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The whistling breeze of autumn brought an unceasing drizzle of beads of water.
Three ghostly figures silently approached the auto garage where Tang Xiu was in. Shortly after, the three figures jumped over the wall and entered the site and appeared before Tang Xiu, who was sitting cross-legged on the roof of an abandoned car.
With Tang Xiu’s present strength, the slightest sign of disturbance could alert him. He instantly opened his eyes and saw Tie Zhongkui and two experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall.
“So, how are things going?”
Cupping his fists, Tie Zhongkui replied, “It’s all done, Boss. There are a total of 66 people that were secretly sent to a smuggling cargo ship. We’re not particularly familiar with this route as of yet. However, Snake Head said that there hasn’t been any inspections conducted in this navigational route in recent years. As long as the ship arrives in the South China Sea we’ll take our special route as always, smoothly sending them to the mines in Africa.”
Tang Xiu nodded, “Your way of dealing with the matter makes me feel at ease. Anyhow, the reason I called you was for another issue I need you to deal with.”
“Please tell us,” said Tie Zhongkui respectfully.
“Now that all the forces that came to Star City eyeing my Magnificent Tang Corp had all been cleared away, there are still, however, some forces that haven’t given up yet. We can expect them to come to Star City in the next few days. So, I will need you to collaborate with the other party to play a good show.”
“Who exactly is this other party?” Asked Tie Zhongkui, confused.
“It’s the House of Yamamoto from Japan,” said Tang Xiu.
Killing intent burst from Tie Zhongkui’s eyes as he replied in a cold voice, “Boss, why do we have to cooperate with the Yamamoto family? I know this family, and their way of handling things is ruthless, employing all sorts of despicable and unpredictable methods which are virtually impossible to guard against. I have once clashed with them. Though I did kill many of their people, several brothers also lost their lives in their hands.”
“These Yamamoto are indeed not a friendly bunch. But this time, the person who will lead their team to Star City is the young lady of the House of Yamamoto. She’s also the future Master of Japan’s Northstar One Blade School. The woman called Kuwako Yamamoto, my subordinate.”
“Kuwako Yamamoto?” Tie Zhongkui’s expression changed as he quickly said, “I heard about her, Boss. She’s an outstanding junior of the House of Yamamoto who entered the Northstar One Blade School and is favored by the current Master of the Northstar One Blade School. A couple of years ago her shadow was seen among assassins who were allegedly involved in more than a dozen sensational assassinations across Europe and South America.”
“She is indeed very formidable. Though she should still be a little lacking compared with you, I’m quite sure that she’ll soon catch up; she does have the aptitude for that. So you must work hard in your cultivation apart from performing your duties. Furthermore, I just told you that she’s also my subordinate, so you can cast away your worries regarding her loyalty. This time she’s coming here following an order, so you must coordinate with her in the show to come.”

“Please elaborate, Boss,” said Tie Zhongkui.
Tang Xiu slowly explained the plan he had in mind. After having finished with the explanation, he seriously said, “For the sake of having Kuwako Yamamoto’s status in the House of Yamamoto staying as it is, you must be discreet and do things secretly. I’ll give you the list of the people on her team you must remove once they arrive in Star City. However, the others not on the list must not be killed nor seriously injured.”
“Affirmative!” Said Tie Zhongkui as he cupped his fists.
The morning came as the first wisp of sunlight shined on the earth, the yellowing leaves soon swayed in the midst of the cool breeze. In the courtyard, several flowers that bloomed in autumn sent their faint fragrance in the wind.
“The air is very good. It’s very fresh.”
The door was pushed open and Kang Xia, who was well-dressed, came out through the door. After stretching her hands comfortably, her eyes landed on Tang Xiu whose hairs were moistened by dew.
Tang Xiu floated down, as he smiling said, “It was a bit rainy last night, so the drizzle made the air fresher. Have you had a good sleep? Ready to leave now?”
Recalling the romantic scene last night, her extremely beautiful face was painted with a red blush. She nodded, “I rested well. Anyways, did someone from the Everlasting Feast Hall came back last night?”
“Tie Zhongkui was here. Our operation ended successfully, and those who conspired against the Magnificent Tang Cor have all been sent away on board of a ship. I’m sure that they will appear in a remote mining area in Africa in a few days. Also, like I told you before, they accomplished this mission without a hitch.”
“They truly are very formidable,” praised Kang Xia.
“Any one of them is stronger than a so-called martial arts grandmaster, to begin with. Besides, their experience abroad has made them a very competent bunch. Last night’s mission was nothing but a trivial issue, so I was confident they could do it smoothly.”
Kang Xia’s eyes were somewhat blurred, yet she stayed in her spot and didn’t speak again as if she recalling something.
“What are you thinking about?” Asked Tang Xiu.
