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From the rooftop of a skyscraper 1.5 kilometers away from the New World Center, Old Wolf still sat there as he kept smoking cigarettes. As for the old man, he was holding the binoculars and constantly watching the East and South entrances of the New World Center.
At this moment, two ordinary-looking and tall middle-aged men arrived. They were carrying black leather suitcases as they came to the rooftop. One of them opened the black suitcase without speaking, removing a laptop and other instruments.
“You’re late, Turtledove!” said the old man after turning his head and glancing over with a cold expression.
The middle-aged man operating the laptop said, “You know, it’s already great that I’m here today. I wouldn’t have taken part in this operation had I not found some people to be buried alongside my mother!”
A cold glint flashed in the eyes of the old man, as he said coldly, “Turtledove, since you’ve joined our organization, you won’t be able to have an easy and comfortable life unless you’re dead. The treatment you receive is the best. So don’t let me down on this.”
Turtledove didn’t respond. His fingers typed fast on the laptop’s keyboard. Rows of English words kept appearing as small windows on the screen gradually lit up. The pictures in the small windows turned out to be the footage of each area in the concert venue.
“Little Jiu contacted me an hour ago. He said that the time bombs we placed in the concert hall and the pushpins with HIV have been discovered by the Ministry of State Security’s people and the cops. They should have been cleaned up thoroughly by now. Three minutes ago I still had contact with Little Jiu, but he hasn’t contacted me again since. I suspect that he met with an accident or something,” Turtledove’s eyes were fixated on the laptop screen, but his mouth kept blabbering with an indifferent tone.
The old man’s complexion changed. Just as he was about to speak, his body suddenly shuddered.
“Damn! Bucktooth has just met with an accident. There are two women? Something is wrong, Baldy is strange, too! Who the fuck are those women? How did they find out…”
In a flash, the other middle-aged man and Old Wolf took their binoculars and set their sights at the East and South entrances. Through their binoculars, they saw that their two comrades were being separately held by two women and separated from the queue.
Old Wolf then shifted his binoculars from the East and South entrance toward a three-storied building near New World Center. As he looked at the unceasing movement before his eyes, his complexion abruptly changed, a burst of fright and disbelief suffusing in his eyes.
“How could it be him?!!!”
Old Wolf was not someone who was afraid of death. He even firmly believed that his death would be very honorable and worthy as long as he could drag thousands of people to accompany him to his grave.
However, he was truly frightened after seeing the people who were squatting in the middle of the garden while smoking. They looked at the three-storied building from time to time, where two of his comrades were hiding.

For once, there were several figures that became the source of his nightmare.
In those years when he was abroad, he had experienced hellish things that ordinary people would never imagine. He, who was fearless of death, had met some people who could strike fear in his bones. At present, that person before his eyes was definitely one of those who caused his dread.
The old man put down his binoculars. His expression was grim and cloudy. He was shocked as he turned around and saw the fear on Old Wolf’s face, despite knowing this man for so many years. It was because he had never seen such fear from Old Wolf’s face in all these years.
“Hey, Old Wolf, what’s going on?”
Old Wolf put away the binoculars in his hand and inserted the pistol into his waist. He took a deep breath and then said in a deep and heavy voice, “Let’s just abandon this mission, or else, only death will await us. Our deaths won’t have any meaning and value whatsoever.”
“Give me a reason. I need an explanation!” said the old man with a frown.
“It’s Devil! He’s here in China!” Old Wolf was silent for a few seconds before he gave a slow reply.
Turtledove unhurriedly looked up and asked in a cold voice, “What Devil are you talking about?”
“You are a top hacker in China, Turtledove. If memory serves me right, you once participated in that ‘Supreme Starglobe’ battle for the hackers, and you intercepted information about those Devils, no? As for whoever dares to address themselves as Devils, how many are there do you think, huh?”
Turtledove looked vacant, yet his expression betrayed him with constant flickering. He straightly closed his laptop and quickly stuffed it into a black suitcase. Getting up, he then said in a heavy voice, “Old Wolf, you’re saying it’s him? He really came to China?”
Pointing at the three-storied building in the distance, Old Wolf indifferently said, “If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself. Though it’s been several years since the last time I saw him, I can still recognize him even if he turns into ashes. Didn’t you always want to know who left the scar on my left chest? It was him. He killed fourteen of us by himself! I was only able to escape by sheer luck, and didn’t die because the position of my heart is different for normal people.”
Turtledove grabbed the binoculars. When he saw the figure, his mouth fiercely twitched a few times, as he bitterly said, “I really never thought that he would appear here. If my guess is correct, I’m afraid that our two comrades hiding in that small building near him won’t be able to escape.”
“Who exactly is this Devil you speak of? Just tell me clearly!” the old man ordered with a deep, tight frown.
