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The New Dream Renova Company’s owner—Ye Wentao, was a rich and powerful man. He was Jindi Group’s Boss—Ye Wenhe’s younger biological brother, someone whose character was arrogant and exceptionally overbearing. He liked to befriend people from all trades and had earned a lot of ill-gotten wealth over the years.
“If he’s really rich and has come knocking our door, then he must shed three layers of skin in his wallet.”
“But of course, Boss,” said Manager Li, smirking. “The guests who come to our New Dream, was there anyone who didn’t hire our people? If the lad is sensible and gives us a good project, then we can make quite a fortune.”
Grinning, Ye Wentao caressed his bare, big forehead and said, “Take me to see him! I’m now curious to know what is this big project.”
“All right.”
Manager Li brought Ye Wentao to the VIP room on the second floor.
After they walked through the door, Ye Wentao’s eyes fell on Tang Xiu, who was still smoking quietly. His thick, short fingers touched his round belly, as he smilingly approached and greeted, “You’re very young, Little Brother! I’m the New Dream Renova Company’s Boss, Ye Wentao. How should I call you, Little Brother?”
Ye Wentao?
A cold glint flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes, as he pointed to the sofa in front of him and said, “Sit down and let’s have a chat.”
Staring blankly for a moment, Ye Wentao then immediately burst into laughter. After sitting on the opposite sofa, he smilingly said, “So, Little Brother. Shouldn’t you answer me now?”
“I still don’t want to answer your question,” said Tang Xiu lightly. “But I can tell you who I am if you can answer some of my questions first.”
The smile on Ye Wentao’s face quickly receded. His eyes, which were already small, squinted. He stared at Tang Xiu and sized him up. Following that, he unhurriedly said, “Ask if you have questions! I’ll answer you, and naturally won’t conceal anything.”
“The first question is, have you ever personally killed before? Also, the number of people you have killed should be more than one or two,” said Tang Xiu.
Ye Wentao abruptly got up from the sofa. An ominous light burst from his eyes as he shouted sternly, “Who are you?
“A gentleman’s word is as worthy as gold, and he never takes it back. You just said that you will answer my questions first,” said Tang Xiu indifferently.
Ye Wentao was silent for a short while before he answered, “You’re joking, Little Brother. I’m always a straight, serious, and formal businessman. How could there be people’s lives in my hands?”
“Next, I want to know something. Does your New Dream Renova Company is a company that does business, or is it a gang?”
Clenching his fists, Ye Wentao turned his head and gave Manager Li a look. As the manager left the room, a scorning smile appeared on his face, “It seems you are not here to talk about business, but to cause trouble instead. Do say! Are you someone from the underworld?”
“You indeed have no composure nor willpower at all. To think that you would show such an appearance just after I asked you only two questions.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Since you want to know whether I’m from that path, then I’ll tell you. I indeed came here today to cause you trouble, for I’m someone specialized in it, to begin with.”

Looking deeply at Tang Xiu, Ye Wentao gave him a thumbs up and exclaimed in praise, “Good, just great! Heroes do really come from the youth. The last time some lowlifes came wanting to make trouble was probably more than a decade ago. Never thought that there would come a day where a reckless lad who has no idea of death or danger would appear here. Regardless of who you are and whatever fucking resentment you have with my New Dream Renova company, don’t ever think you will be able to leave here today.”
“You want to take care of me, eh?” Tang Xiu mocked. “Do you really don’t want to know the reason why you’ll be dying?”
“Is it even relevant?” Ye Wentao raised his brows and faintly smiled.
“It indeed has no significance at all. I came here today seeking revenge. But if you are nothing but a pushover, bullying you won’t give me any pleasure and fun whatsoever. Thus, I’m giving you two hours. I hope you can put out enough trump cards that can make me cautious.”
The VIP room’s door was pushed open, as seven or eight strong men and a young man dressed in a suit and tie came in quickly from the outside. Tang Xiu had seen them in the first floor lobby before. Each and every one of them looked well-dressed and wore a courteous disguise, and now they had torn off that layer of façade and finally showed their true hideous and ferocious faces.
Yet, Ye Wentao seemed not to be in a hurry to clean up Tang Xiu. Instead, he looked at Tang Xiu with a faint smile and said, “Now you should know that I wasn’t blustering, right? Let’s talk now! Who the hell are you, lad, and what’s your background? I hope you can say something fierce to deal with us so that you can scare me well.”
“You want to know? Fine, I’ll tell you,” said Tang Xiu. “I’m one of the shareholders of the New World Fitness Center.”
New World Fitness Center?
Ye Wentao turned his head to Manager Li and asked, “Do you know this fitness center?”
A cold glint flashed in Manager Li’s eyes, as he answered in a deep voice, “I know this fitness center, Boss. But they haven’t opened their business yet, and even the site has yet to be renovated! Yesterday afternoon Ah Yang took some people to give the owner of this fitness center and the renovation workers there some beatings. This punk must have come to demand explanations!”
