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Mystifying her thoughts and keeping them a secret, Ouyang Lulu didn’t utter an answer. Knowing her disposition, Gu Xiaoxue could only put down her puzzlement. Because even if she asked again, Ouyang Lulu wouldn’t budge if she didn’t want to answer.
“Had dinner?” Gu Xiaoxue asked in a good mood.
“No, I haven’t.” Ouyang Lulu laughed. “I was absorbed in the news. Could it be that Boss Gu wants to treat me to a feast?”
“Just come with me!” Gu Xiaoxue laughed. “I’ll tell someone to make a special dish.”
Two days later, a streamlined private jet took off from Jingmen Island Airport and landed in Shanghai Airport. A well-proportioned and flawless Ouyang Lulu appeared, donned in a camouflage outfit, wearing a casquette and a pair of black sunglasses on her pretty and dazzling face. Her whole body seemed to emit a beautiful and wild feeling.
Behind her, aside from the four cold-looking bodyguards, there was also five or six of her confidants. This group left the airport under the watchful gaze of countless people.
A woman looking to be roughly in her 30s, with short hair and seeming very energetic, was already waiting outside. She immediately approached after seeing Ouyang Lulu and her group.
She nodded in response. While striding toward the outside, Ouyang Lulu asked, “How are the preparations? Are the information about those upscale clubs ready?”
“It’s nearly done. They’re just waiting for you to come negotiate with the other party.” The short-haired woman was named Kirei, and she was very a talented and capable person. She was also highly valued by Ouyang Lulu. Certainly, her most important trait was her boldness. She once came to Jingmen Island’s Paradise Club cruiser and helped Ouyang Lulu manage the casino for several years. With her particular abilities, she helped Ouyang Lulu earn a lot of money.
“I see, let us first slow down the progress.” Ouyang Lulu nodded. “When we’ve fully investigated the other party they should also send someone to investigate us. Let them do it. I hope they can fully investigate me, though; or else the business talk won’t be smooth sailing later.”
“Okay!” Kirei nodded.
Six Audis had lined up in the parking lot. Along with the arrival of the group, the drivers opened the cars’ doors, gazing at Ouyang Lulu in awe.
“Gimme the key.” Ouyang Lulu came before one of the drivers and stretched her hand.
The driver was stunned. Despite his puzzled look, he pointed to the control panel on the car’s dashboard and said, “It’s in the car, Boss.”
Nodding at him in response, Ouyang Lulu then sat in the driver’s seat and closed the door. Under everyone’s gazes, she slowly lowered the window and said, “Settle your accommodations and lodging first, I won’t go back today. If there’s something else that needs to be dealt with, we’ll meet tomorrow afternoon.”
“Affirmative!” Everyone nodded.
Bluestar Villa Complex.
In the corner of the northwestern sidewall, located at a blind spot, Duan Ning agilely climbed over the wall. There was a small camera hung on him. After observing the surroundings, he quickly opened a map and silently look at it.

He was an ace reporter. A notorious reporter signed by a domestic large studio who was also an individual that often disclosed various major news of the entertainment industry in the past few years.
As a professional dedicated to his work, he was especially able to make big bucks out of it.
Due to his stellar performance, merely his annual bonus was no less than a million yuan. Added to his several-million-yuan annual salary, it was definitely a lucrative deal for him. This was exactly what made him very enthusiastic and motivated. He even signed up for a training class at his own expense in the past few months, where he trained his physique, learned how to track, and studied general knowledge in the observation aspect…
In short, the present him was very confident in his ability.
“According to the information, Tang Xiu lives in the villa #9. But it won’t be easy for me to secretly sneak near that villa. Nevertheless, I can pick other villas and seek one without anyone inside. I can go upstairs and pick a vantage point, allowing me to photograph villa #9 from afar.” Duan Ning let out a confident smile, as he immediately squatted and crept swiftly to the side.
As a matter of fact, the security system of Bluestar Villa Complex could be said as exceptional. Unfortunately, even tigers had to sleep during the broad daylight after having a bite at noon. Hence, Duan Ning was able to slip in the vicinity of villa #9 and was unexpectedly unnoticed by the security guards there.
He then hid under the shade of the trees. After observing for a while, he discovered that there was no one inside villa #11. Therefore, he deftly climbed over the wall in the corner of the villa and then climbed up to the rooftop. Then, he took out his camera, adjusted the lens and focus, and began to aim at the toward villa #9 dozen of meters away.
Like the proverb says: there is no story without coincidences.
However, Duan Ning hadn’t discovered that when he had just climbed to the rooftop of villa #11, a black Audi slowly drove toward the direction of villa #9. However, Ouyang Lulu, who driving it, accidentally saw half of Duan Ning’s body, as well as… the camera in his hand.
