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Like the proverb says, all the hustle and bustle in this world is for money.
Nevertheless, what Tang Xiu didn’t expect was that the security guard of this upscale villa complex was so easily bought. Just for a mere 20 thousand yuan, he told the paparazzi his cell phone number and specific address.
_As always, people have their own will._
Deeply sighing inside, Tang Xiu’s eyes shifted to Chi Nan, “How did the villa complex’ office-holder deal with the security guard?”
“He’s been fired. This is the most they can do,” said Chi Nan.
“Now that the information about me has already been spread, they only have the option to do that.” Tang Xiu nodded. “And what about the reporter?”
“He has been arrested under criminal charges of breaking into private residence and persistent—aggressive photography of other’s privacy. As of now, the police have contacted the owner of villa #11, asking them to check and see if there’s anything missing from their villa,” said Chi Nan.
Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes and asked with a smile, “Is there someone from the police guarding villa #11 presently?”
“Yes, there are also the villa complex’ security guards.” Chi Nan nodded.
“I’m giving you a task. Sneak into villa #11 without being noticed by the police and security guards and steal some valuables,” Tang Xiu nodded. “Since that paparazzi quite notorious, just make him stay in prison for several years.”
Chi Nan’s eyes turned bright. She immediately nodded and left.
Several minutes after, Chi Nan came back through the wall, and handed Tang Xiu a box. Smiling, she said, “It’s done, Boss. I got the safe out. There wasn’t much cash, but there were quite a lot of gold and silver jewelry and precious stones. Ah, right, I also found several interesting things.”
“What interesting items?” asked Tang Xiu, confused.
While pointing to the black box, Chi Nan replied, “The items are in there. You can have a look at them, Boss.”
Tang Xiu opened the box and directly dropped everything inside on the coffee table. Aside from several stacks of hundred dollar notes, many items were jewelry made of gold and silver. There were even several diamonds with five carats, at least.
Regardless, these things didn’t interest Tang Xiu. What made him really interested was several other items. A sharp dagger, a small exquisite silver pistol, nylon rope, night-vision goggles, a set of special unlocking tools, and two black night-walk suits.
“Could it be that the owner of Villa #11 is a thief or something?”
Looking at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but comment.
“I think it’s highly likely.” Ouyang Lulu said, “Otherwise, how can there be unlocking tools there? Judging from the material quality of these tools… it’s rather extravagant; it’s actually made of gold. This set of unlocking tools, I suppose, can be converted into millions of yuan according to the present gold exchange price.”
“Whatever he is, if the police were to find these things he’ll be in trouble.” Tang Xiu chuckled. “I’ll help him deal with this! After paparazzi has been sentenced, I’ll find the time to give these things back to him.”

“Do you have further orders, Boss?” asked Chi Nan.
“No.” Tang Xiu waved his hand and answered, “You can go back to your work!”
While gazing at the leaving Chi Nan, Ouyang Lulu grinned as she touched the diamonds on the coffee table. With swift reaction, Tang Xiu knocked her hand back and said with a smile, “Don’t touch these things. I may not be a good person, but since the owner hasn’t offended me, these things must be returned to him. If you like diamonds, buy it yourself.”
“But, I have no money!” Ouyang Lulu spoke in a pitifully and downcast way.
“You have no money?” Tang Xiu rolled his eyes. “You are the famous and rich young lady Ouyang Lulu, how can you have no money? What joke are you playing, girl?”
She took out her wallet showed it to Tang Xiu, saying, “You see, there are six bank cards in my wallet, yet the balance added altogether doesn’t add up to more than 30 thousand. I’m poor, you know; pitifully poor. I had never been this poor since I started my business when I was 15.”
Unconvinced, Tang Xiu asked, “What happened to your money, exactly?”
“Got it all invested,” said Ouyang Lulu with a forced smile.
Upon hearing it, Tang Xiu suddenly looked spirited, and curiously asked, “What business did you invest in?”
“Not telling you.” Ouyang Lulu shook her head. “You’ll know in two days.”
“Say, Lulu. Do you need to make it so mystifying?” Tang Xiu helplessly said. “Forget it, then. Since you don’t wanna say, I don’t feel like getting to the bottom of things anymore. Anyways, do you want me to lend you some money?”
“Nope. Not for the time being.” Ouyang Lulu shook her head. “I’ll naturally find you when I need it, though.”
“Alright then. In any case, we’re friends, so you don’t need to be polite with me.” Said Tang Xiu with a nod.
After saying that, he fished out his mobile phone and turned it on.
_Ring, ring, ring…_
However, less than two minutes after he had just turned it on, the ringtone of his phone sounded.
Tang Xiu looked at the number shown on the screen and saw that it was Jin Xingkui calling him. He immediately accept the call and smilingly said, “Old Brother Jin, are you looking for me?”
“Brother Tang, you finally turned your cell phone on.” Jin Xingkui forced a smile. “You see, I’ve been calling you since yesterday; I called you nearly a hundred times. Anyways, how was it? Does it feel good to be a star?”
