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Common saying says that friendship was such as clear spring that only the hearts of those involved could nourish and moisten it to grow in their journey.
Though the friendship between Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling was not that particularly deep, yet it was in line with the principle that “one would act well toward the another who treated him the same way”. What Yuan Chuling had done and displayed secured him a place in Tang Xiu’s heart, hence Tang Xiu stayed to accompany him for more than two hours before leaving.
After returning to Bluestar Villa Complex and having yet to have a chance to moisten his throat with tea, Tang Xiu received a phone call from someone he had nearly forgotten. It was also an international call.
“Who am I speaking with?” Asked Tang Xiu calmly while standing before the bedroom’s window.
A silvery sonorous voice replied from the cell phone, “It’s me, Boss. Kuwako Yamamoto.”
Tang Xiu dazed for a short while before he immediately recalled the young lady from the House of Yamamoto from Japan. She was also the future master of Northstar One Blade School, a ninja master who had been under his Soul Ruling Spell.
“Something happened?”
“It’s an urgent issue, Boss,” said Kuwako Yamamoto respectfully. “I just got an order from the patriarch of my clan, my father, to lead a team to China in order to steal some information from a company called Magnificent Tang Corporation in Star City. I know that you are from there, so I’m telling you about this.”
With a change in expression, Tang Xiu’s eyes suffused with coldness as he slowly said, “I’m the owner of the said company. The Gods Nectar, Skin Care Lotion, and Scar Removal Cream are the three products I personally researched and developed. Do you think I will let your Yamamoto Clan get them?”
“I’m really sorry, Boss,” said Kuwako Yamamoto hurriedly. “I didn’t know you were the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corp, nor did I know that those three products were developed by you. But about my father’s orders…”
Swiftly thinking, Tang Xiu pondered for a short while, before he slowly replied, “You can bring your people over. But wait for my news after you get settled in Star City. I’m in Shanghai as of now, and will return to Star City within two days. We’ll talk about it again when the time comes. Anyways, how is the development on your part after getting back to your homeland?”
Kuwako Yamamoto said, “The Soul Ruling Spell you imparted me is really mysterious and amazing, Boss. I’ve secretly taken control of one-third of the top members of my clan. Though on the surface they seem to be distancing themselves from me, they are completely completely controlled by me. Also, there are also some Elders in the Northstar One Blade School who I managed to get under my control using the Soul Ruling Spell; whereas a number of elite ninjas are also under my complete control. In three years at the most, I can completely control all the rights and privileges in the Yamamoto House and Northstar One Blade School.”

Tang Xiu said with satisfaction, “I see. Then I’ll send a list of cultivation resources which lists some medicinal herbs and minerals. Use your strength in Japan to look for them. If you are able to bring a large number of these goods, I will reward you some medicinal pills to assist and speed up your cultivation progress.”
“Medicinal pills? What is that?” Asked Kuwako Yamamoto.
“You don’t need to know. You just need to find the herbs and minerals on the list I’m about to send you. If you can make satisfied, the medicinal pills I’ll give yoiu can make your cultivation progress faster; possibly several times faster,” said Tang Xiu lightly.
_Several times faster?_
Pumped up with excitement, Kuwako Yamamoto hurriedly said, “I’ll try to delay the mission to China as long as possible, Boss. I’ll try my best to find these medicinal herbs and minerals you need.”
“All right!” Tang Xiu then hung up the phone.
In order to reenter the realm of immortals in the Immortal World, as well as restoring his cultivation to the peak, Tang Xiu would need a massive amount of cultivation resources. Only by using these cultivation resources would he be able to increase his strength, and finally manifest his ultimate goal of revenge.
Japan was a very special country, and although Tang Xiu was pretty much oblivious to the situation there, he believed that this country should have medicinal herbs and ores that he could use. Not to mention that Kuwako Yamamoto could be said as a falcon or dog that he was training, so that she would become his minion and would benefit him in the future.
_Beijing, at the Tang Family’s ancestral home…_
Liu Changxi was alone and carrying a basket of fruits as he stood waiting outside the courtyard, an armed soldier standing upright at the gate coldly staring at him.
“Secretary Liu, Senior Tang is in the backyard garden. After you enter, someone will take you to see him.” Another armed soldier walking out of the front courtyard spoke to him in a deep voice.
Nodding in response, Liu Changxi entered the courtyard in big strides. After passing through the first front gate, a pond appeared in front of him. There was a small circular door on the left side of the pond, whereas patches of colorful flowers provided a feast for the eyes. Several bird cages were hung on verdant branches and wonderful chirping songs were heard from there.
In the center of the garden, Tang Guosheng and Tang Guoshou were playing chess, moving the the black and white pieces inside an antique-styled gazebo. At present, the chess pieces were about to cover the entire chessboard. There was an antique incense burner made of bronze beside them, where a faint azure smoke curled up, and the faint smell of smoke pervaded and covered this tiny piece of the world.
After Liu Changxi arrived, he quietly stood outside the gazebo and didn’t disturb the two. He just handed the basket over to the housekeeper who came with him.
