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During the conversation, the two men came behind Tang Xiu. Upon seeing Tang Xiu, who was blocking their path, the two frowned, and immediately bypassed Tang Xiu from both sides, ready to enter.
However, Gu Changmin, who a bit depressed, turned his head toward Tang Xiu. His pace then halted in an instant, as a surprised look appeared on his face. He then fully stopped and turned around.
“Tang… Brother Tang?”
When Jin Xingkui heard this, he stopped as well. After turning around, clearly seeing Tang Xiu, he was pleasantly surprised, and immediately said, “Brother Tang, it’s unexpectedly you? I didn’t expect to meet you here!”
“Well, I ,too, never thought to meet you here, the two old brothers.” Tang Xiu chuckled. “Anyways, from your conversation, it seems you have some business to talk about?”
Gu Changmin touched his nose and forced a smile, “We did have a business deal to discuss, yet this old Jin didn’t want to, though! Brother Tang, this is…”
Tang Xiu shifted his vision toward Zhang Xinya.
Taking off her black-rimmed glasses and the mask on her face, Zhang Xinya then stretched out her hand and said with a smile, “Hello, I’m Zhang Xinya, Tang Xiu’s friend.”
Zhang Xinya?
Gu Changmin and Jin Xingkui expressions looked vacant, as shock then immediately emerged on their faces.
“Ah, I really didn’t expect to not only see Brother Tang but also a superstar tonight. Hello, Ms. Zhang, I’m Gu Changmin of Dingshen Media. I’ve long heard about your name.” Gu Changmin put out his hand and quickly shook hands with Zhang Xinya.
Jin Xingkui also hurriedly put his hand out, and said with a smile, “Ms. Zhang is a world-famous star and is well-known in the country. To meet Ms. Zhang here is quite an honor for me. Anyways, I’m Jin Xingkui of Jinda Estate.”
After hearing their introduction and shaking hands with them, Zhang Xinya looked blank. She then turned her head to look at Tang Xiu.
As someone from the entertainment industry, she naturally knew Dingshen Media. She had never met with the Boss of Dingshen Media. Hence, she didn’t know what Gu Changmin looked like. She also knew Jinda Estate, since her villa in Shanghai was developed by Jinda Estate.
Yet both of them knew Tang Xiu and addressed each other as brothers?
“Since everyone now know each other, shall we go inside?” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Zhang Xinya, if you don’t mind, how about we dine with these two old brothers tonight? Of course, if it won’t disturb these two old brothers.”
“No, won’t be disturbed at all!”
“Brother Tang’s words are exactly what I meant, let’s dine together!”
Gu Changmin and Jin Xingkui quickly said.
While looking at their cordiality in front of Tang Xiu, Zhang Xinya was a bit shocked inside. Though she was eager to have a private dinner with Tang Xiu, it was evidently inconvenient to refuse. Therefore, she smiled and said, “It’s my pleasure to dine with the two Bosses.”
“Ms. Zhang, you are Brother Tang’s friend, so you’re our friend as well. Don’t treat us like strangers. If you come across any problem in Shanghai, feel free to find me. As long as I, Gu Changmin, am able to do it, I’ll certainly complete it even if I have to use all Dingshen Media’s power.” Gu Changmin waved his hand.

Jin Xingkui also emphasized and nodded repetitively, as he then said, “That’s right. Though the Jinda Estate is on par with the top group companies in China, we still pale in comparison with the genuine powerful. But if Ms. Zhang comes across difficulties in Shanghai, just contact me directly, and I’ll go all out when the time comes.”
After saying that, both of them pulled out their personal business cards and handed it over to Zhang Xinya.
Receiving the two business cards, Zhang Xinya saw that aside from their names, there was only a phone number on it. There was nothing else written there. She could instantly tell that these two men weren’t just saying pleasantries at all. They were sincerely taking their stand.
Even inwardly, she could clearly tell that the reason why these two men were clearly stating their attitude toward her, was not because of her identity as a superstar. Rather, it was because of Tang Xiu, since she was Tang Xiu’s… friend.
“Well, Xinya thanks the two old brothers. Please call me Xinya if you don’t regard me as a stranger!” Zhang Xinya suddenly realized that Tang Xiu’s proposal to dine with them was really a marvelous one. Just being able to meet with these two tonight, and the commitment they gave her, she knew that she had made a big deal. Smart and intelligent as she was, she would naturally climb along the way to pull her personal network and relations closer.
“Good, good, good!” The two men nodded and looked satisfied.
After entering the quaint pavilion, Gu Changmin smiled, “Brother Tang, shall we go to my private box? Though my rank here is not high, the holder of a Golden Card can still enjoy a lot of treatments.”
“Well, Xinya has reserved a room, too. Let’s go there!” Tang Xiu said, “Besides, she has a Diamond Card, so we’ll probably enjoy more things.”
_Diamond Card?_
Gu Changmin was startled inwardly. He then said with a smile, “Well, it seems that we’ll receive the benefit from Xinya’s light tonight.”
A strange look flashed from Zhang Xinya’s eyes, as she said with a smile, “Xinya is honored for being able to entertain the two old brothers.”