“You’re joking me, Old Brother Jin,” said Tang Xiu helplessly. “I have indeed been turning off my phone these days. I only turned it on occasionally if something happens. Ah, right, your purpose for calling me is…”
“The preparation on my side is done. I’ll wait for you to see the site and then wait for your blueprint design,” said Jin Xingkui.
After hesitating for a moment, Tang Xiu then said, “Okay! Tell me the address, I’ll catch up with you now.”
“Then I’ll be waiting for you at the intersection of Futian Road and Guangming Road in Jingning District. The site is very close to that place,” said Jin Xingkui.
“All right!”
After replying, Tang Xiu hung up the phone and looked at Ouyang Lulu, saying, “There’s something I need to do, so I need to go you out…”
“Where are you going?” Asked Ouyang Lulu.
“I recently talked to a friend about a business cooperation. So I’m going to meet him, and survey the site while at it,” said Tang Xiu.
“Business cooperation? What kind of business?” Asked Ouyang Lulu in astonishment.
“Real estate!” Tang Xiu smiled.
Upon hearing it, Ouyang Lulu was immediately interested and smilingly said, “I’ll go with you then, Tang Xiu. If the architectural blueprints will be designed by you, my Ouyang Family also intends to become a shareholder.”
“No can do. The shareholders of this cooperation have already been set.” Tang Xiu smilingly said. “Your Ouyang Family have no hope of participating in it. But it’s fine if you want to come along, though. Just don’t thoughtlessly speak.”
“Hmph, my lips are sealed? I’m not going then. Only watching you talk about business and making a fortune; except for being anxious but unable to do anything, what use do I have there anyway?” Ouyang Lulu curled her lips and harrumphed. “Just go by yourself! I’ll stay here and wait for Xinya. Besides, she said she’ll come immediately after she’s done with her things.”
“Got no problem with that. Then, you just stay here!” Said Tang Xiu with a nod.
Having said that, he stuffed all the things on the coffee table back into the safe box, and they carried it to the second floor. Just as he entered the study room, his finger flicked anf the safe box was immediately taken into his interspatial ring.
After changing to his everyday clothes, Tang Xiu bade Ouyang Lulu goodbye and left driving his car. An hour later, he reached the appointed place.
“Brother Tang.”
Accompanied by a man and a woman, Jin Xingkui had already been waiting on the roadside as he quickly approached and smilingly greeted upon seeing Tang Xiu.
Tang Xiu looked at the man and the woman and smilingly asked, “Who are they, Old Brother Jin?”
“They are my trusted confidantes. They are also responsible for the surveying work of this site.” Jin Xingkui smilingly said. “I’ll give you the specific measurement data later.”
“No problem,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.
Quickly, under Jin Xingkui’s guidance, Tang Xiu came to a deserted land. He only took a look at it once, and then began to observe the surrounding environment. Then, he found that the site was located in an excellent geographical location, and the transportation in the surrounding was quite convenient as well. There were also bustling commercial blocks and residential areas around it.
If this site was properly utilized, it could definitely rake in money after the development and construction.
“This place is excellent. All right, I decided to invest in this project. Give me a few days and I’ll hand over the architectural designs to you. Afterward, we’ll begin to discuss the cooperation contract. Once it is finalized, the project implementations are yours to manage, while I’ll be sending some people to supervise the project.” Tang Xiu seriously spoke.
“Supervise the project?” Jin Xingkui hesitated.
“Take it easy, brother!” Tang Xiu chuckled and said. “The construction of the project is still yours to manage. The supervision I mentioned is only for two aspects. First is pertaining the financial aspect, and second is related to the quality of the construction. They will not affect the construction of the project whatsoever, and they will only report back to me first if they find any problem.”
“No problem, then,” said Jin Xingkui with a smile.
After saying that, the smile on his face faded. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “Brother Tang, there’s something, but I don’t know whether I should tell you now.”
“You can tell me,” said Tang Xiu.
“As a matter of fact, my company has encountered some problems lately.” Jin Xingkui said. “If we don’t solve these problems, I’m afraid it will be very difficult to launch the construction for the project in the near future even though we got your architectural blueprint.”
“What problems are you talking about, exactly?” Asked Tang Xiu curiously.
“It’s the Jindi Group. Have you heard about them?” Jin Xingkui forced a smile. “They’re also a company that mainly engages in real estate business.”
“Nope, haven’t heard of them.” Tang Xiu shook his head.
Jin Xingkui looked distracted, before he immediately nodded and said, “The Jindi Group’s Boss is called Ye Wenhe, a rich and overbearing figure. Even though he is pretty much comparable to me, yet we have no time for civilities. We had some contradictions prior, when we struggled to get this project, but it wasn’t a problem at first, since it was a normal rivalry for people in the same occupation or industry! However, in order to get this plot of land, there were some conflicts between us. Although this site was finally taken over by me, Ye Wenhe harbored resentment toward me inside. Before I was ready to develop this site, I had, in fact, already made early preparations. Even I some of the construction materials I bought were sent here. Recently, however, a group of youths in the community often came to instigate trouble. So I sent some people to investigate it, and it was found that Ye Wenhe was the one who incited that group of youths to do so.”

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