“Under the stones!” [1]
The wrinkles that covered Tang Guoshou’s face were stretched by a bright smile.
Tang Guosheng shook his head, yet his face was exceptionally tranquil. His eyes then moved from the chessboard to Liu Changxi and waved at him.
“Senior Tang!” Liu Changxi respectfully called the two men.
“Little Liu, how did you remember to come see this old man today?” Tang Guosheng smilingly said.
“I was actually planning to come earlier. It’s just that official business always got me occupied outside. I was able to squeeze some time and rushed here from Shanghai. Have the two seniors been good all this while?” Liu Changxi said with a smile.
_From Shanghai?_
The incident with the extremists in Shanghai had entered Tang Guosheng’s ears, and his eyes were immediately squinted. Even though Liu Changxi hadn’t said anything yet, he could faintly guess that it was probably related with that treasured grandson of his.
“Kiddo, what’s inside your mind and heart can be compared to the stars in the sky. Out with it! What is your purpose in coming?”
Having his mind exposed like that, Liu Changxi let out an embarrassed smile and earnestly said, “Senior Tang, the purpose of my visit this time is mainly for Tang Xiu. You’re his grandfather, and I believe he must listen to you.”
_As expected!_
Tang Guosheng sighed inwardly. The smile on his face was restrained as he said, “Continue.”
Liu Changxi said, “Senior Tang, I believe you have received the news from Shanghai. It was truly fortunate that Tang Xiu was there at that time so that we could avert the tragedy. If it weren’t for him, Zhang Xinya’s concert would have been turned into a world tragedy with tens of thousands of victims. The incident at Shanghai Airport was also averted, and the losses were reduced to the lowest level. As for me, I’ve been asking the higher authorities so that Tang Xiu can be rewarded for his merit in a few days.
“I came to see you this time because I wanted him to join our Security Department. With him joining us, it would definitely be a plus for us, so that we can play a greater and better role in keeping the peace and security of our country.
“I myself have personally invited him several times already, yet he rejected me due to academic reasons. Therefore, if you could persuade him, please let him join our security department. You can rest assured. Although I can’t give him too many privileges given my authority, I can guarantee that I’ll give you the best treatment possible. I can even guarantee him my position later as long as he does a good job.”
While squinting his eyes at Liu Changxi, a smile resurfaced on Tang Guosheng’s face. The smile was even brighter than before. However, as he recalled his grandson’s character, he couldn’t describe his feeling in any other language except forcing out a wry smile.
“Little Liu, despite Xiu’er being my biological grandson, he lived outside alone all these years, and we have just found him in the recent months. As an adult himself, he has his own ideas and way of thinking; thus, even I myself am not suitable to interfere with his decision despite myself being his grandfather. I have indeed already learned about this matter and I will talk to him. As for the result, however, I can’t give you a guarantee.”
Liu Changxi stared blankly, “Senior Tang, aren’t you able to make a decision for him? This…”
“Were he just a normal child, I naturally could help him make a decision,” said Tang Guosheng with a smile. “But for him to make you seek me, do you think he’s an ordinary child?”
“What you said is true, Senior,” said Liu Changxi with a forced smile.
“Anyway, would you like to stay and have dinner with us?” Asked Tang Guosheng.
“No, I can’t. I must return to my unit,” said Liu Changxi quickly. “If anything, there’s some things that remained unsolved, and Tang Xiu didn’t wanted to tell me truthfully. Hence, I can only personally check them out.”
“What is it?” Asked Tang Guosheng with raised brows.
After hesitating for a moment, Liu Changxi seriously said, “This is actually the purpose that I came here for. From our surveillance footages, the people who were suspected as members of the extremist group happened to have been taken away by some mysterious people. Furthermore, we have also investigated the crime scenes as well as all the traffic surveillance videos within five kilometers of the Shanghai New World Center. We also have the surveillance videos of nearby commercial buildings, residences, and stores, yet these mysterious and suspicious people simply gave us a headache; their counter-detection and tracking abilities are better than ours. Not one of the hundreds of surveillance videos captured them.”
Tang Guosheng and Tang Guoshou looked startled and astonished. They were once people who had great power and privileges, and were naturally aware of some methods of investigation. This news was hardly believable to them. Hundreds of areas being monitored by surveillance cameras, yet they were unable to capture these mysterious persons? They… wouldn’t they be very difficult to deal with?
Tang Guosheng took a deep breath and said in a deep and heavy voice, “You mean to say that Xiu’er knows the identity of these people?”
Liu Changxi nodded, “I suspect that Tang Xiu knows about them, and may even know who they are. It’s because there is no one else who knows the appearance of those extremists aside from the people from our security department and the police force.”
Countless thoughts were swirling inside Tang Guosheng’s mind. He remembered the incident in which Tang Xiu had been playing with the Yao Family in the South. When he recalled those mysterious experts Tang Xiu had pulled back then, he suddenly came to the realization that he only had a bit of knowledge about his own grandson. However, facing Liu Changxi, whose identity was quite special, he natural wouldn’t speak out what was inside his mind.

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