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After the crowded queue moved five meters forward, the middle-aged man then said with a smile, “You were asleep, so you didn’t see Divine Doctor Tang’s arrival. The queue moved forward because eight patients have already been diagnosed and treated by Dr. Tang.”
“How is this possible? Why did Divine Doctor Tang come so early? I heard he left at the early hours last night,” Tian Xiaomeng said with astonishment.
“That’s dedication and professionalism. And also the benevolence possessed by a sage doctor. As of yesterday, Divine Doctor Tang diagnosed and treated 166 patients, and today he must also treat the same number of patients. Whether it’s his treatment speed, or the effect of his treatment, it’s worthy of everyone's admiration.
Hearing this, Tian Xiaomeng didn’t know what to say. Nowadays, the relationship between patients and medical practitioners was quite problematic as numerous issues between doctors and their patients had often been reported. She herself had been to many hospitals and met many doctors, yet never once did she expect to meet such a good doctor in this life.
“Yeah! It’s really admirable.” Tian Xiaomeng couldn’t help but sigh.
“True! It’s very admirable.”
“What a good divine doctor!”
“If there are more doctors like Divine Doctor Tang in this world, how good would it be?”
“Yeah, it’s rare for a doctor to be back to the hospital after only five hours of rest.”
The patients waiting in the queue all expressed their admiration.
From their expressions, the keen Tian Xiaomeng could see respect, admiration, and various others emotions.
“Please move aside!”
A loud and clear voice was heard. Many people looked toward the back and quickly made way when they saw who the arrivals were.
“I didn’t expect the even the hospital’s higher ups themselves would come so early. It should be because of Divine Doctor Tang!” Said Tian Xiaomeng in a low voice after she saw them.
The middle-aged man nodded, “But of course. Divine Doctor Tang will only be rendering his medical services for three days. The higher ups of the hospital cannot not attend to Divine Doctor Tang, to begin with.”
“How could things be so exaggerated, Uncle. It’s simply because the President was affected by Divine Doctor Tang. He was ashamed of resting at home, so he could only choose to come earlier…” Tian Xiaomeng laughed.
_In the consultation room…_
Just as Tang Xiu sent off a patient, he saw Li Hongji coming in with Chu Guoxiong. After several months of not having met him, the man had become thinner. Just as he came closer, the faint scent of medicinal herbs could be smelled from him; it was evident that he had been dealing with medicinal herbs recently.
“Dr. Tang, I brought my Junior Brother with me,” said Li Hongji with a smiling face.
Tang Xiu looked at Chu Guoxiong and said, “Chu Guoxiong, you haven’t forgotten me, right?”
Squeezing out a wry smile, Chu Guoxiong said, “I may forget who I am, Divine Doctor Tang, but how could I ever forget you? If anything, you’ve given me a good lesson in Jingmen Island. You made me realize the true meaning that _‘one must never judge others by their appearance, for we also cannot measure an ocean with a bushel’_. Hence, I apologize for everything that happened before.”

“Let the bygones be bygones.” Tang Xiu waved his hand and smilingly said. “As practitioners of Chinese medical knowledge, the most important thing for us is to have a broad mind, as well as understand that virtue, goodness, and morality are the way to convey our Dao. I believe President Li has told you why I invited you here, right? How about it? Would you be willing to help me here for two days?”
“I don’t mind, but I’m afraid that the patients won’t take me into account! They have come to Star City from faraway places, and their purpose here is to consult with a certain doctor -- you,” said Chu Guoxiong.
“Actually, it won’t be an issue for you if it is not a special case of incurable diseases or something like that,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “There are few patients here that contracted incurable diseases. Hence, nearly all of them can be treated by you. With the two of us working together, not only can we treat more patients, I can also relax a little. Of course, if you come across a case that you find difficult to deal with, I will promptly take over the diagnosis.”
“Then I’ll respect your arrangement, as well as obey your instructions,” said Chu Guoxiong with a nod.
Following that, Tang Xiu looked at Li Hongji and smilingly said, “President Li, I may have to trouble you to add two more consultation tables! Also, please call another two assistants.”
Li Hongji looked vacant, and asked with a puzzled expression, “Why do you want another two consultation tables? Who exactly are the other assistants?”
“As far as I know, this Chinese Medical Hospital has a senior Chinese doctor surnamed Hu who has good medical skills. When he arrives to work, please tell him to help me! If he comes across any doubts or problems with the incurable diseases during the diagnosis or treatment, tell him that I will personally act,” said Tang Xiu.
After pondering for a short while, Li Hongji then nodded with a smile, “No problem. I’ll handle this. However, since the two of them are joining you, can you increase the number patients you will treat today?”
“Don’t increase the number too much, just 100 people!” Tang Xiu nodded and answered.
“No problem,” said Li Hongji with a smile. “Anyhow, the queue is very long. Let alone adding another 100 people, even if we add another 500 people, I’m afraid there will still be quite a lot of people left!”
Shortly after, Li Hongji left the consultation room. Tang Xiu gave a signal to Chu Guoxiong to wait, whereas he continued his consultations.
“Divine Doctor Tang, you must save my daughter.” Gong Liqun led an 9 years-old looking girl sitting on a chair in front of the doctor’s table, as she looked at Tang Xiu and said with a pleading expression.