Kang Xia came back to her senses and smilingly said, “Boss, I’m kind of imagining 20 years in the future. You’re someone with great ideas, as well as great courage and energy. With your wisdom and ability, your vision is something that ordinary people are unable to imagine. I simply do not dare to imagine how powerful you will become 20 years later!”
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Despite knowing that you’re just flattering me, I still feel good hearing it, you know. Anyway, how did you get this idea?”
“From those children,” said Kang Xia.
Tang Xiu was silent, before he slowly said, “I must adopt a lot of homeless children whose aptitudes and character are good. But maybe only a few of them will still be able to follow me when I leave in the future. As long as they are still alive in the future, let alone training them for 20 years, it wouldn’t be a problem if I still have to train them for 200 years.”
“Can a human really live to 200 years old?” Asked Kang Xia with a curious expression.
Tang Xiu let out a mysterious smile and answered, “I have seen terrifying people who have lived for 20,000 years or even longer. What you experienced at present is still lacking. Just wait! As long as you cultivate diligently and perform well, I’m sure you can go with me in the future?”
“Where will we go, exactly?” Asked Kang Xia quickly.
“To the place where celestials and immortals reside. All right, let us not speak about this. I’m rather starving right now, so let’s have breakfast first! Afterward, I’ll drive you over to the company, and I also have other things to handle.”
“Where are you going?” Asked Kang Xia with a puzzled expression.
“Star City Chinese Medical Hospital!” Answered Tang Xiu with a smile outlined on the corner of his mouth.
_At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital…_
The entrance to the hospital was crowded by streams of people. There, Li Hongji was walking back and forth with an anxious expression on his face. He looked at his watch once in a while, as Dai Xinyue next to him similarly looked anxious, yet there was a proud expression on her face.
“President, should I phone Master?”
Dai Xinyue finally couldn’t bear anymore.
Li Hongji’s expression moved, yet turned slightly awkward. Then, he shook his head and said, “I think it won’t be necessary. Tang Xiu has given his word that he’d come to our Chinese Medical Hospital to give medical services. I’m sure he will keep his promise. Let us wait a bit more. Besides, there’s half an hour left to the working hours still. I’m sure he will arrive in time.”
“I called Master last night and confirmed that he indeed returned to Star City yesterday. He is probably on the way here,” said Dai Xinyue with a smile.
“En!” Li Hongji felt a bit relieved, yet his eyes kept watching the highways at both ends of the road.
The braking sound of tires sounded near Li Hongji and Dai Xinyue. The driver’s window then opened and Tang Xiu poked his head out, asking, “President Li, Xinyue, what are you two doing outside? Are you waiting for me?”
"Master!" Dai Xinyue’s eyes lit up, as she called out in pleasant surprise.
Surprised and happy, Li Hongji clapped his hands and said, “Tang Xiu, you came at last! Anyhow, our hospital is fully crowded today. All of them are patients who have been waiting for you. I’m afraid they will go berserk and eat me alive if you didn’t come.”
“Hahaha, please don’t exaggerate things, President Li! All right, I’ll park my car first. You two please wait for me in the consultation room,” said Tang Xiu with a laugh.
Li Hongji hastily said, “There’s no parking space left in the parking lot, Tang Xiu. Just give your car to the security guards and let them do it. Let us have a chat while walking to the consultation room! Anyhow, I have to tell you something. Your previous consultation room cannot be used anymore due to special reasons. But I’ve picked up a more spacious consultation room for you and had someone prepare and clean it up.”
After Tang Xiu got off the car and threw the car keys to a security guard, he curiously asked, “Special reasons? What special reasons?”
While pointing to the inside, he said, “Take a look at the biggest consultation room on the east side of the consultation building. Two queue lines are going to arrive here soon, and all of them have something in common. That is, they want you to examine them. Also, it’s still half an hour away from the doctor’s formal work shift. But who knows how long these queues will become in an hour.”
Tang Xiu looked inside and saw that the two lines were already 20 to 30 meters long. His mouth twitched a few times. The number of people in the queues just outside the consultation building already numbered several hundred people. Even if only one-third of them wanted to see the doctor, the number would still be over a hundred people. Added with the rest in the hallway inside the consultation building… Tang Xiu didn’t dare to imagine how long it would take to consult and treat all of them.
“President Li, I won’t be able to finish the examinations today! How about you think of a ways to share these patients with other doctors? Of course, if you really run into patients with difficult diseases, then you can turn them over to me!”
“I also thought about that!” Li Hongji forced a smile. “But the majority of them come from every part of the country due to their admiration toward you, and also want you to treat them. Some of them have even been staying in our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital for more than a month just to wait for you.”
After thinking for a while, Tang Xiu gritted his teeth and said, “Such being the case, let’s do it this way then! However, you have to use the time efficiently. You see, there are already a lot of patients in the current queue, so we’ll begin closing the queue for patients in this line. If more patients come later, they are not to be scheduled for medical examination today if their condition is not urgent. Otherwise, I may not be able to treat them if I become dead tired today.”

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