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Prior to this, the thought never crossed Tang Xiu’s mind. When the people from the Ministry of State Security and the police received the information that there might be extremists attempting to sabotage Zhang Xinya’s concert, he had sent people to secretly monitor the situation at the outside, yet he didn’t find anyone suspicious.
Hence, he was unable to figure out how did the extremists infiltrate the venue. Placing the pushpins and time bombs in the auditorium definitely consumed a lot of time, for there was god knows how many. However, he was now thinking about the possibility of there being members of the extremists in the the security guards’ ranks, since it’d very likely that they’d able to pull those stunts if there were some security guards covering them up.
After a little pondering, Tang Xiu dialed Liu Changxi’s cell number and talked in a low voice while walking, “Secretary Liu, I have a bit of thought here.”
“What is it?” Asked Liu Changxi, surprised.
Telling his thoughts, Tang Xiu then finally said, “If there was no security guards covering them up, the extremists would hardly be able to infiltrate the venue and secretly laid out those schemes under the tight surveillance and monitoring from your Ministry of State Security’s people and the police force. Could you assign someone to secretly investigate all the security guards for tonight’s concert?”
Liu Changxi was silent for a few seconds before slowly saying, “Tang Xiu, what you say makes sense. I admit that this negligence is our fault. The security guards are from Golden Shield, a rather famous security company in Shanghai. Some of them are security guards sent by their partners. If the extremists were to infiltrate their ranks and use this as cover, it makes sense that they can quietly lay out the time bombs and pushpins in the concert hall. Anyhow, I’ll send someone to check it out now. No matter how difficult it is, we must immediately seize those suspicious people once we found them.”
“Tell your men to be very careful; the extremists are highly dangerous. If they find out that they have been exposed, I’m afraid they will launch a suicide attack or something,” said Tang Xiu.
“Sure thing, I’m perfectly aware of it!” Liu Changxi’s voice came replying.
At the roof of a skyscraper 1.5 kilometers away from New World Center, a white-haired old man was holding a military telescope and was observing the situation around New World Center. Beside him was an old man called Old Wolf smoking a cigarette and fiddling with a Desert Eagle.
“Hey, Old Wolf, I’m kind of feeling restless, and I don’t know why.”
Old Wolf looked up slightly and apathetically replied, “It doesn’t matter, it’s because you’re not good enough. I couldn’t care less if we succeed or if I’m gonna die. We have been duking out with both brains and guts with those brats from the Ministry State Security and the police for all these years; we have even made them eat shit a few times. The reason you’re not feeling good is not because you’re anxious, but it’s because you have never done something this big before.”

The old man put down his binoculars and turned to look at Old Wolf. A smile appeared on his aged face as he said, “Old Wolf, I myself have never had any issues from the beginning up till now. But you, why do you detest people and hate this country?”
Old Wolf coldly snorted, “My younger sister starved and died at an orphanage. My younger brother, who was falsely charged, was dumped into jail and rotted behind bars for nine years. Right on the day he came out of prison, he got into a traffic accident and died. The money I used to go abroad was compensation for my brother’s imprisonment. While the fucking culprit, who ran over and killed him, escaped.”
“That’s very tragic, very miserable,” said the old man with a sigh.
“How about you?” Asked Old Wolf coldly.
The old man smiled. His gaze looked far to the north. After a long while he lightly said, “Do you know that contagious disease that caused panic in the country more than ten years ago? My wife, who was only with a low fever, was caught and locked up in a quarantine area and had to stay close with the really infected. As a result, she died, leaving me and my son.”
“You have a son?” Asked Old Wolf.
“Yeah, I did have a son,” the old man smiled self-deprecatingly. “If he didn’t die, he would be around your age.”
“How did he die?” asked Old Wolf again.
“He wanted to be a good man, and to be good and kind man was he taught and educated by me,” the old man rubbed his cheek. “After graduating from the military academy, he joined the army to serve the country. Yet, as a result, he didn’t die on the battlefield, but instead died when combating a flood and doing his disaster relief duty in that year. Hahaha… it’s ironic, isn’t it? I’m but someone from a martyred family.”
“Originally, you were not someone who detests the world and its society from the beginning, huh?” said Old Wolf indifferently.
“Who could be born this this way?” The old man sneered. “They were all forced by those bastards! I could still endure it when my wife died, but my son was such a good boy! I’m nothing but an old fart, but I lived on. I’m so darn angry and furious! How true it is the saying that a good man dies young while scourges last for a millennium. Since becoming a good person doesn’t get rewarded, why the hell should this old man do good deeds? A good man should just die early, for death will end all his troubles. Mind you, I can go accompany my wife and child if I die.”