Tang Xiu motioned the girl to stretch out her wrist. While checking her pulse, he asked, “Did you bring her medical records? What is her sickness from the previous examination?”
Gong Liqun put medical records in front of Tang Xiu. She was 40 years-old this year. Her husband died in a car accident, leaving her widowed and her daughter orphaned. She was a HRD Manager of a foreign capital company with decent salary back then. The family of two had a comfortable life previously, but ever since her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia six months ago, she had no choice but resign from her job. Following that, she took her daughter to seek medical treatment from the hospital in Beijing and other big hospitals in Shanghai.
However, completely curing leukemia was an almost impossible task. Just as she was preparing to take her daughter to seek medical treatment abroad, she heard that a miracle-working doctor suddenly appeared in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. Thus, she rushed here with her daughter with hope, and the two had been waiting for more than a week in Star City.
Tang Xiu creased his brows slightly. There was a helpless expression in his face. He may be revered as a divine doctor, yet his helplessness was not because he couldn’t cure this disease. He may be able to cure some of the more difficult cases that the medical world was yet able to solve until now. But if the matter of him being able to cure these diseases were to be publicized, that would probably draw him quite the trouble.
At the side, Chu Guoxiong had a queer expression. He didn’t expect that the first case he would see from Tang Xiu’s treatment was the thorny and troublesome blood sepsis case. Though his Master was also touted as a sage and divine doctor with extraordinary medical skills, yet he himself must go through extreme difficulties to cure leukemia thoroughly.
After checking the girl’s pulse, as well as using his spiritual sense to examine her condition, Tang Xiu felt quite helpless inside, for the condition of the girl was quite serious.
Leukemia is also known as the white blood disease, a kind of disease with a clonal characteristic of malignant hematopoietic stem cells. Its clonal characteristic made the multiplication of leukemia cells out of control, and the crowding that results from such cells blocking the mechanism of the bone marrow produces healthy blood cells. The disease accumulated in the bone marrow then infiltrated other hematopoietic organs, while at the same time suppressing the organs’ normal functions to produce healthy blood cells.
Tang Xiu got up. He gently touched her lymphatic node and found it enlarged. The girl showed a pained expression when he touched it.
“How should I call you?” Tang Xiu looked at Gong Liqun and asked.
Gong Liqun told her name.
“Ms. Gong, your daughter’s condition is very serious. If you continue to ignore it, I’m afraid she’ll only be able to live for half a year at the most. Even if you try to suppress the disease with common medicine, it won’t have a significant effect on her. However, I’ll give you a prescription of Chinese traditional medicine. You can bring your daughter now to get the medicine, and please give it to her when she’s suffering from the pain.”
The expectation and hope on Gong Liqun’s face vanished, replaced by grief and unwillingness. After being silent for 10 seconds, she then asked with a somewhat hoarse voice, “Is there really no other means, Divine Doctor Tang?”
“There is,” answered Tang Xiu.
Gong Liqun’s eyes lit up, and she hastily asked, “What is the solution?”
“Saying it now wouldn’t be appropriate. Just take your daughter home and get her the prescribed medicine I just gave you. Come to the Inpatient Department tonight, I’ll look for you there. I will talk to you about it in detail then,” said Tang Xiu.
“I’ll leave my mobile number to you, then,” said Gong Liqun hurriedly. “My daughter is staying in the A area, ward #9015. We’ll be waiting for you there.”
Tang Xiu sat back in his chair, and then handed over the prescription to Gong Liqun, saying, “Give her the medicine according to this prescription once every morning and evening for two weeks.”
“Alright!” replied Gong Liqun quickly.
At the side, Chu Guoxiong had a strange expression on his face, as he asked in a whisper, “Divine Doctor Tang, can you really treat this disease?”
“There’s no guarantee, but I can try,” said Tang Xiu.
Chu Guoxiong nodded. Although he admired Tang Xiu’s courage, he was not optimistic about Tang Xiu’s ability to cure leukemia. What he noted was that his Master, Gui Jianchou, was also able to cure leukemia in its early stages. But for the middle and late stages, it couldn’t be cured completely despite his outstanding medical skills. He could only guarantee that there would be no recurrence in the short term after the treatment.
Afterward, Tang Xiu diagnosed and treated more than a dozen patients. Chu Guoxiong, who had been standing beside him and observing Tang Xiu’s unusual consultation and treatment methods, was shocked inwardly. Tang Xiu’s treatment methods were particularly unusual, and even he himself had never seen or heard of it.
Nevertheless, Tang Xiu’s treatment speed, as well as its after-effects, made him sincerely convinced, as admiration and worship gradually appeared in his eyes.
At 8 o’clock in the morning, after the senior Chinese medical doctor surnamed Hu had arrived at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, the old man and Chu Guoxiong joined the consultation and treatment marathon. Although the two men were unable to grasp Tang Xiu’s methods, they were genuinely skilled and had mastered their medical skills, nonetheless. Many patients also left satisfied after getting diagnosed and treated by them.
However, many patients who came to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital for treatment were patients with incurable diseases, hence the two men encountered a lot of patients with troublesome conditions, and eventually made Tang Xiu solve them.

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