eyes were squinted, yet she didn’t know whether he had fallen asleep or not. She bent down and pulled him up to sit straight, and then looked at Zhuo Jian on the front seat, saying, “Since you’re going to the hotel, then go quickly. We don’t like any tactless and unwanted third guests.”
A scowl appeared on Zhuo Jian’s face, but Jiang Feiyan’s reason was common sense, and he couldn’t refute it. He could only swallow his anger and told the driver to drive.
Tang Xiu secretly sighed inwardly. He turned around and said, “Let us go too!”
After he said that, the group walked to the parking lot, boarded their cars and left.
It was almost 11 p.m. when they arrived at the campus. What made everyone helpless was that not only the girls’ dorm had been locked, so was the boys’ dorm.
“What should we do now?”
Everyone looked at each other in dismay and showed wry smiles.
Li Xinjie frowned, and then said ironically, “I first thought that since the freshmen had just returned from military training for the past few days, that they wouldn’t lock the dorm’s gate as early as before. Never thought they hadn’t changed the policy at all. So guys, what should we do now?”
“Let us go to the hotel!” After pondering, Mu Wanying suggested, “There is a four-star hotel near the campus we used to stay at before.”
“That’s a good idea!”
Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong called out happily at the same time.
“You know, I heard that spending the night in that kind of hotel is rather costly!” Xue Chao frowned and muttered, “Might as well stay at Boss Tang’s place. There are enough rooms anyway.”
Though his voice was not loud, everyone present could hear it clearly.
In a flash, all eyes were focused on Tang Xiu.
Tang Xiu snappily glared at Xue Chao’s. He knew that Xue Chao wanted to stay at his place for the sake of saving money. But bringing along everyone present was a different matter altogether! What was more, Mu Wanying hailed from an illustrious family. Let alone bringing everyone to spend the night at a four-star hotel, it would be no problem for her to bring everyone to stay at a four-star hotel for a year.
However, looking at everyone’s eyes, he could only bitterly smile and say, “Yeah, let’s just go to my place! For everyone to get a room each, I’m afraid that won’t do. But it won’t be a problem if you can squeeze in, though.”
Curious and confused, Mu Wanying asked, “Where is your home, Tang Xiu?”
“It’s near the campus. The Bluestar Villa Complex.” Tang Xiu said.
“Bluestar Villa Complex?” Mu Wanying was astonished and said, “You have a villa there?”
“A relative gifted it to me, saying that I gotta have a place to stay in Shanghai,” Tang Xiu said.
At this time, outside of Mu Wanying, who was a bit surprised, and the undisturbed Xue Chao, the rest were staring wide-eyed, had a look of disbelief in their eyes.
Bluestar Villa Complex?
Wasn’t it the most upscale villa complex near Shanghai University, the grand luxury residence countless Shanghai University students had always been dreaming of? Yet Tang Xiu’s relative was actually so generous to gift it, even giving him a villa there just because he needed a place to stop over in Shanghai?
Everyone was shocked!
Even Yue Kai, who hailed from a very rich family, gulped down his saliva desperately. He raised his thumbs up and sighed in praise, “Eldest Brother Tang, you really are a bigshot pretending to be a layman! The lowest price for each villa in Bluestar Villa Complex should be over 40 million yuan, some of the villas there are even priced more than nine digits. My dad has a friend who lives there, and I have once visited that uncle with my dad.”
“Well, I’m not sure about the exact price,” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “In any case, we have a place to spend the night. So, have you decided yet? Do you want to stay at the hotel, or do you want to spend the night at my place there?”
Mu Wanying glanced at Li Xinjie and Hu Wei and found the duo repeatedly nodding, their eyes all lit up. She couldn’t help chuckling and immediately said, “All right. Let’s go to your place and spend the night there!”
“Get on board!” Tang Xiu replied, and took a seat in the driver’s seat.
Quickly, three cars rushed to the Bluestar Villa Complex. Since the security guards there already knew Tang Xiu, the other two cars simply needed to be registered, and they were directly allowed to enter. The cars stopped just outside the villa’s courtyard, and then drove inside after the electric gate opened.
After Tang Xiu got out, he looked at Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong who also got out from their cars, and spoke to them with a smile. “There’s no space left in the garage. Just park your cars in the courtyard!”

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