Old Wolf fell into silence. However, the killing aura emanating from him became stronger.
_Di di di…_
A Message notification from the old man’s mobile phone sounded a few times. When he grabbed his mobile and read the short message, he immediately frowned, and then coldly said, “It’s announced that Zhang Xinya’s concert will be postponed for an hour, and the time for the fans to enter the venue is also delayed by an hour as well. DAMN! What’s the time for the time bomb to explode?”
“Relax! The concert will still be held an hour later. By then, all the fans will probably have entered the venue. Even if the concert has not yet begun, it can still kill thousands of people,” said Old Wolf coldly.
The old man nodded. He then raised his binoculars and lightly said, “Let us wait! I just hope that things don’t go wrong. Inform Huan Lan. No matter what happens in the back, there must be no problems with the car bombs. Even if the time bomb inside the venue is found and dismantled, the car bombs will explode in densely populated areas. I wanna see those fanboys and fangirls howl in pain and grief; I wanna see the scenes of hell filled with their corpses everywhere.”
“Got that!” Old Wolf nodded with an apathetic expression.
An hour later, before the stage at the concert venue, Tang Xiu looked at Liu Changxi who came striding toward him. His brows creased as he saw Liu Changxi’s expression was particularly solemn.
“Is there a problem?”
“There’s a situation,” Liu Changxi nodded. “We found two people with suspicious identities. One of them has already been confirmed as a wanted criminal who infiltrated Golden Shield Security Company four or five years ago. As for the other one, we’ve investigated his identity and found that he’s using a fake identity. So to say, there’s a very serious issue with him. When our people attempted to seize him, he severely injured one of our members. Faced with capture, he stabbed his own heart with a knife.”
“For being able to find them out, this meant that we’ve made progress. If they die, then let them die! The death of such misanthropic lunatics means that all the trouble they can cause is no more.”
Liu Changxi forced a bitter smile, “What I’m most worried about now is if the rest of the terrorists don’t fear death like this one. That will be a huge problem. There have been tons of horrifying cases in foreign countries, and I believe that you have also heard that suicide attacks can be extremely damaging.”
“You mean…” said Tang Xiu with a frown.
“Yeah, I’m afraid they would really fall into desperation and go crazy so as to carry bombs to the New World Center. That’s huge trouble. The might of a bomb’s explosion is too great. We will be done for if they have a lot of high-explosive bombs.”
After thinking for a while, Tang Xiu spoke, “That is indeed a probable situation. Hence, I think we should carry out a countermeasure for this. The policemen and armed police force should be focused on the New World Center and thoroughly patrol and inspect all the areas. It is best to seal all the major highways within a two kilometers radius, too.”
“This will alert the enemy!” Said Liu Changxi.
“It indeed will alert the enemy. But it’s better than mending the fold after the sheep have been stolen, no?” argued Tang Xiu lightly.
Thinking for a while, Liu Changxi then reluctantly said, “All right, then! Even if we can’t completely bring those terrorists to justice this time, we must ensure the safety of citizens. I’ll have it arranged now!”
Having said that, he turned around and left.
While quietly looking at his departing back until he disappeared into the side entrance, Tang Xiu then looked at the fans who were constantly streaming into the venue. He typed a message and sent it to Xing Li: _ACT NOW!_
Outside the New World Center, the long queue at the East entrance was slowly moving forward. Two female experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall were holding a poster near the front, moving forward along with the stream of youths.
“What’s come over you, hubby?”
The female expert of the Everlasting Feast Hall suddenly held the young man’s waist, while her other hand pressed the youth’s lethal point. A sliver of True Essence invaded the death acupoints of the young man, causing his pupils to abruptly shut, his body turning stiff and motionless. Another female expert held his other arm, as a sharp lancet pierced the spot under the his shoulder, which was a very important Supreme Spring point. [1]
While the youth’s wrist was crushed, his mute acupoint was also hit. In the eyes of the other two women who were watching the scene, the young man was just being propped up in the middle of the group from behind his back.
Regardless, that small disturbance didn’t garner the attention from many people.
When the two women appeared in the last part of the queue, they quickly scoured the surroundings and then loosened the young man, walking and pulling him away.
At the South entrance, there were another two female experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall. When they were close to the middle-aged man under their surveillance, one of the women straightly slit his throat and quickly stepped back when the man raised his hand to cover his throat!
They pulled out a stunt! It was performed so well that anxiously shouted and propped the middle-aged man toward the back of the queue.
At the West and North entrances, the assassinations were also carried out by two female experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall each. They were able to assassinate the targets silently in the middle of the streaming crowd. They even took the dead bodies away without alerting anyone.

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