_What’s going on here?_
Ouyang Lulu furrowed her brows. She first thought that the man on the rooftop was the owner of that Villa #11. But after giving further thought, she realized that there was something wrong.
_Tang Xiu just became a hot star. Don’t tell me he’s already being stalked by paparazzi?_
Thinking up to there, a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. She then changed directions and parked behind villa #11. After watching as two security guards walked by and disappeared in a corner not far from where she was, she swiftly pushed the door open, and after observing the inside, she found that there was no one around. Her feet and hands agilely rushed to climb up the wall, imitating Duan Ning and climbing to the top of the building.
Her light movements were discovered by Duan Ning.
“Don’t move!”
A sharp small knife was pointed at Duan Ning’s back, as a faint perfumed scent fluttered into Duan Ning’s nostrils. His body immediately turned stiffed, and a chill spread inside him.
“Who are you?”
“Who I am is no big deal.” Ouyang Lulu sneered, “More importantly is, who the hell are you?”
Duan Ning slowly raised his hands. The moment he turned around and saw Ouyang Lulu, he looked dazed and vacant with a stunned expression. He had seen many beautiful women, but no one could be compared with this breathtakingly beautiful girl in front of him.
It was due to Ouyang Lulu’s beauty that a greater part of Duan Ning’s worry eased down, as he then said with a smile, “Miss, you’re really beautiful. The most attractive, beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. But what are you doing, invading my house in broad daylight?”
“Your home?”
Smiling in response, Ouyang Lulu knew from seeing the camera that the matter wasn’t as simple as that. Hence, she didn’t believe Duan Ning at all. After unhurriedly sizing him up with a careful eye, she sneered, “Yeah, right. If this is your home, then the entire villa complex is mine! Cut the bullshit. Who the hell are you? How long have you been working as a paparazzi?”
“Hey, you’ve wronged me!” Duan Ning forced a smile. “This villa is really my home. I have the real estate ownership certificate in the study room on the second floor. How about you go down with me? I’ll show it to you. Ah, that’s right. I’m Duan Ning, a businessman, and photography is my hobby.”
“Yea, yea. I really believe you!” Ouyang Lulu jeered at him. “So to say, you’re just going to break into someone’s private residence illegally, eh?”
“Beauty, you’ve just broken into someone’s private home, so you’re going to be arrested.” Duan Ning said, “But, looking at your beautiful face, just accompany drinking a few cups and I’ll let this matter pass.”
“Okay, then!”
The answer was followed by Ouyang Lulu’s leg flying up Duan Ning’s face. Although she was a girl and paled in comparison with true experts, she could still fight several people by herself. Her fierce kick smashed Duan Ning’s face and made him fall directly.
_You fucking bitch!_
Duan Ning loudly cursed inside. He was disoriented as got up dizzily. The awe and appreciation that had appeared in his eyes when he first saw Ouyang Lulu was no longer there, just anger and fury. Never did he expect that such a beautiful flower would suddenly hit him, even wenting so far as to doing it so ruthlessly.
Cracking her fingers, Ouyang Lulu scornfully said, “Don’t bullshit with me. Take out your press card. Else, I don’t mind calling the villa complex’ security team. I believe you should know the consequences for a paparazzi sneaking into a villa and taking pictures of the householders’ privacy without their expressed consent, no? The security guards will probably beat you to death or cripple you out of anger and shame because you clearly have treated their job with contempt, causing them to fail in their jobs.”
Duan Ning felt a chill down to his spine.
He was perfectly aware that his profession was fraught with risk and danger. He once had a colleague who had been with him for nearly two years. Precisely because he broke into a news target’s home, he was then caught, beaten and brutally thrashed. Due to the other party’s bodyguards heavy trashing, he turned into a vegetative.
Malice was immediately born inside his heart as he rigidly stared at Ouyang Lulu. His feet fiercely trod on the floor as he threw himself toward Ouyang Lulu. He must bring her under his control. By doing so, not only would the immediate crisis be averted, he could also taste the beauty that came visiting his door.
He admitted that among those many beauties he had once played with, no one came close to the one before him. He thought that even if he did Ouyang Lulu, he would be completely fine and could hide for a while after threatening her a little.
_Peng, peng…_
Ouyang Lulu stepped backward with a cold expression. She dodged and avoided Duan Ning’s attacks. A moment after, she rapidly turned and ruthlessly whipped his back with her leg. Following the moment as Duan Ning got unsteady, she grabbed his shoulder and smashed her pink fist on Duan Ning’s face.
It was a brawl between man and woman, yet their level was totally different.
This was not a difference where the man was stronger and the woman was weaker. Rather, it was the other way around. Even if Duan Ning had gone through several months of training, he was still far from becoming Ouyang Lulu’s match. He got violently beaten and miserably wrecked, and could only curl up like a sun-dried shrimp on the floor with hands convulsing and twitching. However, he dared not scream for fear of drawing the security guards’ attention.

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