“Devil is the man who held the first ranking in the list of the world’s top hitmen for four consecutive years. At the same time, he’s also the leader of the Hellbringer Mercenaries, a mercenary company whose numbers are very small. Rumors have it that they number no more than ten. Regardless, such a small mercenary company is ranked in the top three of the world’s mercenary circles. Even the mercenary companies in the first and second positions once stated that they must stay on good terms with them,” explained Old Wolf.
A look of surprise appeared on the old man’s face. He didn’t know much about hitmen lists, mercenary companies, and whatnot; his fear was not to that extreme; yet Turtledove looked so panicked, while Old Wolf was like hearing a bomb exploding in his ear.
A short while after, Turtledove muttered to himself, “His identity is not to be exposed, nor to be seen. He’s practically one who withers in the light of day; yet how does he dare to appear here?”
“If my guess is correct, he should’ve been recruited by the Chinese government to work for them for an exchange of identity or something. Let’s withdraw! Even if we employ suicide attacks this time, I’m afraid the impact would be close to nothing,” said Old Wolf, frowning.
Turtledove nodded without hesitation.
_Di di…_
As the old man’s complexion turned gloomy and cold like water, as a notification sound came from his mobile phone. When he took his mobile and saw the short message, his expression changed all of a sudden. This time, the text message was sent by Huang Lan, and there was only one word in it: _RUN!_
Despite being unwilling, the old man was perfectly aware of all the signs indicating that this time was truly fraught with extreme danger. If the other party was really that powerful, even if they laid out their last resort, the impact was unlikely to have a great effect at all.
“Old Wolf, tell the others to flee!”
Old Wolf nodded heavily. He took out his mobile phone to call the others. Yet he frowned, for no one answered his call.
“Could it be that they met with misfortune?”
Hanging up, he then dialed another person’s cell number. After attempting for five or six times, only one person’s phone connected.
“Your methods are just so-so, so lame. Wait there, for death will soon come to claim your head,” a cold and grim voice came from the cell phone, speaking before Old Wolf could.
With a drastically changed expression, Old Wolf growled, “Who the hell are you?”
_Beep beep beep…_
The answer was only the busy tone at the end of the call.
The corner of Old Wolf’s mouth twitched a few times, as a look of restlessness could be seen in his eyes. Then, he smashed the phone and hastily said, “I’m afraid that everyone else has met their end. Let’s run as fast as we can! The farther the better.”
“Hehehe… I’m afraid your chance to run has just left.”
A bell-like voice, with a mischievous tone, was heard from the stairway. Shortly after, two dark muzzles came to their line of sight first. Immediately afterward, two middle-aged men in black suits and night-vision goggles appeared.
_Bang, bang…_
Two gunshots were heard and quickly, Old Wolf and the middle-aged man were shot in the center of their foreheads and directly killed.
As for the old man and Turtledove, they froze.
They looked at the smiling woman behind the two middle-aged men, and there were also six big men wearing night-vision goggles behind her.
“Who are you guys?”
Aged and experienced as he was, at the moment Old Wolf and the middle-aged man were killed, the old man realized that these people were definitely not from the Ministry of State Security and the police force, for those people would definitely not be so cold-blooded and directly shoot and kill them.
The smiling woman clapped her hands and smilingly said, “Who are we, huh? You can never guess it, anyway. Regardless, what you should be able to guess is that you all must die! I really don’t get why Boss dragged so many of us here just to deal with small shrimps like you.”
At this moment, fear had fully inundated Turtledove’s eyes. His stature slightly shivered, and he receded two steps.
“Night Specter! You’re Night Specter of the Hellbringer Mercenaries!”
The woman was surprised, and curiously asked, “You know me? It’s so strange. Those who know who I am, almost all of them are dead already. How do you know about me?”
Turtledove gulped down, and his legs uncontrollably trembled. His was hardly able to shift his gaze to the old man, and bitterly said, “I broke through Morse’s firewall with information pertaining the members of your Hellbringer Mercenaries. Despite only getting a few bits of information, I remember seeing your photo there.”
Night Specter frowned. The smile on her face disappeared, instantly replaced by a dense killing intent. She grabbed a pistol, aimed it at him and asked, “Morse was killed by us three years ago, and we also destroyed the information in his database. Who the hell are you?”
Turtledove slowly closed his eyes, and opened it again a few seconds after. Then, he faced North and knelt down under the muzzle point. Kowtowing and knocking his head three times, he murmured to himself, “Mother, this son of yours is unable to send the lives of ten thousand people to accompany you in your grave. Your son is unfilial. I hope I will still become your son in the next life.”
Having said that, he unhurriedly got up. The fear in his eyes had vanished, and was replaced by a grim expression, saying, “I’m Turtledove, a hacker, ranked fourth in the Hacker Matrix.”
The Hacker Matrix? Ranked fourth in the hacker list all over the world?

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