“Nope, you spoke incorrectly.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “I came seeking revenge.”
“You’re here for revenge? Relying on yourself?” Manager Li jeered and laughed loudly.
“Correct. I’m fine by myself,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.
Manager Li took a step back and gave Ye Wentao the spot to talk.
Ye Wentao shook his head, with a dull and uninterested expression on his face, saying, “Since you’re a brain-dead idiot asking for troubles, then I’ll fulfill your wish. I hope you can remember this lesson. Do not force yourself if you have no power. Cripple this punk!”
Immediately, seven or eight strong youths rolled up their sleeves and stormed over toward Tang Xiu. They made big fists and prepared to waste Tang Xiu.
However, Tang Xiu wasn’t in a hurry to get up, and just stretched his foot to trample on the youth’s bare feet in the forefront, causing him to momentarily lose his balance and fall down toward Tang Xiu; while at the same time, Tang Xiu grabbed his shoulder. Being forced by a huge strength, the youth screamed, as Tang Xiu easily threw him upside down, using him as a temporary weapon to sweep three other youths.
_Bam, bam, bam!_
The three youths were kicked by Tang Xiu and their bodies fell backward.
In a flash, Tang Xiu got up and slammed the youth in his grasp at the trio, as his feet also trampled the trio in the abdomen, causing them to fly upside down and fall down to the floor, nearly kneeling.
"Kill him!"
The other three youths immediately had their complexion greatly changed upon seeing this scene. One of them, whose face was fiendish, sternly shouted as he sent a wave of punchs toward Tang Xiu.
“What weak pussies!”
Tang Xiu looked at them with contempt. As fast as a flashes of lightning, his fists punched the four youths who were in the disoriented state, as each one of them were hit on their chests. It only took a flash of effort as the four of them flew upside down. They spat out blood and fell to the floor.
Eight men were all knocked down in just ten seconds!
Ye Wentao’s complexion suddenly changed, a frightened and panicked expression appearing on his face. After stepping backward a few steps, he pushed Manager Li aside. The manager wildly rushed to the VIP room. He then pulled a dagger from his waist, pointed its tip at Tang Xiu and shouted with a vicious expression, “You do have some skill, punk! You did good to knock them down. However, I wanna know, can you beat ten times their number?”
“Hmph, let alone 80, I can still smash 800 of you.” Tang Xiu sat back on the sofa again and sneered. “Don’t be afraid, though. I said I’d give two hours. Call out of your people and put out all of your trump cards within these two hours, so as to avoid me losing interest in you.”
“You really are crazy, and so fucking arrogant. However, I hope you can still so nonchalant like this later.” Ye Wentao gave him a thumbs up and scornfully sneered. “I have been in Shanghai’s shady waters for years, and I have seen many suicidal bastards, yet an extremely arrogant like you is really rare. You… really made me interested.”
Tang Xiu shook his head and lit up another cigarette. While smoking, he said, “After today, Shanghai will no longer have a sort like you anymore. I don’t kill good people, but your hands have been stained by a lot of blood, so you must die unless you accept my demand!”
“I know that you’re very arrogant, lad. But you won’t have things as you wish!” Ye Wentao grinned, “However, I wanna hear it, nevertheless. What is your demand, exactly?”
“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you after you are at your wit's end,” said Tang Xiu.
Coldly smiling in response, Ye Wentao put down his dagger as well. He then took out a cigarette and lit up as well. While smoking his cigarette, he waited.
Two minutes later, more than a dozen youths rushed into the VIP room. Their complexion greatly changed after seeing their comrades fallen on the floor. In a flash, some of them took out knives from their waists and pointed them at Tang Xiu. All they needed was Ye Wentao’s order and they would storm over all at once.
However, Ye Wentao didn’t issue the order immediately, but rather looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Lad, this place is rather small, so we might as well resolve this in a larger place.”
Tang Xiu got up. As he walked, he stepped on a youth’s wrist; the sound of broken bones then sounded. Then, under the fierce glares of Ye Wentao and the others’, Tang Xiu didn’t stop his actions and stepped on the wrists of the eight youths one at a time. Within just several seconds, the right hand’s wrists of the eight youths were all broken.
“Asshole, you’re too ruthless!”
Ye Wentao was furious.
“Ruthless?” Tang Xiu sneered. “My friend was severely injured by your people and now is lying in a hospital bed. How come you didn’t feel bad at that time? I guarantee that all of you will end up worse than him today. I’ll make you regret messing with my friend for the of your life.”
“Tell me, who the fuck are you?” Ye Wentao gasped deeply a few times and fiercely shouted.
At this time, a youth who was in front of Ye Wentao suddenly shouted, “I know him, Boss. His name is Tang Xiu, this year’s freshman from Shanghai University. I watched a video of him singing and playing the zither a couple of days ago.”

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