Quickly, the four came to the area where only Diamond Card owners were able to enter. After entering an old-fashioned box, the waiter brought a menu, as Zhang Xinya then personally ordered the dishes. After the waiter had left, Gu Changmin smiled and asked, “Xinya, I know that you are a great singer and has an extremely high status in the music world. May I ask whether you have any interest in the movie industry?”
Recently, Zhang Xinya herself had indeed been interested in expanding her career toward film and television. However, most of her contacts were in the pop music industry. Even though there were many entertainment companies that wanted to work and cooperate with her, so much so that they also promised her very good deals, she still hesitated.
After listening to Gu Changmin’s question, Zhang Xinya said with a smile, “I indeed have been thinking about that, but I only know a few domestic film and television companies. Hence, I have yet to decide anything about it.”
Gu Changmin’s eyes lit up. He immediately smiled and said, “How about signing with my Dingshen Media, Xinya? You can rest assured, I’ll surely give you the best offer and treatment. You can be sure that it won’t be inferior to the top stars in the entertainment world. How about it?”
Zhang Xinya hesitated and quickly shot Tang Xiu a glance. She smiled, “Old Brother Gu, can you give me some time to think about it? I’ll give you a reply tomorrow evening at the latest.”
“No problem!”
Gu Changmin replied with a smile. He also quickly glanced at Tang Xiu after saying that.
“Well, Old Brother Gu, I accidentally heard you talking with Old Brother Jin outside prior to this. Did you get a good project recently?”
Gu Changmin looked vacant, since he didn’t expect that Tang Xiu would ask about this. Immediately, a wry smile appeared on his face as he sighed, “Yes! The development of the current IP industry chain has reached the point where it’s hot enough. My professional team has recently purchased the next batch of good resources and I have personally confirmed that it has a very high operability. Additionally, I also have a distribution channel, so I’m all ready for the advertising and publicity. The thing is… I’m short on funds!”
“Well, I have a small amount to spare.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
Gu Changmin stared blankly, his eyes shining immediately after. He was faintly excited inside. He stared at Tang Xiu and quickly asked, “Brother Tang, are you interested in investing in the IP industry?”
Recently, Tang Xiu learned a lot about the current business projects in the world, including the operation of IPs, as well as the apps channel and their profitability. So much so that these two projects could be said to have enormous potential. They could definitely earn a big profit if one was able to manage them well.
He was a student, yet he was also a businessman.
Business is business. As far as business was concerned, he could catch sight of profit from any project, so it was only natural that he got interested. This was also the main reason why he proposed to dine together with Gu Changmin and Jin Xingkui.
“I do have some interest.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
Patting his thigh, Gu Changmin then excitedly asked, “How much are you willing to invest, Brother Tang?”
“I don’t dare say too much, but 1 billion yuan is still in my capability.” Tang Xiu said, “However, if I invest in it, I’ll definitely not only invest in the IP industry, I’m also interested in the app projects researched and developed by your company.”
After inhaling a deep breath, Gu Changmin then seriously said, “No problem. I got no problem with that at all. Essentially, managing the app project researched and developed by my company alone is impossible, since financing is an imperative issue. If Brother Tang were to invest 1 billion yuan, I won’t have to look for anyone else anymore. With the two of us, we will definitely be able to make it popular and prosperous.”
“Anyways, I recently intended to register a venture capital company in Shanghai. How about you meet and discuss it with the company’s person in charge?” Tang Xiu said with a smile.
“No problem,” Gu Changmin said without hesitation. “Though I’ve been short on funds recently; still, I think highly of you, Brother Tang. With the two of us cooperating, I believe we can make a lot of money.”
Sitting on the side, Jin Xingkui’s complexion was constantly changing. Finally, he couldn’t bear any longer and said, “Brother Gu, I just thought about it. I think that investing in the IP and Apps projects would be really good, too. Despite not having enough funds, since Brother Tang is willing to invest in it, I believe in his foresight. Hence, I’ll also prepare to fork out several hundreds of million yuan. How about I take some shares?”
Gu Changmin shot Jin Xingkui a look. His expression wore funny, annoyed, and good feelings mixed together. He was perfectly aware of what the man had in mind. For him, being able to get tie himself with Tang Xiu in business was definitely a great thing.
So much so that… even if he lost all the investment funds, he probably wouldn’t care. What he cared about was what Tang Xiu thought of him.
“Brother Tang, you see…”
Gu Changmin threw this issue to Tang Xiu.
“I don’t have any objections!” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Besides the proverb says that it is much joyful to share the joy than enjoying it alone. Everyone can earn some profits and become rich together. That’s a fine thing indeed.”
“That’s good, then.” Gu Changmin laughed, “Let us decide it so.”
Zhang Xinya’s eyes flickered, her vision flickering between Tang Xiu, Gu Changmin, and Jin Xingkui. Never did she imagine that they would unexpectedly decide a project surpassing 1 billion yuan in worth like this. Suddenly, she also had the urge to join in.
“Can you count me in, too? In fact, I have saved some private money in recent years. Though it’s not much, it won’t be a problem to fork out 200 million. Gentlemen, you wouldn’t be unwilling to let me join in the fun, right?”
The trio exchanged dismayed looks. They had never thought that Zhang Xinya would unexpectedly want to join in. However, the three couldn’t reject Zhang Xinya, hence they could only give their approval.

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